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Oprah/Kanye 2020 perfect Dem ticket

^ and give away cars that the recipients still have to pay taxes for... because Dems love their taxes

I thought it would be Kanye? or is he running a R ticket?

he broke his mind control mid consert then they hospitalized him to reapply the shock treatment ๐Ÿ˜‰

I guess I can't post pics here?

It acts like it is uploaded but doesn't show up

Tried 3 times



How often is Snopes actually right considering its funding

Or politifact for that matter?

Yeah that is doubtful. Look at any fact-checking they did on Hillary and see how true it actually is

They write almost an entire article on proving a statement true and then in their summary they say well there's this one little tiny bit that is not 100% accurate so the whole article is false

The only fact checker I trust is myself also

Oh many leftist policies will work you just have to pay 200% more taxes

Not to mention Bernie's idea of a one payer medical system. I would hate to see our tax level after that went into effect

Their medical system isn't as good as ours because there isn't any need for competition

Just look up some old Bernie videos before he went communist and he will explain it himself how the one payer medical system would essentially bankrupt America

Why does a welfare system have to exist at all? Why does the government require us to provide charity when it would be more effective to be handled on a one-to-one basis?

And that is how you end up paying for everybody being sick is through taxes on a one payer system

through local taxes

not federal

a one payer would be another federal tax

https://youtu.be/kahCrnqqhAM Bernie Sanders saying 'Single payer Medicaid would bankrupt nation'


was I false?

maybe some but not all

I doubt there are people out there looking to pay the most for something just to pay more for the same

then ask yourself, is the government efficient?

only those that trust the gov want to give their health over to them

I am curious, which?

ah, but that would be because they are much smaller and can micromanage everything

then everyone would be on the same level so the wait times would be very long for simple or complex prosedures

Jaden's hypothetical medical system

for one payer

yes emergency care would be top priority but look at canada and how they come down here for HC

that is a liberal point of view

and the left is where you find most of the liberals so again we prove the left is not cost effective ๐Ÿ˜‰

and compare the size diffferences in those countries vs the US

if anything the US should go to a One-Tax system where the only tax is sales tax on non-consumables

then there is no way to avoid taxes

and I mean tax non-food items

how many times does your money get taxed?

I am pro-wall

why tax a dollar several times? instead charge it once and be done

in the US it depends on the state

abd if you don't pay enough they send you to jail till you pay it off

there is a federal tax nation wide then there is a state level then a city level

so why tax our money so much?

about 30-40% by the end of the year

if you own property it is worse than renting

and a 20t debt

that is why I say a one sales tax... no income tax no property tax... simple math

the tax deductions are about the same accross the board

rich don't become rich by hoarding

they become rich by investing and keeping the money fresh

the entitled people hate the rich because they want it for themselves

all profit for no work

I agree jaden

blaim is equal imo the hoarders are the ones you have to worry about

if they are good people you will know by how they treat the people under them

@JadenFrostwolf do you think the rich deserve a tax break also?

https://youtu.be/c1E4sQzEcR8 White House Uses Beer Drinking Story To Explain Tax Cuts

ya I would cut them down to only one tax ๐Ÿ˜‰

that would be 0% under me

if you tax the income then CEOs would pay themselves minimal

only because humans are a tribal people that are lawless in nature and don't care about the community in some areas

https://youtu.be/3OAWEk9EIzg Anarcho Capitalism For Dummies

libertarian in center

libertarian, authoritarian is south/north respectivly

I was right/south but mostly in the center iirc

I doubt this server would have any center left or more

I mean true left to alt left

right is conservative, left is liberal

ya, by antifa/blm/bamn

or KKK all from the left

ya, that is why you take a multitude and take an average

that would mean you are more center

because the sides repel you

you don't hear about the alt right because the left removes their free speech (google, silicon valley)

yes, they would be considerd an ultru conservative if you analize their POV

as waves apear peaks are easier to see than a calm surface

and the left shouts hate speech and wants you in jail

how would you define progressive? it sounds like that is a third axis to me

but they taylor that algorythim


and depression

@GingaBomber do you watch david knight?

kk, you might like him though

DK is libertarian

missed it

depends on how structured it is

some passions run deep

full of feminist ideals and crap, could have been better if they were less cramming their ideas down people's throuts

editing is an art

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