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2020-12-02 02:01:32 UTC [3rd Positionist Enclave #vetting]  

1. Monads
2. 18
3. National Bolshevism
4. Socialism is the only way for the race to become a proper nation
5. Got invite from another server

2020-12-02 02:02:43 UTC [3rd Positionist Enclave #vetting]  

Same as aya

2020-12-02 02:03:17 UTC [3rd Positionist Enclave #vetting]  


2020-12-02 02:03:43 UTC [3rd Positionist Enclave #vetting]  

That's what it's called

2020-12-30 07:04:58 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #lobby]  

Hello again

About what


Views on what

Do I know you

It exists and I would like what is beneficial to me and people I like

You're not even there

How could I have muted you

I never muted you

If you say so

Remember when Jacques had a femboy as his pfp for like a month

I mean he has stereotypical femboy voice if that's what you mean by nice

Electric owns Comfy Commune


Idk it was kind of weird

I forgot

That's just a meme

If you say so

I thought he was bi

true ๐Ÿ˜‚

Why does pepe have an ear


I don't do much there I just look every once in a while and call people dumb

I was never ML

And I'm not NS

What the frick


Noooooooo I've been trolled


Probably you.....

I'm straight male


File it with my complaints department

Idk I'm like 5'1" or 6'3" I forget which one

Like 90 lbs


@Milorad Don't lurk

If you say so

I just say commie for now

But I am feeling rather unsure of things y'know?

I mean idk that seems like a useless label milo

Help I'm being groomed

Because what am I supposed to do with it

I don't want to adopt another thing that's really only talked about on the Internet milo

I don't live in the PRC


Chinese seems too hard to learn tbh

Then I'd just be relegated to English communities, which seems not good

Ok goodnight "MeteNojo"


Thanks they were given to me by rather subversive elements on the server


Why would we debate

Neither of us have chosen a topic

I'm going to bed it's 2 am

Changed his name to <@!800848834749530132>



This isn't 1909 wtf

Going outside > ranking social media

2021-02-01 19:58:08 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #banter]  


You are lgbt (notable minority)

Sounds like a cope Jacques

You must have more confidence in yourself

I mean his twitter was full of him lusting after anime boys

If you say so

I didn't vote for him

Good film

Watch the Ten Commandments sometime

The one from 1956


I know

You're still there

Also that famine


This server is the chosen people

They gave me the role

I can't remove it

Ok Vormund

I'm Jewish now

Finally I am good in God's eyes

Idk why you'd know me

165 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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