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2018-11-11 21:44:22 UTC  

@Josh M. -OH more like shoving bars of soap under rabbits eyelids

2018-11-11 21:44:32 UTC  
2018-11-11 21:44:38 UTC  

yeah it's pretty bad

2018-11-11 21:44:45 UTC  

Well. That's a complicated thing.

2018-11-11 21:44:48 UTC  

Wanna die a little bit inside? Watch Earthlings

2018-11-11 21:44:54 UTC  

I’m honestly right there with ya if anyone knows sports clips they’ve been pampered basically

2018-11-11 21:44:54 UTC  

IE stands for animal welfare

2018-11-11 21:44:56 UTC  

Blind rabbits or blind kids?

2018-11-11 21:45:05 UTC  

Nope don't want to die inside

2018-11-11 21:45:14 UTC  

I've already died inside

2018-11-11 21:45:50 UTC  

Wife wants to open her own salon, “Identity Salon”. Maybe I should work on the name more. Lol

2018-11-11 21:45:58 UTC  

The whitest and best English speaking barber in town was the most expensive and weirdly shittiest cut I’ve ever gotten

2018-11-11 21:46:11 UTC  

Activists heading to airport from DTR like...

2018-11-11 21:46:15 UTC  

@Josh M. -OH I’m with you 100% on that one, but things can always be done more humanely.

2018-11-11 21:46:37 UTC  

Its difficult to balance.

2018-11-11 21:46:53 UTC  

Is in vivo testing necessary

2018-11-11 21:46:56 UTC  

Yeah my barbershop is a bunch of Puerto Rican barbers

2018-11-11 21:48:12 UTC  

The vast majority are asian run

2018-11-11 21:48:17 UTC  


2018-11-11 21:48:21 UTC  

In nova

2018-11-11 21:48:48 UTC  

Hipster old timey barbershops seem to be making a comeback

2018-11-11 21:49:00 UTC  

I’m ok with that

2018-11-11 21:49:16 UTC  

Always liked that old school barbershop aesthetic, very Americana

2018-11-11 21:51:44 UTC  

I've heard people say "in exchange for shorter sentences" and that kind of stuff

2018-11-11 21:51:48 UTC  

Why in exchange?

2018-11-11 21:51:54 UTC  


2018-11-11 21:52:16 UTC  

It has to be voluntary.

2018-11-11 21:52:24 UTC  

lol why?

2018-11-11 21:52:37 UTC  

Instead we’re friggin voting to give felons the right to vote again

2018-11-11 21:52:47 UTC  

At least in Florida

2018-11-11 21:52:48 UTC  

Or else it’s like “muh oppression”

2018-11-11 21:52:50 UTC  

Sex has to be voluntary, too, but that doesn't stop rapists

2018-11-11 21:53:07 UTC  

@Sam Anderson so did we

2018-11-11 21:53:45 UTC  

It is oppression. Eugenics argument is based solely on the fact that it's the sole cause of criminality. This obviously not true.

2018-11-11 21:54:59 UTC  

@Josh M. -OH Absolutely no one is saying that genetics are "solely" the cause

2018-11-11 21:55:09 UTC  

It doesn't have to prevent 100% of cases of criminality to be worth the effort

2018-11-11 21:55:16 UTC  

The solution treats it that way

2018-11-11 21:55:40 UTC  

I mean... I guess you could say the same thing about any solution

2018-11-11 21:55:47 UTC  

What is the genetic factor that contributes to criminality?

2018-11-11 21:56:00 UTC  

We went from haircuts and shampoo to animal testing to eugenics in like 15 minutes lol

2018-11-11 21:56:11 UTC  

Monoamine Oxidase 2 Repeat Allele @Josh M. -OH