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2018-11-06 03:53:17 UTC  

@DTMax GA is one of the most tight-knit groups.

2018-11-06 03:53:41 UTC  

@Logan So I've heard. Excited to potentially be apart of it

2018-11-06 03:54:20 UTC  

@DTMax Are you within a reasonable driving distance to ATL?

2018-11-06 03:54:31 UTC  

Around two hours, so yes

2018-11-06 03:55:09 UTC  

I lived in Savannah for years during college. Really like the south, but I hear Savannah is pretty bad these days.

2018-11-06 03:55:10 UTC  

@DTMax there are not actually flat earthers here.

2018-11-06 03:55:16 UTC  

it is just a meme.

2018-11-06 03:55:23 UTC  

Dems take the House? They couldn't take the trash can in front of the House.

2018-11-06 03:55:26 UTC  

@Logan Oh I know haha

2018-11-06 03:55:52 UTC  

2 hours = reasonable driving distance (I was thinking under an hour or so). I'll remember you said that when we have a meet up, lol. You sound inbetween the Savannah guys and the ATL guys, hopefully you can meet up regularly

2018-11-06 03:55:53 UTC  

Wait, flat earth is just a meme?! <:sad:366743316475281408>

2018-11-06 03:56:00 UTC  

Real globie hours up in here damn

2018-11-06 03:56:08 UTC  

I’m all about flat earth. Also, I’m black

2018-11-06 03:56:17 UTC  
2018-11-06 03:56:22 UTC  

@Flint Hope so, college might interfere with some of them though

2018-11-06 03:56:33 UTC  

Based Black Guy Chat Hours

2018-11-06 03:56:59 UTC  

Anyone here actually have Red Dead Redemption 2?

2018-11-06 03:57:04 UTC  


2018-11-06 03:57:11 UTC  

@Sam Southern - TN real flatbois don't stick their heads up and when they do they say "haha it's just a meme bro don't be mad."

2018-11-06 03:57:12 UTC  

Back home to vote. Appreciating the clock @Asatru Artist - MD made for me. Apparently based Dad loves James Allsup. I knew signing him into my sock YouTube account on his phone would work.

2018-11-06 03:57:17 UTC  

Buying a PS4 on black friday to get it

2018-11-06 03:57:21 UTC  
2018-11-06 03:57:26 UTC  

>this server is for productive conversation only
>but memes are productive

2018-11-06 03:57:29 UTC  

Not waiting 3 years for that PC port

2018-11-06 03:57:41 UTC  

yeah i can't wait that long for the PC version

2018-11-06 03:57:42 UTC  

@DTMax Happens to us all

2018-11-06 03:58:10 UTC  

It looks amazing, but I am PS4-poor and only have a paltry 500GB hard drive that is chock full with non-AAA games.

2018-11-06 03:58:13 UTC  

I’m ready for fallout 76

2018-11-06 03:58:23 UTC  

@Logan it’s just a meme i say, while slowly losing the ability to tell if I’m serious or not about the ice wall and why a certain regime spent so much money investigating the arctic for exceedingly occult reasons

2018-11-06 03:58:25 UTC  

Fallout 76 is going to be trash.

2018-11-06 03:58:29 UTC  


2018-11-06 03:58:36 UTC  

(I love Fallout games, btw)

2018-11-06 03:58:39 UTC  

Get on that New California grind

2018-11-06 03:58:42 UTC  

Probably but I’ll still play the crap out of it with Friends

2018-11-06 03:58:54 UTC  

i won't give a crap game my money

2018-11-06 03:59:04 UTC  

RDR2 deserves EVERYONE'S money though.

2018-11-06 03:59:22 UTC  

Cant wait to play it

2018-11-06 03:59:30 UTC  

It's awesome.

2018-11-06 03:59:33 UTC  

@DTMax is it worth downloading? New California I mean

2018-11-06 03:59:48 UTC  

I still haven't beaten the first RDR.

2018-11-06 03:59:50 UTC  

I watched a bit of gameplay from New California, looked cool.