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2021-01-08 01:09:22 UTC  

He's tried every legal option

2021-01-08 01:09:26 UTC  

Think about the Military aspect of this and the global ramifications. Think back to this tweet. I just want to stop the world from killing itself. We are in a war with china.

2021-01-08 01:09:31 UTC  

It truly is time.

2021-01-08 01:10:29 UTC  

Its really not over yet, I really believe that

2021-01-08 01:10:59 UTC  

I think so too. As i have mentioned i live near a mil base. Bumped into a soldier today and asked him how active the base had been he said im not sure i just got called up here. Havent been to this base in a while.

2021-01-08 01:11:54 UTC  

Prayers to keep all safe

2021-01-08 01:12:28 UTC  

Absolutely 🙏🙏🙏

2021-01-08 01:13:24 UTC  

How many politicians have been bought by china. Some maybe even back to the 90s and they are still in office. So a 45 year old biden with all his bluster sleeps around with some kids maybe unknowingly gets the blackmail. No forward 25 -30 more years. How much more. Does anyone here have an addict in their life?

2021-01-08 01:14:25 UTC  

Now not no*

2021-01-08 01:14:27 UTC  

He said Q or over pronounced a word to say cue at around 17 sec

2021-01-08 01:14:37 UTC  

The people who are the most confident that Patriots are in control and Trump will serve another term are people like Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes, Robert O’Neill, etc. and I’m sure there are lots of others. But the ones who seem to have direct access to military intelligence sources seem to be the most confident that things are going to be ok. If they’re that positive I see no reason to not be seeing they know way more than most from all appearances.

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2021-01-08 01:16:48 UTC  

And the ones acting frantic and making demands of trump? The ones who dont have control. Active investigations into the biden family. Deep deep stuff. Durham still goin. Now we have the italy thing. There is no way biden could even be given classified info right now.

2021-01-08 01:17:16 UTC  

This is not just another 4 year election.

2021-01-08 01:19:42 UTC  

Matthew 13:15

2021-01-08 01:24:22 UTC  

Think of all the things we have learned over the last 2 months. With regards to our election laws. And the constitution

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2021-01-08 01:25:33 UTC  

Transfer of power back to the people ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️

2021-01-08 01:29:28 UTC  

Res cogitans#0406 Has left! Cya! :raised_hand:

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Rab. Remember the video we did?

2021-01-08 01:30:49 UTC  

The one pinned?

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2021-01-08 01:32:14 UTC  

It hit 10k!!!

2021-01-08 01:32:37 UTC  

The inaugural address is prominent in that. Same thing. For too long...

2021-01-08 01:32:55 UTC  

It did! I check it today and it was 9800

2021-01-08 01:33:06 UTC  

Thanks for helping me get it out!

2021-01-08 01:34:22 UTC  

After the American revolution the people wanted George Washington to become king. He served as president for a long time. And he handed power willingly over to the people.

2021-01-08 01:53:30 UTC  

Anyone notice this. He was banned on twitter...yet his speech today was on Twitter. So what happened there???

2021-01-08 02:27:17 UTC  

I believe it was only a 12 hour ban

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2021-01-08 02:51:10 UTC  

Mcconnell spooked like seeing a ghost after those Masonic hand signals behind him

2021-01-08 02:51:35 UTC  

The Merkel's diamond

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2021-01-08 03:01:01 UTC  

Who was that sitting behind him?

2021-01-08 03:02:58 UTC  

Can’t see his face

2021-01-08 03:03:11 UTC

2021-01-08 03:28:42 UTC  

Does anyone remember what TPTB stands for???? I'm having a brainfart