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Welcome everyone@ We are growing!

@Coach Clay kim jong un and ?is that xi? re: your image: perhaps a new dawn, great awakening


ok @๐•บ๐–š๐–™๐–‘๐–†๐–œ i think you have to request it, check the channel @bot-spammer and type !rank

yea finally figured out a way to do the call in show!! yea!!!!

oh yea


wat the?

congrats! @Artist Victoria your son graduated!!! your new year just keeps getting better

good morning!

are you all stoked about the live call in show tonight?

hey so im going to make a concerted effort to bring you the articles i read each morning, in ccase you missed it The 2018 Bilderberg Meeting will take place from 7 - 10 June in Turin, Italy.

more for the resignations.... Billionaire David Koch to retire from Koch Industries - CNBC

@Nightring i noticed the spelling of syria as sryrian.. wow, didnt even notice the hand gestures, savvy find!

BREAKING: McCabe & Comey Cleared Sally Yates to Use Strzokโ€™s Dubious 302 Flynn Report to Get Him Fired

BREAKING (June 5): Contractor Wanted For Attempted Murder Arrested at White House โ€“ Had White House Pass




Plane carrying 10 reported missing in western Kenya How does a plane go missing? who was on board? keep an eye on this breaking news

Breaking Video: Police are pursuing a stolen tank across Central Virginia Slow and furious??

FAKE NEWS exposed again: Evening Standard took money from Google, Uber to write propaganda stories

Kate Spade has died in an apparent suicide at 55; Hereโ€™s the story behind the rise of her handbag empire. and see the tweet Corey Lynn retweeted

DOG & PONY SHOW: AWANS Strike Plea Agreement with Justice Department; Set to Plead Guilty In Front of Obama-Crony Judge

Instagram is DOWN: App and website stop working worldwide sparking a hilarious Twitter meltdown <:lolol:430293779472318475>

EXCLUSIVE: Vegas Mystery Man Brian Hodge Met with Suspected Terrorist Day After Massacre

Rothschilds and NXIVM Sex Cult Tied to Alleged Sex-Trafficking Land in Tucson

thanks @RobynAnne a little birdie let me know yall want these links in here, so i thought i would add it to my morning. thanks!

Starbucks - Howard Schultz Steps Down, Preparing for 2020?

yea, im tossing those resignations into the search, resignation anon has created a website, its

BIG PHARMA: Merck accused of fast tracking Gardasil for financial gain; judge orders the drug company to prove the effectiveness of this vaccine

oh it was hugely popular article from zerohedge on the Skripal case, heres part two with a link of part one if you missed it "Joining Some Dots On The Skripal Case: Part 2 โ€“ Four "Invisible" Clues"

Judge rules class action against Weinstein Co. can proceed

German Educrats Send Police to I.D. and Fine Families Leaving School Early geez!!! Police state anyone???

good morning Patriots, two more articles and thats all i had lined up for morning news

NeonRevolt: Prepping for Battle in #Tucson. #OperationBackyardBrawl #WhereAreTheChildren <#430234987032346637>Anon

New York prosecutors out of control; now pushing for new law to re-prosecute people an unlimited number of times

crazy busy news week!

Good Morning @No Regerts

Birdster has put together this great newspaper, check it out!

oh it so disgusting @F_ree Shield this is how they hide there crimes

All right! Patriots have a great day! will be back again in the am for thursday, enjoy

@anonArthur and Q has shown us quite differently than Tim Cook says

the call in show is from 5pm to 7pm EST Wednesdays, starting tonight

im in tech support if you need assistance


from Youtube: Laura Kirkโ€‹!!!yall please check sound youre low!!!

UPDATED: Childโ€™s Skull Found At Alleged Sex-Trafficking Bunker Area In Tucson

Senior Senate Staffer James A Wolfe Arrested For Leaking Classified Documents To Multiple Media Outlets โ€“ Indictment pdf belowโ€ฆ

Student Who Overcame Abuse is Given a New Car From Stranger With a Brain Tumor

@MegonAgitu where> headed to>>?

Clinton Foundation in Haiti Led a delegation, including representatives from West
Elm, Kate Spade, Holt Renfrew, Kenneth Cole, and others,
on an artisan, fashion, and manufacturing trip in the
Port-au-Prince area to introduce them to potential
investment and sourcing opportunities, and to develop
new partnerships with Haitian business owners. As a
result, four new partnerships were formed between
international retailers and several Haitian artisan
businesses they met during the visit;

want more dots to connect? and two more images from wikileaks with WJClintion and CEMEX

1 of 2 part email from the Clinton files on wikileaks

Creepy people who mock: see Chelsea Clinton's tweet on the 6th! CREEP

G7 showdown: Furious Trump will exit summit EARLY, labels Trudeau 'indignant' and slaps down Macron after accusing the French and Canadian leaders of 'charging the US massive tariffs' following their tough talk on trade war

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do you need help @Deleted User

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@Ella by posting conversation and articles and such you earn your rank, to check your rank go to <#430295171272278017> and enter !rank

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@SuzyBelle see what i just postedd to Ella, hope that helps

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