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2019-02-09 03:46:54 UTC  

i really think trump will win in 2020

2019-02-09 03:47:06 UTC  

I don't

2019-02-09 03:47:13 UTC  

he's abandoned his base

2019-02-09 03:47:20 UTC  

he won't be able to recapture that magic

2019-02-09 03:47:23 UTC  

that spark

2019-02-09 03:47:25 UTC  

Even if he loses we are gonna be fine

2019-02-09 03:47:31 UTC  

half the base is a cult

2019-02-09 03:47:34 UTC  

he rode a wave of populism that he has since turned his back on

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2019-02-09 03:48:01 UTC  

I don't know what to do. I just think people are better off looking at our situation in its totality so we can better anticipate and adjust to what comes. I'm hoping we see an actually effective populist candidate rise out of the cesspool that is the current Republican party.

2019-02-09 03:48:28 UTC  

nobody is going to primary an incumbent successfully

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2019-02-09 03:49:26 UTC  

local politics focus needed

2019-02-09 03:50:30 UTC  

We need to build on the local level

2019-02-09 03:50:37 UTC  

everyone here should be a part of their local party politics, college republicans, American heritage foundations, etc etc

2019-02-09 03:50:45 UTC  

We need donors, candidates, platforms, payment options etc

2019-02-09 03:51:42 UTC  

payment options...ugh. hopefully Gavin's litigation goes well to take SPLC down a peg or two

2019-02-09 03:51:57 UTC  

could help us yuge

2019-02-09 03:52:17 UTC  

If you live in a smaller area, join your young republicans at the very least, you'll most likely be able to talk the chair just like any other friend as long as there aren't 100 of you

2019-02-09 03:52:33 UTC  

I've gone to 2 YR events and they want me to have a position already

2019-02-09 03:52:50 UTC  

I don't know if its open or anything but they want me to be doing something

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2019-02-09 03:53:46 UTC  

im gonna look up my local party rn

2019-02-09 03:54:32 UTC  

Also, if you know your YR isn't doing anything for a little while, reach out to them, see if you can find the chair and directly message them saying you want to join

2019-02-09 03:54:55 UTC  

They'll be expecting you and its a great way to start a conversation with the chair as soon as you arrive

2019-02-09 03:56:41 UTC  

well im out of college so thatll be hard

2019-02-09 03:56:50 UTC  

but anyone in college should

2019-02-09 04:13:47 UTC  

Mexico's new government wants fewer Mexicans to move to the US.

2019-02-09 04:20:49 UTC  

Guys..there's a new christian weston chandler video up

2019-02-09 04:27:10 UTC  

Plot twist Mexico solves the immigration crisis

2019-02-09 04:29:06 UTC  

@Nemets do you know if we have members that could sponsor an application? application says you need two sponsors

2019-02-09 04:30:23 UTC

2019-02-09 04:31:38 UTC  

So glad we have *squints* a new emoji to mock men over something that they have no control over

2019-02-09 04:31:41 UTC  

so women are going to use an emoji to.... *squints* shatter capitalism?

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2019-02-09 04:32:29 UTC  

You owe me a soda

2019-02-09 04:32:36 UTC  

ok see you at lopf

2019-02-09 04:33:04 UTC  

I won’t be there just give it to another Kentucky guy and it’ll make its way to me