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2018-11-10 17:28:34 UTC  

Vices like drugs and alcohol play into that as well

2018-11-10 17:28:44 UTC  

@Grossly Incandescent Many of those new shiny things are necessary to function in a technologically advanced society. For example, you literally cannot function or be productive today without a smart phone
We have more expenses than ever before and wages are stagnant or decreasing.

2018-11-10 17:29:15 UTC  

I remember going to Golden Corral in Tennessee as a child and being traumatized by the absolute size of the people

2018-11-10 17:29:40 UTC  

@Virgil good point, but in response to that I’ve had the same smart phone for about three years and have it paid off. Many in my situation would upgrade and lease the new more expensive model

2018-11-10 17:29:56 UTC  

Golden Corral is ground zero in my area

2018-11-10 17:30:10 UTC  

>golden corral

2018-11-10 17:30:25 UTC  

Dude everytime I think of that restaurant I immediately think of poverty

2018-11-10 17:30:39 UTC  

It deeply saddens me

2018-11-10 17:30:42 UTC  

Just like Dollar Stores

2018-11-10 17:30:57 UTC  

@Grossly Incandescent Very true, I see your point

2018-11-10 17:31:18 UTC  

@Grossly Incandescent Yeah same, I've had my iPhone for 5 years

2018-11-10 17:32:05 UTC  

@Virgil think more along the lines of a new flatscreen, leasing the latest model car, a new xbox. Shiny things that can’t be used to help you get out of poverty

2018-11-10 17:32:07 UTC  

for me it’s gross obesity

2018-11-10 17:32:13 UTC  

Things like phones are seen as status symbols as well.

2018-11-10 17:32:32 UTC  

Like new Nikes or expensive handbags

2018-11-10 17:32:47 UTC  

Even just leasing in general, my senior I took a personal finance class and that's turned me off of leasing/renting forever.

2018-11-10 17:32:51 UTC  

nothing like a trashbag full of popcorn shrimp

2018-11-10 17:33:05 UTC  

Saw someone on twitter say “women want free abortions and birth control but have iPhones”

2018-11-10 17:33:14 UTC  

Leasing cars, phones, furniture too.

2018-11-10 17:33:16 UTC  

Also Hi, I'm new here

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2018-11-10 17:33:38 UTC  

@Thugged Out Pissed Off absolutely cursed

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2018-11-10 17:34:01 UTC  

Grrr indeed

2018-11-10 17:35:36 UTC  

Yeah thank god my dad is an accountant and taught me about fiscal responsibility from an early age

2018-11-10 17:36:23 UTC  

Status symbols for the poor are things like phones, TVs, brand name clothes, and even food. They cant afford a mortgage or reliable vehicles but they can eat like a king at Golden Corral with their new Nikes on and post about it to Instagram from their iPhone.

2018-11-10 17:37:07 UTC  

Poor people in really bad shape financially will do everything they can to dab on other poor people

2018-11-10 17:37:11 UTC  

More like Facebook

2018-11-10 17:37:25 UTC  

Facebook is more of a poor person thing I think

2018-11-10 17:37:31 UTC  

Everyone has had it beat into them that these things are important from the day mom plopped them in front of the TV.

2018-11-10 17:37:33 UTC  

Poor/old/low IQ

2018-11-10 17:37:56 UTC  

That is usually what I associate chronic facebook posters with.

2018-11-10 17:38:53 UTC  

If you're poor and life sucks but an iPhone makes you happy it's a difficult temptation to resist.

2018-11-10 17:39:45 UTC

2018-11-10 17:39:49 UTC  

Gotta get that dopamine hit from those likes

2018-11-10 17:40:39 UTC  

They can't feed they kids but they got iPhones/Shoes

2018-11-10 17:41:34 UTC  

His face cracks me up

2018-11-10 17:41:42 UTC  

His name is Jones Transfer as well.

2018-11-10 17:41:46 UTC  

Yup. And when tax time comes they got a car with some expensive wheels until the repo man comes.

2018-11-10 17:42:23 UTC  

This is reminding me of something I read about how people who win the lottery go broke in a year or so after collecting

2018-11-10 17:42:36 UTC  

Have you seen that video where the repo man comes, and all the people sit on the car so it can't be pulled away?