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well, you know what they say about purity

Didn't know the ability to not miscegenate was some kind of superpower

brb, making my "Spiralman" costume

You've seen the MAGA types wearing kekistan flags as capes? Imma wear a swazi flag as a cape and fly around punching racemixers

On second thought, I like "Captain Purity" better than "Spiralman"

The Heimbach is Nazbol memes are staying, tho

@Alba it should be a byzantine court, complete with the foreign mercenary bodyguard because the emperor can't trust his own people

who doesn't?

because it's nearly 10PM here and too windy to go postering

VA's gonna rebound
Especially after this, they copped a lot of press with this stunt

at the moment, they're looking like the only legitimate NS group in the US outside of maybe AWD

Yes, I did.

@Kombat-Unit in the Texas op? If I had one, I wouldn't tell you.

Let's put it that way.

The current leadership of VA takes a zero tolerance policy towards sodomites, which is why I support them

Did I say something wrong?

...sure. Let's go with that.

In the interests of the big tent, which we all believe in.

Most faggy LARPagans wish they could be Varg but are too cowardly to do it

>posting the bad optics symbol

I'm an Esoteric Accelerationist

@Kombat-Unit have you read Der Nazi-Sozi?

Dr. Goebbels is quite explicit about their rejection of the German patriotic flags

I got kicked from there for telling everyone to read SIEGE

To quote a friend of mine quoting a movie, "It would make the Charge of the Light Brigade seem like a sensible military exercise."

it's the WBC financial strategy

get people to assault you -> sue them -> acquire shekel

"GOD HATES JEWS" signs at TWP events when?

oosh, neg

29 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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