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Got a link to tweet by chance

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I'll find in a little

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Soaking after gym rn

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ear piece

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ear pieces are pretty normal I think

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not that the rest of it isn't very fishy though

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@Derp he’s not jewish is he?! he was a navy seal! i’ve spoken with him a couple times for work when he’s done events with my governor. damn too bad. knew he got caught cheating on his wife

2018-02-23 03:02:08 UTC  

@bress222 yeah he was very secretive about but he (((echos)))

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explain that pic

2018-02-23 05:15:33 UTC  

When is it supposed to be from and where

2018-02-23 06:39:47 UTC  

no idea

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Trump knows these kids are lying to him right in his face

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epic music

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ignoring school shootings epic style

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From the real sheriff israel

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This is from Feb. 11th

2018-02-23 23:19:48 UTC  

"We don't say his name"

2018-02-23 23:20:02 UTC  

Trump: "I don't want to be controversial so I won't use his name"

2018-02-24 03:50:54 UTC  

Nick and Spencer work together but have a feud to draw more people in

2018-02-24 03:51:10 UTC  

Nick fr MAGApedes Richard for dissidents leftists etc

2018-02-24 03:51:15 UTC  

Get woke we all getting played

2018-02-24 04:27:22 UTC  

I feel so bad for Nicholas Cruz now

2018-02-24 04:27:49 UTC  

I mean the post itself isn't exactly wrong. And don't feel bad for a faggot that couldn't control his emotions enough to refrain from fucking shooting people.

2018-02-24 04:27:57 UTC  

(Assuming that's what actually happened.*)

2018-02-24 04:29:23 UTC  

True..I'm torn. He is a faggot but I also see how much he was ignored and probably wasn't hugged as much

2018-02-24 04:29:52 UTC  

Yeah. That's the real problem with society.