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2020-04-27 23:28:57 UTC


2020-04-27 23:29:37 UTC

Imma be sad if I’m the only jackass from Indiana

2020-04-27 23:30:02 UTC

Nope, I'm here!

2020-04-27 23:30:10 UTC


2020-04-27 23:30:13 UTC

Hendricks county

2020-04-27 23:30:22 UTC


2020-04-27 23:30:45 UTC

Hell yeah, I actually just moved from crawfordsville

2020-04-27 23:30:51 UTC

No shit

2020-04-27 23:30:59 UTC

I work in Lafayette tho

2020-04-27 23:32:21 UTC

But I currently live in crawfordsville

2020-04-27 23:33:31 UTC

Live in brownsburg, work in Pittsboro

2020-04-27 23:33:40 UTC

What do you do?

2020-04-27 23:33:59 UTC

Retail Inventory management

2020-04-27 23:34:24 UTC

Ah. I make pizza in a convenience store

2020-04-27 23:43:56 UTC

Lol, my job includes that, the title sounds more important than it is... I'm an overpaid retail employee. I count the shelves all day and run a cash register of it gets too busy

2020-04-27 23:44:23 UTC

We have the retail store, a subway, and a pizza place, I run between them all

2020-04-27 23:45:09 UTC

My actual position name is Senior Food Service Specialist

2020-04-27 23:45:50 UTC

I make sure my fellow paint huffers don’t burn down the store

2020-04-27 23:47:50 UTC

hey guys. I'm in lafayette

2020-04-27 23:47:57 UTC

No shit

2020-04-27 23:49:52 UTC

I work over at the Family Express on 9th and Duncan

2020-04-27 23:50:09 UTC

That should be a little more organized now

2020-04-27 23:51:07 UTC

Looks like it

2020-04-27 23:54:49 UTC

40 more minutes till I’m free

2020-04-28 01:10:20 UTC

Fountain country

2020-04-28 02:04:27 UTC

Sweet more Hoosiers

2020-04-28 02:06:52 UTC

Southern IN, Perry county.

2020-04-28 02:10:26 UTC

We’re all over the state

2020-04-28 04:04:08 UTC

I'm in Illinois right off the border, south east of chiraq. Wasdup

2020-04-28 05:25:14 UTC

Oh shit i used to stop in that family express all the time

2020-04-28 09:27:16 UTC

What made you stop?

2020-04-28 10:28:51 UTC

Morgan county

2020-04-28 11:23:00 UTC

Now we plot to overthrow Holcomb

2020-04-28 12:22:44 UTC

Northern Indiana here what’s up

2020-04-28 12:22:53 UTC


2020-04-28 12:24:16 UTC

We must overthrow Holcomb

2020-04-28 12:25:16 UTC

I’m not voting for him next time he’s up just can’t believe this crap their pulling.

2020-04-28 12:30:12 UTC

You in southern Indiana I take it? @DankGrog

2020-04-28 12:50:27 UTC

Central. Montgomery county

2020-04-28 12:50:49 UTC

Good ol crawfordstucky

2020-04-28 12:55:54 UTC

Can’t believe only 3 ppl running against Holcomb this year

2020-04-28 12:56:16 UTC

2020-04-28 13:07:30 UTC

Interesting. I think William and Donald are gonna get a good amount of our votes

2020-04-28 13:09:54 UTC

Yeah probably. Especially cause of his activism interest hahaha

2020-04-28 13:10:49 UTC

We’re the one state in the Midwest that hasn’t legalized it yet

2020-04-28 13:11:04 UTC


2020-04-28 13:18:33 UTC

It’s interesting the a10s are flying over ftwayne today. Been hearing them a lot. No way I’m gonna be outside if they flying overhead though.... brrrrrtttt! Hahaha

2020-04-28 13:18:57 UTC


2020-04-28 13:22:26 UTC

Haha plane go brrrrrrrrrrrt

2020-04-28 13:27:41 UTC

Yep least the meme I saw said that

2020-04-28 13:28:51 UTC

I’ll be glad when the lockdown is over though

2020-04-28 13:31:38 UTC

Rural king in ftwayne ticked me off the other day. Went inside n ignored the door guy n he yelled at me about not getting a cart... I almost went off

2020-04-28 13:31:55 UTC

Stupid 6ft thing...

