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you know what would even that number out? STOP SENDING FOREIGN AID TO AFRICA

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Well daily reminder of The Battle of Tours on October 10th 732. God Bless Charles "THE HAMMER" Martel!

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The hammer, what a Chad name

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Yeah Napoleon was fascinated by Charlemagne (Carolingian dynasty) and the earlier Merovingian dynasty.

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I always wondered about my ancestry and when I got a test I found out I was VERY Scandinavian. But after learning about the Normans and their conquest, it made a lot more sense. It also explains the French mix. Also, I thought I was at least half English, but I'm only about 4% English. But because of the Norman mix it makes sense that we might think that we were Anglo

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I was happily surprised to learn I'm 20% Norwegian. Never knew it.

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Would explain my height and blonde hair/blue eyes though.

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Most of the rest is Scottish.

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And... _superior_ looks? πŸ˜‚

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My uncles name is Norman.

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I'm 100% American GET ON MY LEVEL

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What are you Navajo?

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Don't be naΓ―ve

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Whites were here first.

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America and Navajo are nations with separate identities.

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Get with modern science.

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Whites were the first Blacks

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huWhites were KANGZ

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Well heading to bed. Sweet dreams huwhite devils

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@Asatru Artist - MD" Whites were the first blacks."πŸ˜‚

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Karl Die Grosse!!!!!!!!!

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we wuz vikangz

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Unprecedented mass immigration defining the new permanent direction of our nation? I sleep
libruls attackin' mah burgers? Serious business

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Good Morning IE!

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Here we go again, with another Syrian couple having their six-year-old daughter tweet in defense of "moderate rebels..."

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Firstly, we need to do this. Secondly, what the eff is with that photo:

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Posting without commentary:

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Or maybe it's because Israeli Jews are different from Western Jews? πŸ€”