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This stuff is poetry

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Apparently more than 70% of Hispanics have oral herpes. Gross.

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@Procella Eques Yeah, their stuff is great.

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@Sam Anderson that's nasty.

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Man that's messed up

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I feel encouraged by AfD

2018-10-08 14:54:35 UTC  

I'd almost want to move there if AfD won a majority

2018-10-08 14:54:49 UTC  

50 percent of Mexicans are in gangs? Or is it the majority of gang members in general are Mexicans?

2018-10-08 14:54:58 UTC  

Or Hispanic or whatever

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@NITRODUBS the blue line is latinx

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The latter, lol

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@Procella Eques For sure (about the encouragement). It's hard telling how things'll play out, but for the time being, at least, our place is here, trying to ride the U.S. tiger into the ground, so it doesn't destroy our people everywhere else...

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Ooooh yeah you're right

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@Bjorn - MD America is the leader of the West. What we do here in America Europe will follow

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Thats why they let in all those fucking people from different countries

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because we did it here

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This is why we love Trump

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@Procella Eques I don't know that we're ahead of them. I think we're just enjoying the last bit of metapolitical inertia from having the freest speech laws in the world, but at the same time, the German-speaking Identitarian Movements have been able to attend numerous pre-announced rallies, culminating in Chemnitz, and even civic nationalist political figures sometimes appear alongside them in public, and often actively defend their actions, if not their character outright, whereas we still have to keep our heads down, and with the exception of Allsup, who was one of ours beforehand, there isn't a figure in the Republican Party today who would pi$$ on us if we were on fire. Not blackpilling, but the fact is that, while the Alt Right was conquering YouTube, shortly before committing ritual suicide, and irradiating everyone around them, identitarians movements on the other side of the pond were conquering the streets. If anything, it's we who need to learn a bit from them.

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Gets accused of sexual assault, surrounds himself with women. <:chad:359013583469805568>

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what the hell

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Fellow white weighs in on Columbus Day

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Crowder's a bit of a normie but this is spot on

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Do these idiots not know when they bring up native Americans, they make our point?
What happened to them is *exactly* what we don't want to happen to us... (demographic replacement and loss of our own destiny)

2018-10-08 16:06:24 UTC  

Nah they got conquered. There was never an attempt at coexistence

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@Distracted There were attempts, but the Indians weren't having it:

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I love how kavanaugh is hiring blacks so that they can undermine the effectiveness of SCOTUS until that old hag keels over