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2020-04-29 02:21:41 UTC

Well if you're here its cuz your state doesn't have alot of members. So feel free to call this home๐Ÿ˜‚

2020-04-29 04:04:53 UTC

Iโ€™m gonna get out to other members in the area that we have a combined chat

2020-04-29 04:12:47 UTC

Good thinking!

2020-04-29 04:14:10 UTC

Where you checking in from Prophet?

2020-04-29 04:14:26 UTC

I find myself in good ole commie Massachusetts

2020-04-29 04:14:49 UTC

Maine heading to VT next week

2020-04-29 04:17:49 UTC

Good to hear from you @Catman Iโ€™m trying to get the message out to all the New England states about this chat. We have a lot of ground to cover up here!

2020-04-29 04:19:12 UTC

A lot of mountains too

2020-04-29 04:20:18 UTC

Gotta spread the word. Power in numbers!

2020-04-29 04:22:52 UTC

I've been working to find others

2020-04-29 04:23:55 UTC

Sadly Iโ€™m just here for college. Hard to find like-minded individuals around and most like-minded friends I have are in other states

2020-04-29 04:25:42 UTC

In New England those that enjoy freedom avoid telling others in order to be left alone.

2020-04-29 09:03:05 UTC

Checking in from NH

2020-04-29 09:56:14 UTC

How many of you guys are going to the rally Saturday in concord?

2020-04-29 11:12:05 UTC

Won't be back up to freedom land until next week. Whats going on in concord?

2020-04-29 11:20:17 UTC

Rally to open the state up

2020-04-29 11:20:26 UTC

12-2 at the capitol building

2020-04-29 11:20:39 UTC

2020-04-29 12:55:41 UTC

NH here

2020-04-29 12:57:30 UTC

Maine bub

2020-04-30 00:54:52 UTC

CT Here, I used to work at this place. Its a small family owned local restaurant/bar. Now the owner is getting death threats just for letting a couple people sit down and have a beer while they wait for their food to be ready

2020-04-30 00:55:45 UTC

Thatโ€™s fucking ridiculous. Iโ€™m so sick of the fear mongering

2020-04-30 00:56:59 UTC

Glad I am out of that business but I have a soft spot for the bartenders and servers out of work right now

2020-04-30 00:58:32 UTC

Of course. They shouldnโ€™t be stopped from trying to earn a living

2020-04-30 01:38:58 UTC

At least the federal stay at home order ends Thursday. Trump said heโ€™s not going to extend it

2020-04-30 10:29:27 UTC

So what app do we plan on using for secure messaging? Signal app?

2020-04-30 10:29:56 UTC

I guess thatโ€™s what I downloaded the other day

2020-04-30 10:30:14 UTC

Thats the standard these days. Good place to start. But nothing us 100% secure outside face to face.

2020-04-30 10:36:37 UTC

Yup. I think Iโ€™ll be able to head to the rally in concord on Saturday

2020-04-30 10:36:44 UTC


2020-04-30 10:36:46 UTC

Anyone else confirmed

2020-04-30 10:37:04 UTC

Yeah nothing is 100% secure but we can try and get as secure as we can

2020-04-30 10:37:07 UTC

Iโ€™m confirmed

2020-04-30 10:37:20 UTC

Letโ€™s get a signal chat going. Itโ€™d be better and easier than this

2020-04-30 10:38:02 UTC

I have to setup an account right?

2020-04-30 10:38:14 UTC

I havenโ€™t even opened the app yet

2020-04-30 10:38:40 UTC

Nah you just plug in your phone number and thatโ€™s about it

2020-04-30 10:39:24 UTC

Yup done.

2020-04-30 10:40:56 UTC

Set it up rogan let me know

2020-04-30 10:43:55 UTC

I need phone numbers to add people

2020-04-30 10:44:03 UTC


2020-04-30 11:11:35 UTC

Ok group chat for signal is created. If you wanna get in that PM your phone number and Iโ€™ll add you.

2020-04-30 16:57:33 UTC

So anyone gets added? That seems like it would defeat the purpose. Should use discord for vetting and then on to security. Just a thought.

