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2018-12-18 18:08:38 UTC  

Well next time round we'll get a Balsonaro

2018-12-18 18:09:18 UTC  

Then plummet right from there

2018-12-18 18:09:29 UTC  

It will be good times

2018-12-18 18:09:52 UTC  

1- the media want us to feel defeated
2- we aren't privy to what's actually going on behind the curtain
I'm not saying "trust the plan" but I am saying don't give up hope

2018-12-18 18:12:01 UTC  

Consider two futures.
1. Trump stems tide and magapedes get woke enough for mass remigration policies.
2. We lose majority, Texas turns blue and white demonization intensifies. Then we take a strategy of separatism following pattern of successful ethnic separatist movements.

2018-12-18 18:12:08 UTC  

Well time will tell. He has until 2020

2018-12-18 18:12:19 UTC  

Either way we have hope. Buckle up and never be defeatist.

2018-12-18 18:17:12 UTC  

If you think modern day is grim you need to read more history and remember all we've overcome.

2018-12-18 18:20:18 UTC  

tbh, things haven't even gotten bad yet

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2018-12-18 18:23:40 UTC  

Honestly the 00s bluepilled life was boring and current year redpilled life is actually exciting.

2018-12-18 18:24:04 UTC  


2018-12-18 18:39:09 UTC  

Sorry I can't agree, in the 00s there was no trannies, no gay marriage, no deplatforming

2018-12-18 18:39:26 UTC  

Maybe 90s kids are wrong. Maybe 00s is the best decade

2018-12-18 18:39:51 UTC  

Nothing to fight. Snoozfest.

2018-12-18 18:41:26 UTC  

Also gays trannies MTV rap trash was everywhere. And deplatforming wasn't a thing because dissidence wasn't a thing.

2018-12-18 18:42:07 UTC  

Just 24/7 controlled narrative and a slow death by decadence.

2018-12-18 18:42:47 UTC  

There were gays around but you could still say they were weird in public

2018-12-18 18:42:47 UTC  

Current year is best year I've been alive. No irony.

2018-12-18 18:43:17 UTC  

Being outnumbered is fun anyway.

2018-12-18 18:43:38 UTC  

Even New York City had its second Republican mayor in a row

2018-12-18 18:44:03 UTC  

00s republicans were traitors

2018-12-18 18:44:07 UTC  

Doesn't mean anything

2018-12-18 18:44:55 UTC  

The only good thing in 00s was Ron Paul

2018-12-18 18:44:57 UTC  

They're also traitors now, but with all the gays and immigrants too

2018-12-18 18:45:59 UTC  

That was inevitable conclusion of 00s politics.

2018-12-18 18:46:35 UTC  

I guess so

2018-12-18 18:46:42 UTC  

Probably right about that

2018-12-18 18:46:53 UTC  

Meanwhile in current year real white nationalism is bigger than ever and our narratives contend with mainstream

2018-12-18 18:47:01 UTC  

Huge progress imo

2018-12-18 18:47:08 UTC  

This was all the inevitable conclusion of the Protestant revolution

2018-12-18 18:47:29 UTC  

Haha, there may have been a few bus stop since then ...

2018-12-18 18:48:44 UTC  

I guess, but they all germinate from the moral relativism that everyone can decide what's right for their own self

2018-12-18 18:48:53 UTC  

Guys what if White Genocide is fake and it will all be ok and we can watch NFL and HBO forever

2018-12-18 18:49:16 UTC  

*boomer posting intensifies*

2018-12-18 18:51:20 UTC  

I'll take active information war over information hegemony any day. Current year is better than last decade for that reason alone. The enemy fighting you means you actually threaten them

2018-12-18 18:52:13 UTC  

Did anyone think they'd just roll over and let us be in charge ? Of course this level of resistance is expected and in fact proof that our influence is growing

2018-12-18 18:57:48 UTC  

Just 202 more years of leftist pilpul

2018-12-18 18:58:03 UTC  

I’m pretty hopeful for the future tbh

2018-12-18 18:59:00 UTC  

Look at this one example. PewDiePie evicerates vox for being fake news. Why? They accused him of being a Nazi? Why? Edgy anime reviews vids. Why? Because they're in witch Hunt mode. Why? Charolettseville.

This is the equivalent of stalingrad for the media. We can break them on the internet.

2018-12-18 19:00:13 UTC  

They already basically are broken. Our biggest obstacles are the NFL, Marvel Movies, and all the other bread and circuses though