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Based Department?

This server has done nothing but bring me down as a person. everyday i come in here and all you do is tear me down insult me hurt me with your words and do nothing but harm me emotionally physically mentally and I just canโ€™t take it any longer this server is so abusive and toxic itโ€™s crazy. no one even realizes how disgusting all of your behaviors are. every single time I talk or type or even do anything or interact with anyone in the server everybody just goes against me and gangs up on me like a pack of wolves and just attacks me and i didnโ€™t do anything to deserve these attacks and these hurtful words. i literally just try to be nice to everybody but nobody ever wants to be in my shoes and nobody ever tries to sympathize with me and see where Iโ€™m coming from all of you just see me as the enemy and as the bad guy thatโ€™s trying to ruin the server or something when really Iโ€™m just trying to spread positivity. you guys act like Iโ€™m some kind of virus or disease, constantly casting me out so much, making me feel so left out and so alone in this server. itโ€™s fucking driving me insane I feel mental and I feel like a weirdo just being around all of you because of how you treat me. at this point in time, Iโ€™ve given up on ever trying again and ever becoming any of your friends because I just know your feelings towards me clearly. i know all of you hate me and never want to be around me again or never have anything to do with me. itโ€™s clear that you all think Iโ€™m a joke and that Iโ€™m stupid, idiotic and boring. itโ€™s so mean because I literally donโ€™t do anything to you guys but you guys always act like you hate me and it makes me feel so confused because I donโ€™t know what I did to deserve it. I feel like I should just leave because clearly nobody wants to be around me and everyone would be happier if i left anyways so iโ€™ll just go and i hope all of you find happiness in life and iโ€™m sorry for all the troubles iโ€™ve ever put any of you through. i give up. goodbye.

apparently he flirted some 17 year old despite being 19

So that legally counts as paedophilia in America (I think)

nvm he's 21 actually

"Heard you were disrespecting Islam, not cool bro"


not sure about that one chief

imagine paying money for this shitty app

and giving the pedos who run this app money

absolutely poggers [3]

someone post another stream link

the feds got to baked alaska



Is James Allsup there

he's the kind of guy who would be there


if that dosen't say victory, i don't know what does


based and accelerationismpilled

literal soyboy face


"Hello?, Mr President?, Yes please fire all nukes at Israel, Based"

they may have been over 150 years late , but the confederates finally reached DC



what ever happended to him

didn't he cheat on his wife a long time ago

but after that no one cared about him anymore

when aren't they doing this

surely a time to live

most protests are 100x worse than what happened today

no graffiti, no fires, and only 1 person was killed by the fucking police

BLM protests left communities in permanent ruin

there were pros and cons

1861 was 1000x times more cuckolded to britain

the CSA would've become an Anglo Brazil had it survived

I wonder (((who))) secured the CSA's loans from britain and france

by implementing greenbacks?

america's first attempt to break from the international finance system

no sane minded person should

what cortes did wasn't even technically legal lol

Apparently he was told to call off his expedition right after he left

he was outnumbered in a land completely alien to europeans

Cortes was no doubt a legend

who went against all odds

educate me on him

I read about Cortes' expedition last year

as much as pizzaro was based, conquering the incas wasn't nearly as difficult as it seems

since it had been in decline for centuries prior

they were, but prior to Pizzaro's arrival they were in decline

Didn't Pizzaro cause a huge civil war when he held the emperor hostage

because all of his sons claimed succession

it might have been with the aztecs I don't remember completely

remember europeans had nearly every advantage against them apart from armour and cavalry

1500s gunpowder weapons were extremely difficult to use

and the aztecs were very good for a Mesomerican civilization in combat

its spelled "chad"

oil <:troll:795676641450917888>

474 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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