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I wish Jared Taylor would come to our NorCal friendsgiving!

Thank you to all of the members at DTR for welcoming me. Women really can help the movement by supporting our men. I was immensely impressed by the caliber of men in this organization. I am honored to be a part of this group of amazing leaders and activists.

@Sam Anderson It was a pleasure to meet you. You have a bright future ahead and I wish you the best!

@Valaska You are a flyering machine!

@Goose You read my mind. I'm working on these tonight!

Getting in the Christmas spirit!

Yes it is vinyl @Asatru Artist - MD.

Goodnight everyone!


Proud of our NorCal chapter!

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Thanks! We are handing out the cards now!

Always great to see you @celticflame!

Nice flyering NorCal team! @Freiheit - CA and @Sacramento

Awesome video! Great job media team!

MT friends - why do you recommend MT over ID? We plan to visit CDL and MT next year.

Lol, yes that's a bonus.

Nice job NorCal!

24 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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