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If you have a floater and an inverse floater derived from your collateral, is the coupon rate of the collateral the weighted average of the floater and inverse floater?

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I got 8%

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I used this "

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I used this as my example to go off of.

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I also want to check my work on computing the dirty and clean price as well as accrued interest of another example in case you both have an idea on that as well

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This is a similar example.

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Lemme find my calculator

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Pretty sure 8 is correct

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Would just be the average

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Ok good that's what i had thought

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What's the other question?

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3. Assume the original maturity a bond with face value $1000 is 8 years. The annualized
yield to maturity for the bond is 6.25% and its annual coupon rate is 7.5% being
semiannually paid. The bond was issued on 8/1/2015, and bought on 12/1/2017.
Compute the following:
(1) dirty price, (2) clean price and (3) accrued interest. (7 points)

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I calculated 1058.76 for dirty price, 1046.26 for clean and 12.5 for accrued interest.

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I understand this problem, what I don't get is how to calculate the accrued interest because I don't know how to determine the intervals of the semi annual interest payments.

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Hmm. Send pic of question

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2 min

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Ok so the equation for AI might be

cash flow (1-(days/total days in coupon period))
Idk that helps

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Yeah I know that much, thank you, I'm having trouble just discerning the days since the last coupon payment from the dates given is all.

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Bonds usually pay interest on the first day of January and July

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That's usually what semiannual implies.

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@SamanthaM awesome, I think this is the first homework help of the new academic channels!

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Would anyone @here be willing to read my rought draft for a paper I'm writing on this video:

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Also any specific sources to help back up my statements would be appreciated

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@StrawberryArmada I suggest putting the paper into a google doc, and creating a share link where anyone with the link can comment on (but not edit) the document

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Good idea

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This should work

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Halp pls

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@StrawberryArmada Alright dude I looked over it, left my comments and some sources I found. Hopefully someone else can give it a once over as well @here

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Thanks mate. I still have a week before the finally draft

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Anyone able to help with an algebra problem? Pretty basic

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@Warren H shoot