Message from Nerv - VA in Nice Respectable People Group #general

2018-12-02 03:03:13 UTC  

What an overrated thing

2018-12-02 03:03:28 UTC  

I watched a whole thing about why he does what he does.

2018-12-02 03:03:42 UTC  

If putting rapists in jail is overrated then why do you care about this at all? @Josh M. -OH

2018-12-02 03:04:20 UTC  

@Jacob by "tommy-free" I meant a protest sans tommy. That didn't happen so you work with what you have (a tommy involved "free tommy") my apologies for unclear wording

2018-12-02 03:04:31 UTC  

Justice wont change anything that's why. You really think that'll deter other Muslim grooming gangs? No

2018-12-02 03:04:50 UTC  

Tommy changing sentiment towards muslims and getting whites angry might.

2018-12-02 03:05:19 UTC  

Damage us already done to those girls. How about stopping it from happening again?

2018-12-02 03:05:22 UTC  

And Jacob I will ignore that unfair and disingenuous stab at me. Because we're friends.

2018-12-02 03:05:23 UTC  

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Ya, I'm still gonna have to disagree with that. We don't want to send a message that it's okay to use rape victims as political pawns like he did.

2018-12-02 03:06:01 UTC  

This is so dumb. Watch tommy Robinson’s talk at oxford.

2018-12-02 03:06:31 UTC  

... Wait wait? I mist be misunderstanding. You don't like Tommys shenanigans but you would ALSO oppose a protest movement against grooming gangs that Tommy wasn't a part of??

2018-12-02 03:07:20 UTC  

You said we should work with what we have, which is a free Tommy protest. Correct me if I'm misunderstanding you.

2018-12-02 03:07:24 UTC  

This is such bullshit now.

2018-12-02 03:07:33 UTC  

It is sad that a Jew is able to get more press than legitimate Brits. 😢

2018-12-02 03:08:02 UTC  

@Josh M. -OH It won't change anything if these guys are back on the streets vs if they aren't?

2018-12-02 03:08:39 UTC  

@Jacob Yeah. Work with what you have.

2018-12-02 03:08:51 UTC  

Implying they're the only ones doing it and that the government wouldn't put them back on the street anyway.

2018-12-02 03:09:07 UTC  

You don't get to PICK what the MASSES get riled up about.

2018-12-02 03:09:14 UTC  

If we could, IE would be in the white house

2018-12-02 03:10:33 UTC  

The faith in the UK government to adequately punish muslims is laughable.

2018-12-02 03:10:58 UTC  

We’re not even Brits so wtf?

2018-12-02 03:11:00 UTC  

Excusing that by blaming Tommy for it is gross

2018-12-02 03:11:09 UTC  

Moments, however imperfect, must be capitalized upon for a nobler goal (stopping future rapes)

2018-12-02 03:11:16 UTC  
2018-12-02 03:11:45 UTC  

@Nerv - VA the eternal anglo always thinks about the old land lol

2018-12-02 03:12:32 UTC  

Are they not white? Should we ignore their plight because weren't born on the same lands?

2018-12-02 03:12:49 UTC  

@Sam Southern - TN Anglos... so powerful yet always misguided.

2018-12-02 03:13:00 UTC  

no, I'm supermajority Anglo but still way more focused on problems here than there ya know @Josh M. -OH

2018-12-02 03:13:11 UTC  

@Nerv - VA skrrrrrt we're too focused on restarting the empire

2018-12-02 03:13:20 UTC  

If "what we have" is supporting a guy who knowingly decreased a grooming gangs chance of getting convicted, it's better to wait for it to blow over and build something new.

I don't mean any disrespect to you as a person, so I'm sorry if it came off like that, but the idea that we should support someone like this is absurd.

It might succeed in getting some right wing working class people riled up, but anyone on the fence watching this is going to think we've crazy. @Wood-Ape - OK/MN

2018-12-02 03:13:20 UTC  

@Josh M. -OH we’re not an English group.

2018-12-02 03:13:41 UTC  

@Nerv - VAyeah, so?

2018-12-02 03:13:50 UTC  

We shouldn't care about others?

2018-12-02 03:14:07 UTC  

nibba he's saying that we are more focused on stuff here than stuff there for obvious reasons

2018-12-02 03:14:43 UTC  

@Sam Southern - TNno one is arguing against that. Doesn't even need to he said really

2018-12-02 03:15:10 UTC  

it does if you're asking why we don't care about others

2018-12-02 03:16:02 UTC  

I'm saying you should care but should put your interests first

2018-12-02 03:16:23 UTC  

Our interests I should say.

2018-12-02 03:16:50 UTC  

@Josh M. -OH Really? It's gross to say that he shouldn't have done something which could have given the judge an excuse to set rapists free?

You can disagree with the law, but that doesn't change the impact of what he did.

By the way, the law wasn't politically motivated at all. The idea is that a jury is only supposed to get information from the trial so they remain impartial, so, if an ongoing trial is reported on, it could "prejudice the jury". It had nothing to do with his political beliefs. He wasn't a political prisoner.

2018-12-02 03:17:54 UTC  

If you have no faith in your government getting rightful justice for those victims what would you do?

2018-12-02 03:17:55 UTC  

@Josh M. -OH No we should. But we should also realize that we have no ability to do anything in the UK. Because we have no UK members.