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I understand the need to stop thr big sad but im trying to avoid NYC rn. I am close though

Probably a knockoff tbh. Check once you get them

Im in RI frequently (dont tell Raimando)

Id be up for a meet

Just passed my first lgs drive thru

Just north of Rhinebeck I think

I can invite 2 VT guys later if u want company

Met 1 of them irl

Western half of the state

Discord is a spook

Ive got a UV FR I havent programmed yet. Need to get a chirp cable

How does he know whose on a degen server? Is he a member himself

MA allows 80% lowers.

Could you build a compliant ootion?

Anybody ever go to one of these?

Looking to get into 3 gun

Would prob have to get sights for my Glock first tho

Solution is to wear nothing at all.

Cool shirts, but spme of the models are a little on the big side

Local fuddstore didnt want to take cash due to coronavirus but the guy stood 3 feet away and didnt wear a mask

I need to cook spme more bluegill

They are pretty tasty

Before rona I was considerig a 6.5 Grendel, steel case ammo was under 25cpr for a while

A good amount under

Realistically Communists were only ever pro gun as means to power. Once in charge it no longer becomes convenient for them to have a well armed civilian populace

There are truly pro gun left wingers just like pro gun right wingers, they are simply more rare. But a truly pro gun Communist? Impossible.

Even if you take their word fpr it that all they want is a stateless society with no hierarchy, firearms are power. Those with guns have it. Those without, dont.

I know several ancoms. All of them started to support more and more of the State as time went on. I simply do not trust them.

Scratch that, I *did* know ancoms

^the use of violence to achieve political power over others should be considered wrong, but there seems to be a disconnect somewhere with them.

I am willing to use violence in *self defense* against an *imminent physical threat* in order to preserve my life, liberty, and persuit of happiness. Theres a difference

Lmao it was fine, but this is better, good job

I really wish I had a range where I could use something like that to its full potential

What even is a Pennsylvania

Ask the cops at Maiden how well their suits protected against m*lotovs

Yes, they aelre DDs

Tax stamp and all

>all the state monuments are almost the same size and shape at Gettysburg except PA

>under 18
Bong detected

Had some fun with other peoples guns over the weekend

Tbh my only d*ath threats ive ever sent were on xbox live

And i was like 12

Glad the cops were fired. In a more perfect world this would mean no protest.

But it looks like its happening anyway

The first ammendment right to speak your mind is not a free pass to do so on others private property. In fact, it is freedom of expression that secures the right for a privately owned space to choose what speech they allow.

The 1A guarantees freedom from government intrusion.

In speech, assembly, religion, etc

Good luck to everybody thays going. Stay safe and remember not to give us all a bad name. BP likely wont welcome you but remember today you are protesting for the same thing they are, justice against Police brutality

Thats dangerous for them. I reccomend staying physically apart from him if you see it

This is incredible. Tbh I didnt know you guys were so competent and organized. Keep it that way...

id cook jimmy dinner nvm a beer

Lvl IV plate can stop a .50 FMJ if properly made

73 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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