2020-04-30 16:59:45 UTC

Yeah we just need a way to vet people. Face to face meetings would be nice to build trust. Thatโ€™s why Iโ€™d like to meet up for the rally on Saturday. Get some faces to the name and build trust. Itโ€™s just a more secure way to plan since discord isnโ€™t secure.

2020-04-30 17:00:19 UTC

If you got a way to vet people Iโ€™m all ears cuz thatโ€™s always a concern. I just figured this was a step in the right direction

2020-04-30 18:15:51 UTC

I think itโ€™s a step in the right direction no doubt. However I feel like everything should be done face to face. Anything that needs signal I think shouldnโ€™t even be talked about on there.

2020-04-30 18:16:23 UTC

Iโ€™m having second thoughts on using it. Letโ€™s just keep everything PG-13 on all social media platforms.

2020-04-30 18:20:16 UTC

Signal would be used to plan meetups and organize range days and such. I get anything really deep shouldnโ€™t be thrown on any social media platform that should be saved for face to face. Your guys call. A group decision would be best. Itโ€™s there if we want it if not no big deal

2020-04-30 19:42:53 UTC

Signal is fantastic, and pretty bulletproof. Maybe it should be reserved for groups at city/county level. Seems that's where vetting would be easiest. If someone shows up for a range day that nobody knows aside from some shitty meme posts on FB, just keep it cordial ad don't be too open with them. Normal group OpSec stuff.

2020-04-30 19:51:12 UTC

Yeah thatโ€™s what imagined. The sooner we can meet and kinda get to know each other the better. Trust takes time, as with getting to know someone. Itโ€™s not like weโ€™re doing background checks to get into discord lmao ๐Ÿ˜‚

2020-04-30 21:16:10 UTC


2020-04-30 22:04:11 UTC

@GRANITE whats this rally on sat? I may be able to attend but im not sure. Would need to arrange babysitter. To protest. That is a sad ass sentance right there. But yeah, let me know

2020-04-30 22:41:29 UTC

2020-04-30 22:51:40 UTC

Thank you @Mountain Man ๐Ÿ” I thought I had seen something like this earlier but couldn't find it.

2020-04-30 23:07:04 UTC

No problem. If youโ€™re going lmk so we can plan the meet up

2020-04-30 23:15:17 UTC

Will do just need to clear it with the boss. She's gonna LOVE the idea....

2020-04-30 23:25:46 UTC

๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ good luck

2020-05-01 01:05:11 UTC

@Mountain Man ๐Ÿ” so it actually went much better than expected. I'll be there

2020-05-01 01:07:06 UTC

Sweet I got a couple of my boys coming. We can message this chat and or the signal app and coordinate when the time comes.

2020-05-01 01:14:13 UTC

i have yet to use signal

2020-05-01 01:14:26 UTC

i use discord more than anyother app tbh

2020-05-01 01:14:34 UTC

what is signal like

2020-05-01 01:15:29 UTC

Thatโ€™s fine. Signal is supposedly more secure. But a few people brought up some good points about not vetting people so how secure can we really be. If itโ€™s easier for people to stay on discord then letโ€™s roll with that till we figure a way to vet people and build trust

2020-05-01 01:16:14 UTC

yeah i sent in a super long vetting application to the local 3%

2020-05-01 01:16:24 UTC

they seem to be the only active guys in town

2020-05-01 01:17:19 UTC

the application honestly was rather intrusive but I can't seem to find any type of active groups in CT.

2020-05-01 01:18:38 UTC

Yeah the NE seems to be pretty sparse at the moment. Iโ€™m sure thereโ€™s boys out there just gotta get them out

2020-05-01 01:19:48 UTC

I have a small group of about 5 guys that try to train together once a month, but with the current situation we can't seem to get any range time.

2020-05-01 01:20:19 UTC

Yeah range time has been tough for me and my boys as well.

2020-05-01 01:20:30 UTC

Plus ammo is dummy expensive and in short supply

2020-05-01 01:21:51 UTC

oh yeah? most of us are still able to shoot just not on the private ranges we normally rent.

