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the virgin germanic pagan and the chad anglo saxon missionary:
"Hearken, sons of the forest! No blood shall flow this night save that which pity has drawn from a mother’s breast. For this is the birth-night of the Christ, the son of the Almighty, the Savior of mankind. Fairer is He than Baldur the Beautiful, greater than Odin the Wise, kinder than Freya the Good. Since He has come sacrifice is ended. The dark, Thor, on whom you have vainly called, is dead. Deep in the shades of Niffelheim he is lost forever. And now on this Christ-night you shall begin to live. This blood-tree shall darken your land no more. In the name of the Lord, I will destroy it."

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right im putting together a folder for small catholic shrine gear dm me if you want what i have so far

2018-04-23 20:12:30 UTC

found this site, seems like a pretty good references for new Catholics like myself, I plan on reading through it, figured I'd share it here

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i wish my church was more white

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so many Filipinos

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drinking is ok as long as liste ok just wait alrigth

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^ mood

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Nice spooks nerd

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Union of Egoists^tm Unite!

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I really enjoyed this and would recommend to the fellas here

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love that guy

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great vids

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this guy is really good i recommend his videos to everyone. former jew who preaches christ and exposes jewish lies and the evil zionist plot

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a jew converting to Christianity and expose jewry

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very rare

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why cant more jews be like this

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then i wouldnt hate them

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i cant even get through that whole video

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Go to confession fellas 🙏

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Yeah its been a long time since the last one...i really need to go

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"Go back to that shithole Croatia"

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t. Burger

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Literally anybody who has been to Croatia loves it, its like Italy but with white people

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do they not realise most advancement in technology had been done by christians lol

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