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2018-01-09 03:36:50 UTC  

The beaners will show you the way.

2018-01-09 03:42:50 UTC  

I think the best story is how the icon is Tim's Benie

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2018-01-09 04:19:41 UTC  

I live in California.

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2018-01-09 05:17:16 UTC  

Beanie Bros

2018-01-09 05:19:06 UTC  

Alt right icon TIM POOL names his fans "beaners" in reference to the racial slur; why we are outraged

2018-01-09 05:24:15 UTC  

^Sign this(Anyone on this server) if you're in the UK

2018-01-09 12:31:16 UTC  

Greeting everyone

2018-01-09 12:37:01 UTC  

one ongoing news story from my end is the border arbitration decision between Slovenia & Croatia made at The Haag court last year and have gone live since 28th of December 2017.

2018-01-09 12:51:40 UTC  

From the lighter side... some idiots in california started an apartment fire trying to kill a wolf spider.

2018-01-09 13:06:15 UTC  

a wolf spider: you can identify it by its mark on the back part of the spider, it looks like uwu

2018-01-09 13:20:25 UTC  

Apparantly somebody tried to kill your President in November

Plot to kill Trump foiled - Utah Man Charged...

Indictment Document on Politico

2018-01-09 13:38:16 UTC  

to be fair, a wolf spider is not exactly the nicest spider. but that is talking kill it with fire too literally

2018-01-09 14:34:37 UTC  

This google lawsuit is going to be something else:

2018-01-09 16:06:40 UTC  

@grenade123 I always thought wolf spiders were terrifying but completely harmless if not beneficial.

2018-01-09 16:15:54 UTC  

@Howler4695 "harmless"? Maybe in the same sense as a pitbull? I.e., net effect of the average wolf spider is harmless to beneficial to humans. But if you piss one off....well, they're no longer harmless.

2018-01-09 16:23:47 UTC  

feel like this is a pretty counter-cultural thing worth mentioning because of his popularity

2018-01-09 16:24:58 UTC  

nearly 400k people were watching someone stream a game he was banned from streaming for 2 years and his success happened in spite of all of the big companies in the industry trying to ignore him

2018-01-09 16:44:36 UTC  

@godskook But wolf spiders arent poisonous.

2018-01-09 16:53:47 UTC  

what wolf spiders are you talking about?

2018-01-09 16:55:31 UTC  

they certainly are not deadly but still cause swelling and pain.

2018-01-09 17:00:22 UTC  

Burning spider causes apartment fire in Redding -

2018-01-09 17:00:49 UTC  

eeyup... sounds like Redding... lol

2018-01-09 17:01:19 UTC  

*burning spider* πŸ•· πŸ”₯ sounds dangerous hehe

2018-01-09 17:10:18 UTC  

I got a news article from Canada that will really tilt you guys

2018-01-09 20:40:14 UTC  

Guess some DMC memo leaked that basically shows that the Democrats look at illegal immigrants as nothing more than free votes. Didn't need a memo for that to be obvious but I guess others do

2018-01-09 20:48:18 UTC  

oprah 2020

2018-01-09 20:49:03 UTC  

but what about Kanye 2020 πŸ€”

2018-01-09 20:50:15 UTC  

so when politicians get so bad the celebrities win, instead of fixing the issue we just push more celebrities? :v

2018-01-09 20:50:21 UTC  


2018-01-09 20:50:55 UTC  

Oprah/Kanye 2020 perfect Dem ticket

2018-01-09 20:51:09 UTC  

I think they all saw Trump win and forgot that he at least had qualifications that gave him a sense of wtf is going on. Oprah just knows how to rile up middle aged women

2018-01-09 20:52:40 UTC  

^ and give away cars that the recipients still have to pay taxes for... because Dems love their taxes

2018-01-09 20:53:05 UTC  

I wonder if Oprah's Vice President will be Dr. Phil

2018-01-09 20:53:33 UTC  

I thought it would be Kanye? or is he running a R ticket?

2018-01-09 20:53:47 UTC  

I would guess Whoopi Goldberg.

2018-01-09 20:54:39 UTC  

Kanye is definitely running republican