2020-05-01 01:24:37 UTC

My range up her in NH is still open. Iโ€™m part of the fish and game club

2020-05-01 01:26:07 UTC

yeah im looking for one close that has the ability to move up and down the flat range. Everything is more than 30min from me which is a pain because i barley have any free time as it is.

2020-05-01 01:27:13 UTC

Yeah mines 30 mins from me. I usually just go on my day off. Has a skeet range and a 400 yard range

2020-05-01 01:28:12 UTC

nice, ive never tried any shotgun stuff. Looks like fun though. and 400 is pretty good you will never find that where i live

2020-05-01 01:29:47 UTC

Skeet shooting is fun

2020-05-01 01:38:37 UTC

Yeah the northeast group was started to allow members to get together when it was realized an unfortunate few from our state's had joined. The difficult part has been that being so spread out its hard to meet f2f especially for the initial meet when no one is sure how that will go. Thats why I like the idea of meeting at these rallies not associated with us. Then you have the option of just being another concerned citizen

2020-05-01 01:39:39 UTC

Speaking of which, @Mountain Man ๐Ÿ” pm me

2020-05-01 01:39:55 UTC

thats not a bad idea

2020-05-01 01:41:36 UTC

Lets hope๐Ÿ˜…

2020-05-01 07:27:30 UTC

> Speaking of which, @Mountain Man ๐Ÿ” pm me
@Deleted User sure thing. Sorry fell asleep just woke up for work

2020-05-01 13:06:34 UTC

Screw this rain man

2020-05-01 13:26:08 UTC

Damn you get up early AF too

2020-05-01 13:31:35 UTC

Yeah usually up at 4 or 5. But on Fridayโ€™s I get up at 3 now since I took on more stops. People had to have routes moved around with everything closed so i get stops from another department

2020-05-01 13:37:06 UTC

Do the shops let you inside the buildings still?

2020-05-01 13:37:52 UTC

We had to to a clothing rack outside the door for uniform guy lol

2020-05-01 13:38:42 UTC

My routes usually set up so I can get into each stop. First stop Iโ€™m there by like 5 or 6 when the first workers get there

2020-05-01 13:39:02 UTC

I got the GE plant in Lynn and thatโ€™s 24/7 so it doesnโ€™t matter what time I show up that day

2020-05-01 13:43:18 UTC

Right. Yea no one can come in because of the covid shit

2020-05-01 13:46:27 UTC

Yeah i havenโ€™t had too much bad luck witb it. Some of the guys routes got all screwy

2020-05-01 19:34:29 UTC

Ok so the rally is tmr in concord from 12-2. The last rally I parked on N state st and walked over to the capitol. I plan on parking on either N State St or one of the streets next to it. We can plan to meet up on the park st side of the capitol building by one of the statutes.

Itโ€™s not required and there will be a lot of people with out them, but i recommend wearing a mask of some sort. The news will be watching and we wanna be smart about this from a PR standpoint. Also it helps protect your identity. Up to you tho if you wanna wear one or not.

The rally is from 12-2 at the capitol building. Iโ€™ll be in full gear open carrying and I know there will be other people open carrying outside this group. Feel free to kit up if you want. Just be smart and be safe. I donโ€™t expect this to be like Michigan, but just donโ€™t be stupid. Iโ€™ll see you guys there

2020-05-01 20:35:40 UTC

If you boys arenโ€™t busy check out the Colorado chat. Situation going down over there

2020-05-01 20:43:24 UTC

It sounds like the raids and arrests already happened. @Pat.Henry

2020-05-01 20:55:54 UTC

Yeah it looks like theyโ€™re trying to get in touch with the guy who requested qrf. Trying to get in touch out of the server so we donโ€™t compromise this one

2020-05-01 20:56:49 UTC

Chevy Lee Mcgee is his Facebook. Says he heading to a safe house

2020-05-01 20:57:25 UTC

Saw that too. Now someone said other arrests are happening, but I haven't seen any sources for it yet

2020-05-02 01:58:41 UTC

Alright I'm going to commit to showing up to the NH protest

2020-05-02 02:08:56 UTC


2020-05-02 02:13:26 UTC

Is the meet up being kept private?

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