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2018-04-28 19:03:26 UTC  

Nice work as always Jacob!

2018-04-28 21:31:51 UTC  

@Jacob if you are low on new places to flyer you could do downtown Spokane

2018-04-28 21:32:37 UTC  

Thanks guys

2018-04-28 21:33:00 UTC  

We've done downtown Spokane, it's kind of a team effort

2018-04-28 21:33:26 UTC  

I do all of these alone unless otherwise noted.

2018-04-28 21:34:12 UTC  

It's kind of hard to get the other guys out, since they have families and all, which is understandable.

2018-04-28 21:36:47 UTC  

The celibate Identitarian monk

2018-04-29 00:07:47 UTC  

Baruch College (New York, New York)

2018-04-29 00:25:18 UTC

2018-04-29 00:25:32 UTC  

Baruch College (New York, NY)

2018-04-29 00:36:37 UTC  
2018-04-29 05:10:03 UTC  

Very nice

2018-04-29 05:10:19 UTC  

Glad to see some gen 1s still floating around.

2018-04-29 05:14:08 UTC  

I should have saved some. I made sure to save one of each poster from this pack. Some day I'll frame them.

2018-05-02 19:45:39 UTC

2018-05-02 19:46:01 UTC

2018-05-02 19:46:39 UTC

2018-05-02 19:46:52 UTC

2018-05-02 19:47:05 UTC

2018-05-02 19:47:11 UTC

2018-05-02 19:47:28 UTC  

Mt San Jacinto College
Menifee, CA

2018-05-02 19:47:51 UTC  

Normie photos below

2018-05-02 19:48:24 UTC

2018-05-02 19:48:31 UTC

2018-05-02 19:48:53 UTC

2018-05-02 20:44:20 UTC  

@DeusVolk great work! Thanks for marking the pictures as you did.

2018-05-02 23:14:08 UTC

2018-05-02 23:15:05 UTC  

Sorry the pictures didn't come out so well this time. I might get more later. This school has already protested us, so, I'm a bit on edge.

2018-05-02 23:15:15 UTC  

Eastern Washington University

2018-05-02 23:15:19 UTC  

Do you have any stickers?

2018-05-02 23:16:01 UTC  

Also I would recommend that you get more wide angle shots and to be conscious of the glare when taking future pictures :^).

2018-05-02 23:17:04 UTC  

Yes, I bought extras, but they are currently with another member. I'll try to get them this weekend. We've also been talking about ordering an entire new pack for Washington. We had two packs originally, and both are almost all out.

2018-05-02 23:18:09 UTC  

@Brunswick Yes, the pictures didn't come out so well this time, since I was in a hurry, knowing that this school already had a witch hunt for me.

2018-05-02 23:20:24 UTC  

I will try to get to visit some lower risk schools to get some nicer pictures with the posters I have left. You don't have to use these. There will be more.

2018-05-02 23:27:51 UTC  

Awesome to hear man, at this rate you will be member of the month! I really appreciate the agency especially at this time of the semester. Good luck and happy hunting!

2018-05-02 23:36:00 UTC

2018-05-02 23:38:41 UTC

2018-05-02 23:41:43 UTC

2018-05-02 23:44:08 UTC  

UF gainy

2018-05-02 23:44:13 UTC  

Gainesville Florida

2018-05-02 23:44:37 UTC