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Google has a cool thing called "translator" that translates things for you

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"Migrants are not numbers. We must break down every wall"

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I never said that he said "Race mix sheeple" nor did I say that he ever in his life mentioned the numbers 666 in a positive way, I'm not sure where you get that from; I'm sure you're not trying to strawman my argument now

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@Joe the boomer The reason why I ask is because a lot of Catholics think the Pope is literally chosen divinely to represent the Church and is a vessel of divine messaging. Some Catholics you'd consider redpilled have clearly stated this. So you personally believe that the Pope's political opinion doesn't matter? What do you think about the Pope in general

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sadly i know a few catholics who when i asked them about coming back they expressed concern about his nonsense opinions theres a huge mis communication about what his role really is

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The Orthodox church would gladly take your friends

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Yeah but the orthodox church aint the truth

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*ATHEISM* is the truth

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@DOAN "I never said that he said "Race mix sheeple" nor did I say that he ever in his life mentioned the numbers 666 in a positive way, I'm not sure where you get that from; I'm sure you're not trying to strawman my argument now"

I'm making fun of you

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@Brother Basil you mean the bitching cirlce

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I'm unfamiliar with the form of autism you are trying to convey, please explain.

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You guys are like a jealous ex wife

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*The Latin Church haha we don't care about those heretics. Did you hear about what they did in Constantinople though?*

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Are we going to do the bit or are we being serious. Want to know before effort post.

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*We totally don't care. But did you know what they say about the Bishop of Rome? Universal ministry pfff, I could tell you a few stories about that...*

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*The massacre of the Latins? He totally provoked me ok!?*

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I-I'm making fun of you

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Orthodoxy seems cool

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So first of all the most important thing is the salvation of man. Nothing is more important. If there are Catholics that have fallen away from the church their soul is imperiled. This is bad, very bad. If they can find a home in the Orthodox Church and regain a relationship with God, of which the Catholic Church recognizes as valid, then this is joyous for all.

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I'm a recovering atheist and looking for a denomiation to dedicate mylife to

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@DOAN What is your specific objection here.

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@Brother Basil Sure but it's not ideal.

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Better to be in the life of grace than not but it's bad to shirk right discipline because your upset.

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The same applies for the Catholic Church. The schism needs to end eventually but dick waving is autistic and deserves an armbar

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Ok sure

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Look I have to say people like Jay Dyer and his acolytes have given me a much more negative opinion of Orthodoxy then I used to have.

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Why is it not enough to follow the teachings of Christ, the morals and the Bible and call it a day? Will someone who believes in Christ and follows his teachings to a T go to hell if he's not a Catholic or if he doesn't like Catholicism?

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@DOAN You believe in a fundamentally Protestant view of Christianity.

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@DOAN it's like this. The path has been painted for you by the wisest men of their century. Do you want to follow them or man with thin arms who claps hands like girl

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Lmao but wasn't Luther pretty redpilled on the JQ

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Both Orthodox and Catholic hold that the deposit of the faith is the sacred tradition and not the Bible.

Protestants believe that the Bible is the deposit of faith and it dovetails nicely with their anti-clericalism.

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Because if you can go straight to the Bible and read it yourself and interpret doctrine like that you don't need a hierarchy

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In fact at that point the hierarchy become gate keepers

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Is protestantism the root of western degeneracy?

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A lot of people say it is