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I really really like this picture

Xbox one, outer heaven

حصل على الشاحنة

My life story

Been intermittent fasting since November. 170lbs at the start (I was on creatine so extra water weight) and now I'm 149.8 lbs and increased muscle mass

@C Dub my fasting window is at least 18 hours

From 18-22 hours

@🎭🎵 I can lose body fat and gain muscle at the same time because of my age and the amount of time I've been working out


The fags deleted the shirt off the internet 😿

Shoulda copped when I had the chance

Can do a fully extended pull-up now

Wide grip facing outward to be specific

West Virginia

Mountain momma

Take me home

Country roads

Can do 4 pull ups now

And am able to do pistol squats on both legs

Couldn't do it on my left leg before

Or Farmers walk

Lost your virginity at 13?


When u say fap but not to porn, what the hell do u mean?

Only because I didn't have anything to fap to

Blackout no internet

Lose fat if you want to see definition

Personally I do intermittent fasting but still eat the same more or less and have lost quite a bit of fat in a short time

I haven't done cardio in months

Cuz I workout at home

When I first started lifting I was like 25% bf and now am about 15% bf

And that was about 1 and a half years ago

@gangweeder well that was with on and off working out and I only started fasting in November so u could do it quicker probably

U will never be this stronk

My goal is a Spanish power lifter gf who can murder me with her thighs and be cute as fuck at the same time

U can can't fix an ugly face

Never surrender 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧

Minecraft villager

When a nigga just need a gf

Stunnaboy get em

Real Hollywood nigger

The sign says "Do not let divorce enter Spain"

So u want to have a jiggly ass?


@headassNiggas stop being fat fucks

I feel like I've plateaued

Pagans <:dummy:402381089861271552>

Retarded niggas thinking subhuman Russians represent orthodoxy

Slavs (and nords) are the niggers of the white race

I weigh 147 lb so guess I'm a twink

Sleeveless shirts > tank tops

Lemon 🍋 juice..,,.. POWERFVL

@Deleted User 33b75db0 yeah, place beyond the pines is one of my favourites

Every single movie I've seen with gosling in it has been great

I do a 19 hour fast every weekday and eat decent food and still losing weight

@Deleted User drinking water doesn't break fast

@Deleted User yes, drinking alcohol breaks fast

Consuming anything with calories does

I have a very important presentation for school next week, so I'm trying to retain my semen for extra strength and experiment by seeing what effect it has on me

I have to talk about Taxi Driver and Blade Runner 2049 for an hour lol

Did an hour long presentation today (alone) and the teacher said I did really well and that I should go into English

Was a film analysis of Taxi Driver and Blade Runner 2049

You fellas ever just feel super accomplishment and really good about yourself

Well that's how I feel rn sorry for flexin on yuos niggas

Leather interior u goofy nigga

Must be a eurofag

>name is shinjitsu
>calls other weeb for reading Mishima

Man must make himself into art


How u gonna call ur self white if u don't dress like this

>super skinny

Americans ffs

I'm Canadian lol

Still American technically

>North America

United States-ian

Goofy ass niggas can't come up with a name so they just steal the whole muffuggin continent

>the Americas

Never tuck

I'm 145 lbs, like 14-15% bf and have been lifting on and off for about a year and a half

Started at like 163, 25% bf

@ChillS art is about making the beauty which God created eternal for all men to experience

18 in oct btw

First day at a paying job ever

I wanna become a NEET

Wanna die after just one day

Office work is GAY

U ever just have a dream about a cute girl lol

I put this in <#403094176193052692> because this happened to me this morning and I woke up feeling good as fuck but then realized it was just a dream and I felt like I literally had my heart ripped out of my chest


What hurts even more

Is that I can tell she is based off a real woman

Who I will probably never see again

Why tf niggas subconscious gotta make them attracted to their teachers, like tf can a nigga just be happy or what hoe?

I graduated high school a week ago

So former teacher

Just like a jungian/Don Juan attraction to the mother archetype kinda thing

And she's not old either

I can tell it was "based" off her

My unconscious

We're all gonna make it bro ...

Imagine getting physically upset over a woman like 14 years older than you ,,,,,,,,

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