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who all has crusader kings 2, very trad

Guys we need to get Somalis to listen to The Blaze

Probably Liberia or something

Theyve just elected former AC Milan player George Weah as prez

My chads, its Robert Burns Day today, how are ye celebrating?


THE Lockerbie Bomber had an anime pillow


Bing bing bing

Bong bong bong

Piss is stored WHERE???


That 8th Amendment referendum shows how cancerous Ireland is beginning to get

The Irish are becoming sadly and disgracefully agnostic so I fear the 8th will be repealed

They are very cancerous

Scotland is bad too

I support Celtic FC which has strong Catholic foundings but all the childish support care about is the IRA etc. but never attend mass or even care about practicing and hold virtually every view opposing the Church

Conservatism huh

Fine Fail and Fine Gail allow a free vote in the issue

Whilst Sinn Fein and Labour are full blown Yes

Its so fucking sad

Its like how UK Conservatives try to outleft the left

HhahahahhaHaAHAHA ackshually we were the ones to legalise gay marriage so checkmate bigots

So are Tories

Which I am somehow still a member of


St. Patrick rolling in his grave

56%ers getting pissed and pretending to be cultural Catholics

My grandparents are Irish and Scottish but I'm Scottish

Thoughts on Ian Paisley

Ye ano

Understandable why the Protosphere fawns over him

Does Don Blankenship T-pose?

Who here on PS4

add me: mjdb710



Tfw Carbide is blaq

Blankenship looks like a low quality Iraqi on C-SPAN during the 2003 war

I mean Id take Morrisey or Jenkins happily

Wait did Trump not ask Manchin to join the GOP or is that someone else

Ppl say that Trump has done nothing but just think

Before he was elected, Ryan was Speaker, McCain was still technically alive, agencies were rife with liberal funding etc.

If you run as anti-Trump its a non-starter for a Republican now

Weve came far

No way is that his bro


Go on son

Its things like this that makes me hopeful

Just a shame Bruce Rauner never got fucked out

The primary voting numbers seem to be favouring Dems in OH

Especially the Gov race

Sherman McCoy on twitter was saying how Kucinich in the OH Gov race is someone who is a controversial guy amonst Dems and should try to get him into a runoff

Also fingrers crossed for Christina Hagan in OH 16

guys whats the name of the political betting site again

im trying to remember what its called

All the Conservative MPs fawning over this royal wedding

Its embarrassing

The black guy

The evangelical prot

how distasteful

These beautiful churches were stolen from the Catholics

All because Henry VIII wanted a son

Who ended up dying at a young age anyway

They are totally identical to Labour on social policy


I can safely say, especially in Scotland, Protestantism cannot survive

It has virtually sold everything that was comparably decent it did once stand for

There are so many cultural catholics here

Never go to mass

sup nig

I kno

Had uni exams n been working late a lot so not been on much

Also my time zones rlly different


I always have to pull a late one if I'm watching Nick

Around 1am

I kno

I dont have a staying up late loicence

Also have knives in the drawer

Bobbies breaking down the door n off to the slammah


@Deleted User same, I struggle to make many Holy Days of Obligation to my shame due to work

But across the road is an Epsicopal church, its rlly sad how it's basically going to die in a generation when I see its only older ones coming out of it

Im outside Glasgow but I dont know of any Extraordinary Masses nearby 😦

It is gay send tweet


*chuckles* actually

Im a Scotbong

Where u

Wot state

What was that @IAmHiding ?

Noo Joisee

Got family there

And in NC

Yeah ahahahah I remember

I was on the train into Glasgow too

Yeah can imagine

That side of the family in NJ are all libs

the NC ones are spot on


Oh shit


I feel u man

Literally every 3 shops on the high street where I am its an ethnic takeaway shop

Yes I kno

My business campus at uni is practically Beijing anol

They dont communicate with non chinks I notice

Like, at all

*plays banj0*

West Virginia?

Everyone does cocaine here

Try not to go near it

I served a nice old couple in my work last week from Wyoming

Very trad place I imagine

Is that where theres a lot of mountainous terrain?


