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2018-01-05 23:01:53 UTC

i popped its cheery

2018-01-05 23:02:53 UTC

Anime is the failure of human life

2018-01-05 23:06:40 UTC


2018-01-05 23:26:34 UTC

2018-01-05 23:27:12 UTC

2018-01-05 23:29:32 UTC

lets get some Mike Pence memes in here

2018-01-05 23:29:36 UTC

2018-01-05 23:29:49 UTC

2018-01-05 23:29:54 UTC

2018-01-05 23:46:19 UTC


2018-01-06 00:25:51 UTC

No nothing?

2018-01-06 00:25:53 UTC


2018-01-06 04:48:52 UTC


2018-01-06 04:48:58 UTC

you might want to enable picture positng

2018-01-06 04:49:03 UTC

otherwise we can't post dank memes

2018-01-06 05:03:35 UTC

@Timcast this is literally setup the exact wrong way for this to be a shitposter's ethnostate.

2018-01-06 05:34:20 UTC

this channel itself is a shitpost

2018-01-06 05:34:49 UTC


2018-01-06 07:22:51 UTC


2018-01-06 09:24:54 UTC

The legnedary 1337 half korean haxx0rz tim pool, has a discord server, not an IRC.

2018-01-06 09:27:54 UTC


2018-01-06 09:27:58 UTC


2018-01-06 09:45:01 UTC


2018-01-06 11:23:03 UTC

shitposting, nice

2018-01-06 12:15:53 UTC

ain't no true shitposting chanel without posting images tbh

2018-01-06 12:31:17 UTC

In before we ruin Tim Pools server. @Instrumental

2018-01-06 12:36:27 UTC

i'd rather make it better

2018-01-06 15:18:53 UTC


2018-01-06 16:18:32 UTC


2018-01-06 16:18:40 UTC


2018-01-06 16:18:40 UTC


2018-01-06 16:20:14 UTC

>semen demon

2018-01-06 16:20:18 UTC

my brotha

2018-01-06 16:20:22 UTC


2018-01-06 16:22:20 UTC

Since tim mentioned Les Majesty in Thainland, Iโ€™ll tell you about my Thai boss almost beating me up because he thought i was laughing about their old king

2018-01-06 16:23:58 UTC

He had a picture of him and i asked who it was and i thought he said โ€œthatโ€™s my kid, we have ten kidsโ€ so i started laughing and he kept asking why i was laughing and saying in thailand i would probably get beat up until i realized and was like oh shit im sorry i thought you said kid

2018-01-06 17:22:29 UTC
Super interesting video on the 1986 Miami Dale shooting

2018-01-06 17:23:07 UTC


2018-01-06 17:24:21 UTC

It's an analysis, but is good if you want to understand a little on firearms training.

2018-01-06 17:25:14 UTC

@Bruce Will this server allow users to post images?

2018-01-06 17:25:48 UTC

Hopefully soon, Tim is super new to discord and it's inner workings.

2018-01-06 17:26:11 UTC

Takes some time to get used to.

2018-01-06 17:26:21 UTC

Huh, thought hed be familiar

2018-01-06 17:26:43 UTC

I think right now until we can get a proper role hierarchy will the server probably be able to have the flood gates opened.

2018-01-06 17:26:54 UTC

Permissions will be fixed and moved around, I'm sure.

2018-01-06 17:26:56 UTC

How much more open can it be though?

2018-01-06 17:27:20 UTC

Its on one of his videos. Then again, am I right to assume most people watch it start to finish?

2018-01-06 17:28:05 UTC

It's rare for me to not finish a video, so the moment I heard "discord server" I felt I needed another to the collection.

2018-01-06 17:28:18 UTC

woooo god, my bar is too long

2018-01-06 17:28:31 UTC

@Bruce How come you became mod? ๐Ÿค”

2018-01-06 17:28:33 UTC

So basically wam bam you a mod now?

2018-01-06 17:28:35 UTC

Not everyone watches all the videos. Once it catches on, or if it becomes a base for actual news propagation as it seems to be gearing towards, it may explode.

2018-01-06 17:28:41 UTC

Well, I dont envy you Bruce

2018-01-06 17:28:50 UTC

So best of luck man

2018-01-06 17:31:31 UTC

@balticnapo I helped him out a little last night with setting up perms and somebody in news room said that somebody in the server should have some control especially with the kind of flights and reporting he can get into so that should a shitstorm occur here the server isn't ruined forever by the time he gets back.

2018-01-06 17:37:38 UTC

@Bruce if u need a hand im glad to help out

2018-01-06 17:38:13 UTC


2018-01-06 17:38:28 UTC

If you need a hand with Emojis I'm also here

2018-01-06 17:39:09 UTC

In before everybody starts circle jerking each other for privileges.

2018-01-06 17:39:31 UTC

Bruce I'll give you emojis if you suck my dick

2018-01-06 17:39:38 UTC

Wait actually hold on

2018-01-06 17:40:35 UTC

Yeah, hold on a sec there

2018-01-06 17:44:22 UTC

Check if its feminine

2018-01-06 17:44:32 UTC

It's not.

2018-01-06 17:44:35 UTC


2018-01-06 17:44:46 UTC

Well its your problem now

2018-01-06 17:44:46 UTC

Its robotic <:smug:298656347648425984>

2018-01-06 17:45:33 UTC

@Bruce I got some good ideas, but I get home at 6 p.m. so I'll post them later

2018-01-06 17:45:42 UTC

Time zone man

2018-01-06 17:45:55 UTC

same as mine.

2018-01-06 17:45:55 UTC

He knows where I live

2018-01-06 17:45:59 UTC

Ah fair

2018-01-06 17:46:17 UTC

What, theres a secret anime avatars club?

2018-01-06 17:46:32 UTC


2018-01-06 17:46:36 UTC

We all originated from Naked Ape server

2018-01-06 17:46:44 UTC

We are all in a secret cabal

2018-01-06 17:46:59 UTC


2018-01-06 17:49:08 UTC

kool kids klub man

2018-01-06 18:03:29 UTC

@Bruce yuu best grill

2018-01-06 18:03:37 UTC


2018-01-06 18:13:02 UTC


2018-01-06 18:13:06 UTC

sad life

2018-01-06 21:17:59 UTC

on the gorilla Channel story. Are they sure Trump didn't mean Worldstar? ๐Ÿ™ƒ

2018-01-07 00:14:28 UTC


2018-01-07 00:14:41 UTC

The gorilla channel story is fake?

2018-01-07 00:15:33 UTC

Well I know one Gorilla channel and its called Anime. You can see 20-30 year old men fighting over 2D

2018-01-07 00:15:53 UTC

No youโ€™re thinking of gay porn

2018-01-07 00:19:30 UTC

Trump doesn't fucking watch TV

2018-01-07 00:19:36 UTC

fucking assholes

2018-01-07 00:20:07 UTC

I wasn't even a fan until he ran, but I knew that. I've seen an interview here and there with him throughout the years

2018-01-07 00:20:19 UTC

I remember when he an Ivana divorced

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