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No meat today fellas

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Fellas, I’m volunteering with the KoC tonight at the fish fry. I’m only one under 50

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We NEED young men to get involved at our churches

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@Broseph I tried to join the knights of colombus but they were diffucult and I never got told the time of when I was to join and I missed it

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I might try to join a branch at another parish

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@🎭🎵 same happened to me actually. You just gotta pressure them I guess. I’m gonna talk to my Grand Knight tonight about it cuz he missed my email 2 months ago and I was busy when he finally responded

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Good group if you can find an active circle

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Grand Knight reminds me of a grand wizard

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Grand cyclops is peak optics

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If any of you live in NW Indiana there are a ton of very active KoC groups

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And even more active beer gardens

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@Thomas I'll take note of that

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I'm in a group of goys putting together a hard-right ChristSoc gang

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14/83 and 14/76 boys

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Hail Christ

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The Law of the Seal of Confession

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Is anyone in here “Christian Identity?” Do any non-CI believe in the two seed line theory, or that the Jews of today are from Esau’s line or some line other than the one they pretend to be from? And I’m not talking about the Khazar theory. I’m talking about the split between brothers Jacob and Esau and who their descendants are today. I’d like to know if anyone here has really studied this stuff. Is Jesus a “Hebrew” but not a “Jew?” Was Jesus a Galilean descended from caucasians? There are so many crackpot theories out there and I don’t know what to believe, but I do want to be able to say credibly that Jesus was not a Jew and here’s why. I’m all ears 👂.

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Jesus was a Jew,

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a Jew in the traditional sense.

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They weren't always deceptive, and abhorrent in the eyes of God.

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They were a decent people once.

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Before their exile from their home into Babylon.

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Even today their "star of David" is actually the star that God cursed in Deuteronomy.

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It is a Babylonian symbol of the occult.

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The Talmud Torah originated out of this place as well. The same as the worship of Jupiter.

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Today they aren't even true descendants of the entirety of the Jewish people. Rather a single tribe which ran into Europe during their scattering.

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I read that he was a Hebrew, which was a distinction in that the Jews are also Hebrews but not all Hebrews are Jews. Also I read that the word “Jew” didn’t even exist until after the time of Christ. Don’t ask me for citations. I didn’t write them down. 😩

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@Thomas definitely can get behind 1483

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Yeah I love that shit.

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Thank the ADL. Wouldn't have been able to know about it without them.