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2021-02-21 05:08:31 UTC  

i bet ur so quirky n different

2021-02-21 05:08:47 UTC  

whos you people

2021-02-21 05:09:01 UTC  

They'll recognise themselves I'm sure

2021-02-21 05:09:25 UTC  

Hopefully this serves to reinforce the point of the one-drop rule. No, race is NOT only phenotype, as it was clearly proven today.

2021-02-21 05:09:47 UTC  

nigga stfu

2021-02-21 05:10:00 UTC  

I mean

2021-02-21 05:10:29 UTC  

We could look into that <:quaint:804076618061709384>

2021-02-21 05:15:01 UTC  

This defeat is so embarrassing it reminds me of the treaty of Versailles

2021-02-21 05:15:20 UTC  

Can't wait to see what happens in the next 20 years <:pikalmfao:795720777248538646>

2021-02-21 05:16:12 UTC  

Nothing happens anymore

2021-02-21 05:25:39 UTC  

is this metenojo guy still speaking with vaush or is this a new guest?

2021-02-21 05:28:02 UTC  

Getting 2nd hand embarrassment from this

2021-02-21 05:30:13 UTC  

What's up guys hope this server cures me from Twitter

2021-02-21 05:31:44 UTC  

you wouldn't happen to be Commie Naahzie would you???

2021-02-21 05:32:07 UTC  

Yeah I got finally banned

2021-02-21 05:33:03 UTC  

i still don't know how i got banned

2021-02-21 05:33:08 UTC  

all the shit i did on twat was tame

2021-02-21 05:33:17 UTC  

On the new acc I get more impressions than the last one and I'm on -170 followers

2021-02-21 05:33:21 UTC  

i.e. my name was NOT something like "commie nazi" and I did NOT say racial slurs

2021-02-21 05:34:18 UTC  

I kept racial slurs to a minimum and wasn't / am not some wignat but the names not it. Lasted through many banwaves

2021-02-21 05:34:30 UTC  

sheeeeit, welcome vro

2021-02-21 05:34:48 UTC  

Too much quote tweeting, Jacques

2021-02-21 05:35:07 UTC  

Who are you on the bird app hpbruhcraft

2021-02-21 05:35:19 UTC  


2021-02-21 05:35:54 UTC  

bronzeagejuuler :)))

2021-02-21 05:36:29 UTC  

Underrated account

2021-02-21 05:36:49 UTC  

Not good for your health

2021-02-21 05:37:19 UTC  

Quote tweeting a radlib / tradcath gives you instant e dopamine tho

2021-02-21 05:38:54 UTC  

i try, even if it's just a throwaway side-account that doesn't have a fraction of the amount of followers as my old one did

2021-02-21 05:39:16 UTC  

twitter is a disease

2021-02-21 05:39:19 UTC  

Keep huslin

2021-02-21 05:39:37 UTC  

Twitter is pretty fun if you don't let it internetize you

2021-02-21 05:39:49 UTC  

I have a Ravenfield config set up like Red Orchestra 2 but the Soviets keep on dying faster and it seems to be constant

2021-02-21 05:39:52 UTC  


2021-02-21 05:41:19 UTC  

nvm just capped more of the flags and their reinforcements are dropping steadily :D

2021-02-21 05:43:20 UTC  

Vaush is right and we are wrong.

2021-02-21 05:43:41 UTC  

I'm a liberal from now on

2021-02-21 05:43:53 UTC  

Hobbes? more like debunked

2021-02-21 05:44:08 UTC  

rad lib market socialism is now my life

2021-02-21 05:44:10 UTC  

how will we ever recover 😔

2021-02-21 05:44:19 UTC  

What's happening