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2018-10-10 17:42:23 UTC  

The more degenerate trailer has removed the comments section... gee

2018-10-10 18:47:37 UTC  

Pure filth

2018-10-11 01:56:13 UTC  

everyone tag notch in the minecraft tweet

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Just noticed that poll was flipped..thank you to all 😃

2018-10-11 06:11:36 UTC  

Notch replied to that tweet

2018-10-11 06:15:31 UTC  

o fug

2018-10-11 06:15:36 UTC  


2018-10-11 14:10:21 UTC  

Everyone should start liking this tweet

2018-10-11 14:10:40 UTC  

Its from a year ago btw

2018-10-11 15:34:09 UTC  

@Reinhard Wolff me @ChippedStones @Jawa and @Conatus produce the best content for you

2018-10-11 15:35:57 UTC  

If you eat a wheel that’s still spinning technically it’ll have its own gravitational pull inside your stomach.

2018-10-11 15:36:05 UTC

2018-10-11 15:37:07 UTC  

However the resistance it encounters when it hits your throat may slow it down.

2018-10-11 15:39:54 UTC  

resistance? psshh who needs insides

2018-10-11 15:40:16 UTC  

the smaller the object the faster it must spin too

2018-10-11 15:41:51 UTC  

The spin may be faster but the gravitational pull behind a larger object would be more significant.

2018-10-11 15:42:17 UTC  

Mass x Speed= Gravity

2018-10-11 15:42:37 UTC  

The larger the mass the stronger the gravity.

2018-10-11 15:42:44 UTC  

I'm assuming this artificial gravity is based on the concept of centripetal force?

2018-10-11 15:43:06 UTC  

umm sweety

2018-10-11 15:43:39 UTC  

artificial gravity would only be generated within the spinning wheel

2018-10-11 15:45:24 UTC  

there is a gravitational pull between all objects it just so small its a negligible force. So the wheel to have an effect on you would have to be quite large and it doesnt need to be spinning in order to exert a force

2018-10-11 15:46:06 UTC  

That’s why mass and the speed of the spin is so important. If it’s just the object spinning around a stationary object you’ll get what Default describes

2018-10-11 15:46:14 UTC  

you could always eat miniature black hole, if you desired that much gravitational pull inside you?

2018-10-11 15:48:01 UTC  

You’d need to see it first though, since light can’t escape it. Plus it’d need to be a much weaker black hole that has a event horizon that’s so small you can safely eat it. Even then your ribs would likely break and you stomach walls cave in due to the amount of gravitational pull it’s generating

2018-10-11 15:48:07 UTC  

@Deleted User that sounds like a mean ab workout

2018-10-11 15:49:15 UTC  

Dare I say this is the best IE banner drop we’ve done?

2018-10-11 15:51:48 UTC  

If @Jawa was to give notch a spinning Minecraft block to eat then I’m sure we could all say that Minecraft has had a physical impact on the world rather than digital.

2018-10-11 15:53:15 UTC  

We’re going too far into metaphysics for me boys talk to me when electricity is applied to a network.

2018-10-11 15:53:33 UTC  

This ain’t meta physics though, it’s physics

2018-10-11 15:54:34 UTC  

@Jawa If we apply a 120 V of AC power to a Minecraft redstone wire what will the current be as it passes through a redstone repeater.

2018-10-11 15:55:57 UTC

2018-10-11 15:56:03 UTC  

I’m working on it now @MrDefault

2018-10-11 15:56:08 UTC  

Well considering that red stone runs at a rate of 80 Vmax were gonna need a few resistors in order to not blow the circuit.

2018-10-11 15:56:27 UTC  

is that the IE hadron supercollider?

2018-10-11 15:57:47 UTC  

Considering current is A = V/ R I can imagine a few resistors will be 40 Ohms of resistance. So currents gonna be 120/ 40 or 3 amp.

2018-10-11 15:58:34 UTC  

Red stone while having a low voltage can output a lot of power due to its “advanced *ryan technology”

2018-10-11 16:00:29 UTC  

This is also per block of red stone. Meaning that pistons are a very low ohms in its current to get things going.

2018-10-11 16:01:23 UTC  

Interesting I figured we just put a red stone transformer with an iron block core in order to step down the voltage