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"My friends, it's an immense responsibility. We are living in a historic hour. Do remember that always. Do live in that sense, I beg of you, of history and of destiny. When the period, this period, comes to be written and then looked back at, if we did right, if we stood firm, if we stood greatly, it would be a matter of honor and of veneration for generations to come. I could not ask to live in any other moment of history than this! Because never has mankind been confronted with such possibilities, with such choices, of disaster, or of greater heights and greater glories. My friends do live in that sense that you are Englishmen, that you are European, that you come from people who have faced tremendous odds again and again. That much is against you, but you've got within you that will, that spirit, and above all that faith and that belief which will lead the generations to come to look back at you in the pages of history with the proud words To England! To Britain! To Europe! They were true!"

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Anyone know who Jeremy "Twitch" Stenberg is? And can they confirm or deny coincidence?

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According to Wikipedia... "He is a born again Christian"

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If that is what you meant by "cohencidence".

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Well... He sells shirts that reference " white boy "

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But I can't seem to figure him out.... He was in metal militia which had some interesting marketing and logos to say the least

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Hello, Greychak

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Hi there all

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Hail Angoy-Saxon!

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Anyone see that piece about South Part contributing to far right culture

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No. Is it good?

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I didn’t go past the headline but I think South Park has been pretty based for a long time. They give a Little here and there tho. I don’t know much about the creators

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ay greychak!

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The creators are doper libertarians and one is a jew

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Well there’s that

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I’ve been subverted

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Yeah they push some fringe-ish ideas sometimes

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Maybe that’s why the show is so comfortable talking negatively about Jews

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Trey parker is the goy that does all the work. (((Matt stone))) is the merchant that gets them on tv

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Do you still think it appeals more to the right wing type?

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I’ve just wondered how they’ve gotten away with a lot of what they do.

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I'm guessing if it makes *them* money, *they* let it slide.

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@Albo Greychak - MI going with the suit? That's good. We need to bring back suits and proper attire. That or armor and bracers.

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^ #2.

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My preference also but I don't think anyone else agrees

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They always say something about larp or whatever

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@Asatru Artist - MD you here Texas recently did away with blade length laws? Swords are legal here now to carry around!

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It's not larping if you are actually doing it. <:usinnoodle:420778112226164736>

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Good point

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no more calvary sword loicense fee

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Good god. Spending a few minutes reading the responses to our Youtube deletion tweet. These are the people we're fighting for?

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I'd say they've forfeited their right to call themselves white, so that answers that.

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What's your opinion on revelatory/experienced paganism vs. study book recreation paganism? @Asatru Artist - MD

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wait, there are book worm pagans? <:really:453005408064241674>

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"don't just talk (read) about it, be about it"