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2018-08-26 02:42:45 UTC  

There is no reason to throw mud on McCain because he is dead. Death is a fate we all share. But to say that he now gets a pass because he is dead is not a point we should allow anyone to make. He was not someone to be admired or emulated and his influence over our country's policies has been disastrous. As a war mongering neo-con to the end, he decided how he shall be remembered in a future sane society; a traitor to his people and civilization, a force for chaos, suffering and killing. He should be remembered as the kind of man a proud and healthy people would never allow to lead them.

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His anti-white policies are over at least.

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@Evan Thomas ice cold take

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It's called 4chan

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more like

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a shitposting discord

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Keep your shitposts where they can't be used against IE out of context

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Being asatru is peak optics

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Thor nationalism

2018-08-26 03:10:18 UTC  

Innawoods nationalism

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Hell yeah borther

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Yeah, he's built

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Superheros are gay

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DC is better, batman will always remain peak chad

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Dark Horse > Marvel or DC

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I have a crazy theory guys.

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Warhammer 40k > than everything

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Hey babe

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You come here often?

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crap...leadership is in chat...everyone quiet!

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WH40k is lame now. 3rd/4th edition were peak aesthetics

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They are taking about your optics @Asatru Artist - MD

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"When they go low, we go high." 😉

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Hahah I'm asatru too btw

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It's tounge and cheek

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I love it when people pull the comics route. So low brow. 🤡 🌎

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And predictable. 😃

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comics are pretty American

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I seem to be in the wrong place; I thought this was general chat, but looking at the message history it's clearly @JohnStrasser's personal shitposting channel.

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A L L C A P S nationalism

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spacing between letters nationalism

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Not that that's a bad thing, ofc

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@Conatus arazona is gay

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@Conatus Is ur profile pic a pic of McCain?