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Vince James? (The Red Elephant )

Hi guys just got became a member tonight and can't wait to get to know you guys.

I'm from OH the interviewer just put it on because that is were my grandparents are from. How should I change that?

Ya it is great to have Alt-right artists.

a new member my brother Caleb Kohl is also a member

Stark is not my real name

Argument of Perigee that is sweet. I love my brother just got done talking with him

I would love to how do I find out when that is

Thanks argument of Perigee

Ya he has it was great. He does good work

How do you link to some one like Valaska, Sonic and Argument of Perigee did?


@Argument of Perigee Thanks man I will put that on my calendar

@Argument of Perigee This is why I got involved, to connect with others from our movement. Thanks man

What are your guys' favorite YouTube Channels about our movement.

Ok Google totally sucks

I'm not on the fence

Ya totally good plan

I wish I could speak German I didn't have it at my school

We need to keep making white babies to compete about with the Muslims and Mexicans.

@Myndrian Im a new member tonight as well welcome man.

So I'm a college student at a conservitaiave Christain school and want to find the other Alt-right men to create a group. How should I go about finding them? I was considering putting up IT'S OKAY TO BE WHITE posters. Where should I put them?

I would say that the vast vast majority of the 4000 students are republicans

I'm not afraid of being Doxed by my school

Like Lauren Southern's one on West Africa or HellStorm

Too deep?


South Africa I don't know what I am talking about it's a little to late I guess

Ok I'll do that as soon as we next meet

@Freiheit - CA Thanks man

Okay, I am confident that I am safe but it could hurt to my future so I should be careful

@TMatthews Ya my school is probabibliy fairly palencon allready so that wouldn't help me that much. We have to make change faster we can't just wait around while we are lossing our strength.

Ok I appreaciate your concern and will listen to it but It is really late for me so good night.

@Argument of Perigee Thanks man I will make sure and do that. Good night

Kavanaugh got appointed! Yes!

Blue Checkmark come back

It is so crazy that we have let the populous be this mad.

This is why we love Trump

Thats right

how long is the gerneral live stream?


@Reinhard Wolff Patrick, How long have you been an Identitarian?

I've seen the frog alot, What does it mean?

I try not to

Communism is a complete failure it's end product is only starvation and death.

I'm talking world wide. It is a Jewish idea in order to subvert the west. It does not recognize human nature.

Capitalism is so much more moral and superior in nearly every way..

If you succeed in Capitalism everyone around you also gets the benefit of you spending your extra money.

@NITRODUBS That is what families, churches and other groups are for.

I feel like if you have much of any socialism it will every grow until you pretty much have Communism.

Some may choose that life but they will find that it is meaningless and will have to except that they must have morals to live a happy life

Could we talk this out on the general voice.

@NITRODUBS Could you join I want to understand your view

no one is yelling man

o sorry

@Sean can you direct message me ASAP

<@&358430370137374721> I need to talk to one of you about legal issues.

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