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Yeah but there isn't many of those people in the middle left

2018-09-05 01:31:49 UTC  

@Salo Saloson Only 24. How does that even feel? I'm so glad you young guys are so WOKE. But when I was 24 I was the kind of guy I would have utter contempt for now.

2018-09-05 01:32:04 UTC  

How does it feel? I was fighting for my people at 17

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@Salo Saloson Seems to me, people take on different "pills" (sex, race, JQ) not all at once. See also: Proud Boys (who are likely aware of sex differences)

2018-09-05 01:34:42 UTC  

@Salo Saloson Wow. At 17 I had been kicked out of high school and was working. I liked that because I was making close to a grown man's salary. I had a 67 442, a very, very nasty apartment and plenty of money for drinking and whatnot. A lot of high school sluts thought I was a hero. A lot of Blacks thought I was a great customer. It was all shit. All of it.

2018-09-05 01:35:27 UTC  

Yea, i knew race a long time ago. I was OK with gays, but understand now what their lifestyle is doing to others and society in general, and the JQ was the last one that took some doing to break through.

2018-09-05 01:36:13 UTC  

Most of the people I meet though are just... mass-people.

2018-09-05 01:36:28 UTC  

It's like there's a factory and they just start mass producing these folks

2018-09-05 01:36:41 UTC  

It's called public schools...

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Yeah. Gays are either mentally or are victims of a birth defect. They are all emotional spastics and overgrown children.

2018-09-05 01:36:53 UTC  

Even getting them to accept an American culture exists outside of Hollywood & NYC is an uphill battle

2018-09-05 01:38:03 UTC  

Getting them to _see_ themselves as a unique group is even more of a struggle

2018-09-05 01:38:37 UTC  

And at a certain point, they just _stop_ thinking. It's not even an emotional reaction, they just _stop_ having any thoughts.

2018-09-05 01:39:16 UTC Youtube's Autoplay feature has some WILD stuff

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if you ever asked a normie (right or left) about how a multicultural/multiracial society is supposed to function... they can't answer you

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@Wood-Ape - OK/MN 4chan pol or 8chan pol?

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it's like the brain switches off and they default into an almost bovine expression

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@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Try 8chan my guy, it's like the golden age of 4chan, but even less autistic, and with more intellectual, mature people who actually sage, just beware of LARPers

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4chan got raided by Leftypol and shareblue months ago, as well as Reddit so it kind of shifted left a bit... but it seems it's been making a return, but I still prefer 8chan

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@The Eternal Anglo Thanks. I do miss the 504um... Had a lot of great discussion there.

2018-09-05 01:48:18 UTC  

@Salo Saloson A lot of this reluctance to see the truth is simple fear. And fear can lead many people to identify with the aggressor (blacks, mexicans, jews, etc.). I've seen this happening for decades. Courage isn't easy. It requires leaders. I remember back in high school and college (1970 to 1980) encountering more than a few guys who would actually say, "I wish I was Black." Even then when I was a dumb ass, that statement made me want to slap them silly. A good friend of mine said something like that and I said, "You wanna be ugly and stupid?" The way his face looked I might as well have slapped him silly. Anyway he drowned because he jumped off a boathouse on Lake Lanier doing two hits of acid. That's who we were. That's how a ton of us still are.

2018-09-05 01:49:48 UTC  

I've never encountered that level of self-hatred. Instead I've noticed more self-apathy. A total disinterest in anything beyond internet culture, memes, and/or money.

_Although_ I did once run into a girl (who I dated for a little bit) who said she didn't like being white.

2018-09-05 01:51:27 UTC  

But that hatred is unusual. More often than not it's just, "eh, why should I care? it's just a skin color"

2018-09-05 01:53:06 UTC  

@Salo Saloson Yeah I've seen that apathy too. That's also pretty bleak. But part of the Leftist value system would have us believe the the alienated and self-destructive are morally superior heroes. That notion was (((their))) original foot in the door. Just look at that egregious orgy of self pity "A Rebel Without a Cause." Whiney. Disgusting. Nihilist.

2018-09-05 01:53:38 UTC  

And it _is_ nihilism at its worst. Many of the people I've met who are so apathetic are just husks of consumption.

2018-09-05 01:54:11 UTC  

And they view everything as though it is something to be purchased and shipped. Not identity, that wouldn't be 'authentic'. But whites have no identity.

2018-09-05 01:54:56 UTC  

Really, just getting a person to say "hey, white people have culture and it's distinct from everything else" is a big win

2018-09-05 01:55:14 UTC  

And we still worship that mentally-ill nancy boy James Dean. Give me Lee Marvin any day. Give me William Muny outta Missoura.

2018-09-05 01:55:57 UTC  

Steve McQueen

2018-09-05 01:56:13 UTC  

"Who's the fella owns this shithole?"

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Speaking of James Dean: that's what makes the 1950s so weird, because we say it's the "ideal America"

2018-09-05 01:56:22 UTC  

But the 1950s if anything felt like the very end of traditional America

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Hot takes on Tuesday nights

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^ great name

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@Salo Saloson It was very much the ideal America. But the (((elites))) had already bored some serious holes in that boat. The rot had already started, but the paint hadn't yet flaked off to show it.

2018-09-05 01:59:36 UTC  

"A writer? Letters and such."

2018-09-05 02:00:22 UTC  

And that's why I feel so conflicted about the 50s: it's the ideal time, but it's also the same time where everything started to go wrong.