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2019-02-04 00:50:35 UTC  

Night made

2019-02-04 00:50:50 UTC  

@Jacob agreed

2019-02-04 00:50:51 UTC  

This is mad entertaining. Granted Im at a massive bar with buddies

2019-02-04 00:51:45 UTC  

Red boxed buddies? @Sam Anderson

2019-02-04 00:51:54 UTC  

@Papa Pizzagate but its only words the speech he gave was not a speech for the audience but talking points that his superiors wanted to hear

2019-02-04 00:53:03 UTC  

@Jacob honestly, I stopped watching sportsball years ago because of anti American rhetoric from Kaepernick, not "diversity" overall.

2019-02-04 00:54:05 UTC  

Plus plenty of other players have joined his bs.

2019-02-04 00:54:27 UTC  

@VinceChaos semi. Its at the point where they make the edgy jokes or at least recognize he potential for them.

2019-02-04 00:55:46 UTC  

nice sack

2019-02-04 00:56:15 UTC  

@Sam Anderson same with my roommate

2019-02-04 00:57:00 UTC  

Patriots defense is playing very well which isn’t exactly common this year

2019-02-04 00:57:31 UTC  

So if we want to be a populist movement we should probably try to appeal to our people and reclaim what they took from us

2019-02-04 00:57:38 UTC  

I haven't watched a game in years, I'm just watching for the "white" team.

2019-02-04 00:57:44 UTC  


2019-02-04 00:58:49 UTC  

Woah, almost that whole screen is white guys. I didn't think that was even possible in football anymore.

2019-02-04 00:59:26 UTC  

Halftime should be...interesting.

2019-02-04 00:59:54 UTC  

Dude are you gonna survive this game?

2019-02-04 01:00:06 UTC  

I'm going to Bed have a big day tomorrow

2019-02-04 01:03:01 UTC  

Let's cool it, fellas. No need for name calling or antagonizing one another either.

2019-02-04 01:04:57 UTC  

This superbowl sucks ass

2019-02-04 01:05:06 UTC  

The commercials arent even funny

2019-02-04 01:05:14 UTC  

Somebody just get a touchdown I mean cmon

2019-02-04 01:06:36 UTC  

Well there's been worse suoerbowls. It hasn't been terrible. You're right about the commercials though @Campbell4732

2019-02-04 01:07:23 UTC  

Only Boomers argue about Sportsball we are Identitarians we are above such petty squabbles

2019-02-04 01:08:26 UTC  


2019-02-04 01:08:30 UTC  

@Nemets We'll see how steadfast they are in their opposition to hegeomonism in the decades to come...

2019-02-04 01:08:38 UTC  

On the plus side not much PC/diversity shit

2019-02-04 01:09:44 UTC  

Maybe they've wisened up, and decided to let Joe Boomer go quietly into the night with his cuckball and suds...

2019-02-04 01:12:58 UTC  

Who's loving this half time show amirite???

2019-02-04 01:14:11 UTC  

So awesome go America woooo

2019-02-04 01:14:20 UTC  


2019-02-04 01:14:58 UTC  

And now the black church choir woooo!!

2019-02-04 01:15:23 UTC  


2019-02-04 01:15:50 UTC  

Y’all playin that foosball?

2019-02-04 01:16:02 UTC  

A snippet of it @Papa Pizzagate

2019-02-04 01:16:11 UTC  

The half time show should've been hit or miss meme

2019-02-04 01:16:25 UTC  
2019-02-04 01:16:27 UTC  

With thanos

2019-02-04 01:16:50 UTC  

@Papa Pizzagate yes they had squidward set up sicko mode

2019-02-04 01:17:00 UTC  

I was sure to point that out to my in-laws