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2018-04-26 06:14:26 UTC  

PamphletAnon, Thumper, CosmiC1OR, Hi guys.

2018-04-26 13:00:20 UTC  

@she7anon(USA) @she7anon If you need help with your PC I am here. I have to take my kids to school right now but I will be back in 20 minutes

2018-04-27 01:31:52 UTC  

on youtube they are talking about NK/SK picutres posted on discord -- where can I find them?

2018-04-27 04:09:26 UTC  

how to get into live chat on discord? Do I have to download app?

2018-04-27 12:41:50 UTC  

Good morning

2018-04-27 12:42:17 UTC  

I hope you are blessed and well.

2018-04-27 12:42:38 UTC  

I have a question about how to get the microphone working in discord

2018-04-27 12:43:29 UTC  

I have downloaded the desktop app, am confused as to the next steps.

2018-04-27 15:50:23 UTC  

Hello.....Dr. Corsi says he will post something in Discord....where are those posts?

2018-04-27 16:28:01 UTC  

They are gone

2018-04-27 16:28:20 UTC  

everyone mute the help desk if the popups are getting ya

2018-04-27 16:28:22 UTC  

Well that was a little crazy

2018-04-27 16:28:54 UTC  

only the start imo

2018-04-27 16:29:12 UTC  

Absolutely agree

2018-04-27 16:29:34 UTC  

@GaySpaghettiChef was one I believe

2018-04-27 16:30:13 UTC  

can go to "welcome to the soapbox" to see who just came in

2018-04-27 16:30:45 UTC  

they will find out but ip spoofed so wont be able to find out who or block just get new ip

2018-04-27 16:30:58 UTC  


2018-04-27 16:31:33 UTC  

you want the names

2018-04-27 16:31:35 UTC  


2018-04-27 16:31:35 UTC  

for a minute I thought they arrested Hillary and the boards were going nutz, lol

2018-04-27 16:31:54 UTC  

if anyone got any infections or spam from clicking the link let me know and I can help

2018-04-27 17:19:18 UTC  


2018-04-27 19:18:35 UTC  

Hi all, I am looking to start linking up with other locals in my area, and getting to know the good patriot's who are finally waking up. Been red pilled for a long time. Seattle area myself.

2018-04-27 19:56:33 UTC  

Paul add me im pac nor west

2018-04-27 21:35:11 UTC  

Move to Rochester NY...never mind. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.:)

2018-04-27 22:40:29 UTC  


2018-04-27 23:07:36 UTC  

My cousin and I set up a channel and are fiddling around with things. Cant get voice nor vid a-workin'

2018-04-27 23:43:27 UTC  


2018-04-27 23:46:58 UTC  


2018-04-27 23:47:20 UTC  

how do i make the mic work again

2018-04-27 23:47:27 UTC  

ctl what

2018-04-28 02:25:08 UTC  

@stillyputty23 click the cog wheel called user settings and then click on voice and video then would be a good idea to click push to talk and use example shortcut F4 key bind or whatever key you want then push that key to talk

2018-04-28 02:25:08 UTC  

You have gained a rank @Sunny, you just advanced to 1 . Thanks for all you do Patriot!

2018-04-28 03:16:04 UTC  

Good evening. Is anyone around to PM for a few questions please?

2018-04-28 13:18:10 UTC  

How do I copy memes please? Only gives option to copy text whenever I try.