Message from Sam Southern - TN in Nice Respectable People Group #jail

2018-12-10 19:18:19 UTC  

Everyone else here is onboard with that.

2018-12-10 19:19:00 UTC  

I was responding to someone who had stated they needed a book gift for their friend who has interest in WWII so I posted that and was going to post various books about it, not just ones from the axis perspective.

2018-12-10 19:19:21 UTC  

I was also going to post a book Patton wrote.

2018-12-10 19:22:31 UTC  

It’s R4, brother. We cannot have that stuff here on our platforms. Read whatever you want. Make private suggestions of books - in DM’s if you want. But here, IE, the org does not allow any NS or Third Reich materials on our platforms in any capacity.

2018-12-10 19:23:25 UTC  

Matt made it clear, but in case it wasn’t...I’ve made it clear at this time.

2018-12-10 19:23:50 UTC  

And specifically, because someone asks that question does not absolve the standards as they exist.

2018-12-10 19:25:24 UTC  

Okay, I understand, I apologise for the infraction. Do what you will, I am not the judge or jury.

2018-12-10 19:26:12 UTC  

Thank you

2018-12-10 19:30:44 UTC  

You'll be out in 18 hours.

2018-12-18 02:04:30 UTC  


After warning you, you continued being snide and rude to people in the server. You're in here for 48 hours.

2018-12-23 00:15:55 UTC  

@Sam Southern - TN The moderation team, with guidance from leadership, has decided to go ahead and remove your posting privileges for a minimum of 48 hours. There are numerous reprimands to your name for infractions we really cannot allow to go further without some form of higher action taken to show you that the organization really asks better of our members, and in some circumstances, require it. Please take this time to carefully consider your actions and things you say, which are indeed unacceptable.

2018-12-23 00:18:04 UTC  

If you wish to discuss it further, you may either DM me, your state coordinator, or ask here in this channel if you are comfortable with that conversation being somewhat "public" among all of leadership.

2018-12-23 00:23:56 UTC  

Interesting choice, okay.

2018-12-23 00:26:28 UTC  

It's a choice you were warned about by Tyler though, so you can't say you didn't know this was a possibility.

Not a big deal, no sense in anyone getting too impassioned over this, but we have to tighten the ship holistically when it comes to Discord and the cultural effects on the organization certain mindsets and behavior cause.

2018-12-23 00:27:46 UTC  

I was unaware the dissident right treated the word faggot as unbecoming, so I didn’t take that into account.

2018-12-23 00:28:22 UTC  

Not sure who would actually.

2018-12-23 00:30:58 UTC  

Second most recent infringement was equally ridiculous as the word nigga is identical to the word nibba with the added 🅱 meme. I disagree with the decisions, but I don’t make the rules.

2018-12-23 00:33:35 UTC  

What I like to ask people sometimes when their language comes off as vulgar and unbecoming, is, "Would you walk up to a stranger who just politely held a door for you, and initiate a conversation with them by saying, 'Thanks. There sure are a lot of fa*-*ots in this store. Aren't there?'" Would you greet every member at an IE meetup with, "Sup, fa*-*ot"? It's just unprofessional. It's not courteous. It doesn't give anyone a good impression of you.

2018-12-23 00:34:53 UTC  

I assume you’re late 20’s, maybe early 30’s. I would absolutely greet people with “sup fa-ot”

2018-12-23 00:35:19 UTC  

And really you can insert just about any crude vulgarity into that question to see if it fits the test.

2018-12-23 00:35:27 UTC  

The word fa-ot isn’t nearly as “unbecoming” to me as it appears to be to you.

2018-12-23 00:37:15 UTC  

Look, brother. You clearly saw in general chat that it wasn't just _me_ who thought that. It was a non-leadership member who first let you know it was inappropriate. Then Admin said something, and finally I deleted it. So it's not just me we're talking about. There isn't a single person in leadership, either, who disagrees with this decision. If any do, none of them have expressed such.

2018-12-23 00:38:11 UTC  

Yes, someone who has stated their dislike of me multiple times used this opportunity to complain about me. I did indeed see that.

2018-12-23 00:39:27 UTC  

I don't know anything about anyone liking you or disliking you. None of that is important to me or really matters, as we don't ever make these decisions as a matter of personal like or dislike of someone. It's never personal. You're not the first, and you certainly won't be the last.

2018-12-23 00:39:56 UTC  

I didn’t say you did. I said the patron that complained about me did.

2018-12-23 00:40:27 UTC  

Meh, well that's on him. It doesn't matter if he likes your not, he's still right about bringing it up.

2018-12-23 00:41:22 UTC  

And we still disagree on that point, so this conversation is overall pointless besides my continuing to acknowledge that you’ve made your decision and I’ll not use that “unbecoming” word in the server.

2018-12-23 00:41:50 UTC  

Just don't take it personal, okay? Please? I can understand why it may seem that way to you because someone you think doesn't like you was first to mention it, but really any number of other people would have said something, too, and then they would've been first.

2018-12-23 00:42:29 UTC  

Okay, and I genuinely thank you for that.

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2019-01-08 01:07:47 UTC  

@Kingfish Jail: 1 week - Rule 6. including to continually escalate the situation after directly being told not to.

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2019-01-08 01:56:44 UTC  

Roll Tide

2019-01-08 01:58:18 UTC  

Free advice, for everyone in here now or who ends up here in the future: Talking in this <#359348022729113600> is a lot like talking in a real one: You have every right not to, and doing it usually will just make things worse.

2019-01-08 01:58:21 UTC  

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will refrain from doing so

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@sigruna14 Have you guys considered regularly clearing jail channel