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2021-01-07 23:39:09 UTC  

Never. 🇺🇸

2021-01-07 23:39:22 UTC  

Is Parler down. I finally went on and my feed is blank.

2021-01-08 00:23:58 UTC  

Before y'all freak

2021-01-08 00:24:01 UTC  


2021-01-08 00:25:45 UTC  

wasnt ecpecting that! but i reckon, biden will be arrested by ukraine!

2021-01-08 00:26:00 UTC  

not trumps fault

2021-01-08 00:27:00 UTC  

Listen carefull

2021-01-08 00:27:05 UTC  

He said new administration

2021-01-08 00:27:15 UTC  

and weve only just begun

2021-01-08 00:27:23 UTC  

Current admin is trump/pence

2021-01-08 00:27:29 UTC  

Pence gone trump and flynn

2021-01-08 00:27:31 UTC  

Trump admin 2.0?

2021-01-08 00:27:41 UTC  

yeap agree

2021-01-08 00:27:42 UTC  

He said he pursued every legal option

2021-01-08 00:27:48 UTC  


2021-01-08 00:28:14 UTC  

And the last line our incredible journey is only just beginning

2021-01-08 00:29:16 UTC  

i fucking love tis journey but after all this is over if i every hear "the best is yet to come" again ill scream! lol

2021-01-08 00:29:28 UTC  

waiting is such sweet sorrow!

2021-01-08 00:29:38 UTC  

Hahaha yeah

2021-01-08 00:31:57 UTC  

But if he got us out of the USA corporation then it’s a completely new form of government yes? The two party system belongs to the USA Corp that was created I think...

2021-01-08 00:33:01 UTC  

Lots of admin resignjng also

2021-01-08 00:33:57 UTC  

Until I see a Biden inauguration, I have hope

2021-01-08 00:34:15 UTC  

And evening he is inaugerrated, are we gonna go back to sleep?

2021-01-08 00:34:32 UTC  

No, were still gonna what we do and keep exposing it all

2021-01-08 00:34:43 UTC  

Even if

2021-01-08 00:34:54 UTC  

next 2 weeks starting tomorrow always a friday!

2021-01-08 00:35:49 UTC  

Hundreds of millions are awake and not going to forget or forgive what’s happened.

2021-01-08 01:00:32 UTC  

I honestly he bargained

2021-01-08 01:01:07 UTC  

Leave my lawyers and my family alone and no 25 and we’ll move on for now

2021-01-08 01:06:09 UTC  

If ive learned anything about trump the last 5 years. He doesnt lose to the swamp. He has the goods on alot of people. Just look at some of the things lin wood knew. Listen to Ric Grennel when he says if the American people ever knew what really happened in washington they would vomit. Maybe not vomiting but you get the point. They have no power over him. Financially hes set, he has not committed crimes and he has all the goods.

2021-01-08 01:06:55 UTC  

You know what I've been thinking...

2021-01-08 01:07:03 UTC  

When does a bird sing

2021-01-08 01:07:26 UTC  

In the morning?

2021-01-08 01:08:00 UTC  


2021-01-08 01:08:29 UTC  

Trump might just dump it all now

2021-01-08 01:08:49 UTC  

That would be amazing.

2021-01-08 01:09:14 UTC  

Juan O Savin believes military was activated

2021-01-08 01:09:22 UTC  

He's tried every legal option

2021-01-08 01:09:26 UTC  

Think about the Military aspect of this and the global ramifications. Think back to this tweet. I just want to stop the world from killing itself. We are in a war with china.

2021-01-08 01:09:31 UTC  

It truly is time.