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@ophiuchus It says hashish, I believe.

Hey everyone, a stand-up guy and great activist for IE @Robtheroman is having his family targeted by this dirt bag on twitter. Please report this person/post so the information, and hopefully this account will be deleted.

@Wotan Reborn , great job. Super active as new member. Awesome!

Jam-packed weekend for SoCal also! Thanks to @Alerio and @Logan

On fire, brah

Pretty sound Arabic thoughπŸ”Ό

Nice. Yeah, it always blows me away when you run into people wgo have heard of us. Nice job.

When are we disbanding discord and moving strictly over slack?

@Bjorn - MD No blackpills, my dude. No point.

Has anyone reached out to anyone at the Daily Stormer? I only bring this up 'cause their fliering is going to bury them legally.

You'd think Anglin would dissuade folks from posting that stuff on churches or synagougs. But oh well.

The optics weren't my contention. It was the legality and the potential legal action by the federal government that could arise from some of the flier placements.

Yes. This is not productive.

18 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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