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I am yeah

A roman


No, the kabbalah is aryan

But im a roman

I'm a roman

Look at the alphabet we're writing

The power of Jupiter flows through me

I named myself after the cat food



You really don't understand tradition, do you

Everybody in this conversation is wrong

Try reading evola

What i'll see is just another devotional doctrine

Which is pure garbage


Thats not how it works

Oh mighty odeenn give me strenggtthhhh

Thats not how it works



You got everyrhing wrong

Dude if we redpill everyone with a based religion

We will build the ethnostate

Religion is a spook

When will you understand

You speak like the right wing

I'm the king of the shadow realm

If only you knew that all was in all



Aire, i have already stated that trying to reconstruct paganism doesn't work

It always ends up in LARPing

Look at PP

They are a community of mouth breathers

The rituals and incantations can't be reenacted


The pursuit of truth



Through years of practice and asceticism

Gamers have ascended the average male

Yes, we're good with our hands

I think jesus said to tie a millstone around the neck of anyone who deterred someone from gaming


An atheist

Did i put atheist in the introduction

Religion is a spook

And i'm not an atheist

That generalist argument sounds like it would come from someone that lacks intellectual rigour and knowledge about spirituality

Yeah, i'm a roman

Olympian gold

I'm pure air

Did i say all religions are equal

Fool! While you were devoting yourself to servile doctrines, i built my Magnum Opus by completing all the alchemical elements

And here i sit, awaiting the return of the Cakravartin

Tsc tsc

Try reading your books backwards

Better yet

Burn the books on your shelves and burn the books in your heart

You don't understand

You are salt and earth

Uncapable of transcending


Am i in a corn field

Never saw so many strawmen

In my life

It's a senegalese dish

I already told you i'm not an atheist

Yes i shake crystal meth in my silver spoon while i'm shooting the american president and hanging all the jews with the bowels of all the niggers

Because religion is not tradition


I'm a nazi


Religion is nothing more than a view on metaphysics

And to include yourself in one is anti aryan in nature

As buddha wisely said

โ€œOne would look in vain for โ€˜religionโ€™ in the original forms of the world of Tradition. There are civilisations that never named their gods or attempted to portray them - at least this is what is said about the ancient Pelasgians. The Romans themselves, for almost two centuries, did not portray their deities, at most they represented them with a symbolic object. What characterises the primordial times is not โ€œanimismโ€ but rather the idea or perception of pure powers, adequately represented by the Roman view of the numen. The numen, unlike the notion of the deus, is not a being or a person, but a sheer power that is capable of producing effects, of acting, and of manifesting itself. The sense of the real presence of such powers, or numina, as something simultaneously transcendent and yet immanent, marvellous yet fearful, constituted the substance of the original experience of the โ€˜sacredโ€™. โ€œ

You don't understand Tradition


Idk read hermetic tradition or doctrine of awakening

I dont want u to answer

No its because me, a gamer, have surpassed all the material values of the modern world

Are you asking me, perhaps, if i am...

A doomer?

Know that in his last breath, Hitler blessed all doomers as the truest revolutionaries

Can we get troll emoji now

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No racism is a bannable offense here

You're welcome

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