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2018-09-28 04:06:42 UTC  

my google fu is weak. so sorry

2018-09-28 04:10:50 UTC  

Are there any IE brothers in the Ocala Florida area? I am flying there next week, flying into Tampa and then renting a car to Ocala.

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@Grayson @John O - would be the man to ask

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Hold up... Are you saying... We were emperors, and such?

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Dang I have that ebook... It's no good?

2018-09-28 04:38:56 UTC  

Have you read Alain de Benoist's In do European book?

2018-09-28 04:39:47 UTC  

@Nemets may have to read the kindle finally since that is on there

2018-09-28 04:39:59 UTC  

I haven't read it. My post redpill book queue is infinite.

2018-09-28 04:42:24 UTC  

@Nemets I will. He'll like that. He isn't going to be hearing me reading anything smolbrained, that's for sure

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@Nemets reminds me of Charles C. Mann. May be too basic for you but there was some really neat stuff in 1491 and 1493 about Amerindians. Mann professes to be a leftist but the nature of his work reveals him to be basically HBD woke

2018-09-28 04:46:46 UTC  

I know a lot of WN1.0 types buy info Solutrean hypothesis. I am very skeptical. Seems "we wuz"-tier

2018-09-28 04:46:54 UTC  

@Nemets the cornerstone of 1493 is the Chinese-Peruvian trade network the Spanish created. I had no idea there was such prolonged and direct trade but the majority of the book is about that.

2018-09-28 04:47:28 UTC  

He talks about how the Chinese struggle with inflation that continued into the 19th century was caused in large part by the influx of American silver

2018-09-28 04:48:22 UTC  

Deng Xiaoping flows directly from a posse of hillbillies from Extremadura five hundred years ago. Pretty great narrative.

2018-09-28 04:48:45 UTC  

@Nemets So you'd say "Across Atlantic Ice" is not worth reading?

2018-09-28 04:49:24 UTC  

Are Ancestral North Eurasians Denisovan descendants?

2018-09-28 04:51:43 UTC  

Time is very deep... It is our mission to make sure Europeans are not made so obscure.

2018-09-28 04:53:04 UTC  

I took anthropology courses in college. It really seemed like the evolutionary anthro profs and the cultural (boasian) anthro profs were talking out of difderent sides of their mouths.

2018-09-28 04:53:50 UTC  

I am a conservationist. I have always wanted to preserve rare beasts and habitats. Now I just apply it to people.

2018-09-28 04:54:58 UTC  

white people are indigenous to Alpha Centauri

2018-09-28 04:55:28 UTC  

Are you referring to Yamanaya being from the Urals?

2018-09-28 04:55:59 UTC  

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN conservation is why Nemets and I joined IE. We are in good company. We do (or did) a lot of environmental conservation actions in SoCal

2018-09-28 04:57:04 UTC  

Absolutely. Gifford Pinchot and Stephen Mather.

2018-09-28 04:59:14 UTC  

I'd love to do a trail crew event. But we couldn't post it on Twitter, because the trail org itself might dox.

2018-09-28 05:00:02 UTC  

Could do one without a trail org's knowledge. Litter and cutring blowdowns. Just leave the tread and rockwork alone

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Yeah. Hiking trails actually need semi-regular upkeep. Trees fall across them ("blowdowns"), plants grow into the walking area ("cooridor") and water erosion and overuse can create wash outs or mudholes that can be expanded if not solved by wood or stone structures ("features")

2018-09-28 05:12:51 UTC  

@Benis courageous

2018-09-28 05:14:05 UTC  

@Nemets what is the smoked out area? Kosovo?

2018-09-28 05:15:03 UTC  

a "trail crew" takes care of these things. I worked on trail crews in several states.

2018-09-28 05:25:43 UTC  

Tucker was better than FtN for me today

2018-09-28 05:44:09 UTC  

starting at 31:40 Tucker makes the confirmation about pro-White issues. Tucker is a machine.

2018-09-28 05:45:51 UTC  

We're gonna be famous, boys (and girls)!

2018-09-28 06:00:23 UTC  

@Freiheit - CA what happened?