2020-04-28 13:32:48 UTC

I swear if I hear another “ stay home for ur family “ commercial...

2020-04-28 13:33:17 UTC

I’ve not heard one but I can imagine the hell

2020-04-28 13:33:43 UTC

There on tv n on radio n Pandora radio

2020-04-28 13:35:18 UTC

Hmm. Still sounds like needless shit

2020-04-28 13:40:16 UTC

Just saw one on tv... “we’ll get through this together, this time apart “

2020-04-28 13:47:43 UTC

Oh joy

2020-04-28 13:49:32 UTC

> What made you stop?

I just moved to southern indiana

2020-04-28 13:50:01 UTC

How many in northern Indiana?

2020-04-28 13:50:51 UTC


2020-04-28 13:53:02 UTC

Makes sense

2020-04-28 14:30:34 UTC

Johnson county here

2020-04-28 14:31:58 UTC

Welcome comrade

2020-04-28 14:34:26 UTC


2020-04-28 20:43:23 UTC

Howdy y’all northwest here

2020-04-28 21:16:51 UTC

Howdy friend

2020-04-28 21:47:58 UTC

Okay I’m all caught up on the conversations And to add I’m a boilermaker apprentice I live in northwest Indiana and I look forward to getting to know y’all some more

2020-04-28 21:49:14 UTC

What’s up chidori I’m around ftwayne area (northern Indiana)

2020-04-28 21:51:41 UTC

Not far [email protected] portage to be exact

2020-04-28 21:53:30 UTC

Whats a boilermaker apprentice?

2020-04-28 21:53:39 UTC

If you dont mind me asking

2020-04-28 21:53:54 UTC

Im about to graduate from purdue and i never heard of that

2020-04-28 21:58:54 UTC

a boilermaker is essentially industrial Maintenance we do a lot of welding and repair stuff at the mills and power plants and basically any industrialize plant we can do special stuff like build boats with the navy and any stuff that needs welding but the scoop of my job is mostly industrial as far as I have seen I’m only an apprentice so I have to basically study under the journeymen for 4 years until I become a journeymen which is word for certified in your trade

2020-04-28 22:31:17 UTC

Nice I know people in that area

2020-04-28 22:36:46 UTC

NI here. Kosc county.

2020-04-28 22:40:16 UTC

We’re all over the hellpit

2020-04-28 22:43:43 UTC

Since were all (or safe to say mostly without looking) from IN, are we (the state) ending the extension BS on the 1st? Or is it getting extended again? Thoughts...

2020-04-28 22:56:34 UTC

I’ve not heard Holcomb say it’s gonna be extended or not

2020-04-29 01:32:20 UTC

I think we were gonna follow Ohio and try to be completely open by May 12th but that’s just hearsay so far

2020-04-29 01:41:16 UTC

I heard Friday it’s gonna be announced

2020-04-29 07:57:21 UTC

Don’t forget to get put in the Indiana tab by an admin makes it easier to get ahold of each other at least that’s what I have figured that was for

2020-04-29 07:58:43 UTC

And I wonder what they are gonna do it’s sometimes difficult to figure the haircomb out

2020-04-29 07:59:02 UTC

About the quarantine I mean

2020-04-29 11:23:15 UTC

It is what it is tho

2020-04-29 21:25:15 UTC

Southern Indiana here. Jackson county

2020-04-29 21:40:45 UTC

Welcome friend

2020-04-29 21:41:50 UTC

Glad to be here.

2020-04-29 22:54:16 UTC

We’re already working on getting Haircomb out of office

2020-04-29 22:55:36 UTC

Him out of office and replaced by?

2020-04-29 22:56:13 UTC

There's a libertarian candidate...Rainwater I think is his name.

2020-04-29 22:56:30 UTC

Someone put up a list yesterday I think

2020-04-29 22:56:46 UTC

2020-04-29 22:57:05 UTC

Donald rainwater and William Henry

2020-04-29 22:57:49 UTC

Just saw it. 🤦‍♂️ it would help if I'd scroll just a little farther lol

2020-04-29 22:58:13 UTC

It’s all cool brother

2020-04-29 22:59:54 UTC

I've actually contemplated declaring Libertarian and see what the process would be at a local (county/city) level to slowly attempt to balance the scales per se.

2020-04-29 23:03:37 UTC

I wanna run but I’m a youngin still

2020-04-29 23:03:41 UTC


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