Or Montana

Home of Ted

Even eastern Oregon looks lovely, but its unfortunately Oregon

Portland tho



IL, OR, and WA are all ruby red states geographically speaking but those one cities in each just fucks it


Aww man I so want to move to America anol

Scotland is depressing

Even the Conservative Party im a member of I had an argument with a councillor candidate I was campaigning for about why abortions are wrong

I visited my uncle in coastal NC 2 years ago and it was so good

Trump as fuck

Was during primaries

My livertarian cousin wanted Kasich as the principled candidate hahahaha

Yeah very hot

Its all convenience to them

The amount of "catholics" here that want Ireland to legalise abortion

Ngl I was a Cruz cuck the first month or two

And I wouldve supported him if not for Don

Ysah I liked him too

Just knew he would never win is all

Bernie couldve won against Trump in 2016 imo

As it would only take those small rust belt numbers to remain D

Aye but they wouldnt drop him as a candidate if it came to caucus

Btw u think Biden will run 2020?

Trump needs to hit out with the creepy vids

"Creepy Joe" label wld kill him

Aw fuck yes


See in NJ btw, how the fuck does Bob Menendez even have a shot at re-election ffs

Funny how he didnt get the Roy Moore treatment

Bcos of incumbency favourability its more difficult to beat a sitting president you mean?

Good 2024 pipo: Cruz, Cotton, Abbott, Kobach (however doesnt have that name recognition) who else tho

We need high energy ppl

U think



Hes a good guy but to much of a wonk

Hes on the far end of the bell curve

Yeah ano, nothing firebrand about him

Eg I love Steve King etc but there would be far too much of an investment against him


Im actually gone at that btw

what one



Low IQ

Just means youre laughing uncontrollably

send tweet

2024 candidates we cant have: Haley, Kasich, Romney virtualy any establishment GOP candidate

Thats why u have to be careful

Reagan was good for his time then HW shit the bed

Thats my fear wi Pence


Yeah I know @Deleted User

But at the time its understandable that I'd be a Reagen fan

He did

Nov 2016 was a powerful month

The royal I have most respect for

Slightly more than Queenie

Genuinely feel sorry for the chap watching this wedding

My projection for 2020 is quite bold, he'll win all the states he lost where the Libertarian vote stopped him from winning


Nah I know

Hell definitely win NH

Dont kno about holding MI right enough

Im interested in it, fun to watch n analyse

Also having watched Trump from near enough the beginning im emotionally invested in his success

Blackpiller begone


I mean Uk Politics is shockingly dull

Just bcos the Conservatvies arent conservative mainly

Btw, im all for criticizing Israel but pro-Palestinianism is the ultimate LARP

Literally never even heard of XXX

Das Rite

And the Fentanyl is Scripture

There rlly was nothing inherently wrong with the "just say no" argument im afraid

But these opioid pharma scumbags need a pounding

Theres a black guy at my work who looks like Patrick Little

Yeah same

I wouldn't have helped him. Toxic brand

But would have voted for him

Corey Stewart is doing well fighting back and not being a coward. Presentable too

Trump will win all states in 2020 he lost due to Gary Johnson's/McMuffin's shares. Said it here first

Which is NH, MN, NV, NM, CO (little iffy there tho tbh)



I mean you could literally take every other state and say I'm wrong but not NH

It was the closest one

How tho

I mean he could win MN and NV before NH, granted

My family over in NJ are "Catholic" and abortionists

So a contradiction of terms


But theyre the first to use "family" and "tearing children from mothers" language eh @Deleted User

At Mass on Sunday there was a Christening and ppl in it were on their phones during Consecration

>be Irish

>Supporting repeal of 8th Amendment

Are also Irish nationalists

.Irish nationalists who formed Ireland actively hated fags, and were NTI-ABORTION


The catholic label here is just used culturally

They call themselves big faithfuls but actively avoid all mass or reverence or any church teaching

the amount of fags now that went to my Jesuit school

or down

right degenerates

So many who went to my school who actively hate the Church

But will still take the comfy caviats of calling themselves Catholics for the sake of bourgousie Irish nationalism

At my pub last Saturday a group of 4 came in for drinks for a wedding from San Antonio, TX

Mestizo as fuck


Moral subjectivity and "freedom"

Freedom literally means you have freed yourself from the shackles of being a slave to base instincts not fucking feed them

Im from Scotland @Shid Cat


Voris Gang

Catholic Twitter (Boethius et al.) are a bit too harsh on Voris. He does a great job


Aand in general just an example



Boethius caled him a boomercon and boring I think I recall

Dont get me wrong I like Boe

Thought he was a bit harsh on Voris without knowing 2 much about him

Ill tell you why

The cultural Catholic Sinn Fein party in Ireland is pro gay, pro abortion etc

However the hardcore Prot party in Northern Ireland, the DUP, is extremely anti abortion, pro religion and anti gay. Got to play with the cards ur dealt I guess

Even look at "Catholic" senators Gillibrand, Durbin etc

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