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Nick Fuentes 😍

@Deleted User what ethnicity is this girl? I’m leaning toward south Asian but she could be Latin

What’s hapa kid

Oh I see.

Hapa kids are usual the result of white tech dudes banging any foreign exchange students

Tired of people having families and settling down. Lol hoe

Don jr has kids. That hoe is probably 30ish no kids and multiple abortions


Weak chin



-Trump bangs super model
-kids still turn out looking like trash

They both look scary tbh

Yeah Barron will go grow up to be a tall handsome fella. The other sons are....

@Deleted User 90% European

Barron looks 5’8-5’9 kids only 12

Yep around that

Barron Trump should run when he’s older. The political stage is perfect set for him

He begged for forgiveness and became a MAGA supporter

Why do people think Gen z is gonna be some kind of far right nationalistic revival. Gen z probably more left wing than millennials

@Nicholas J Fuentes hi nick! Big fan!

Bare feet women are hawt

Yeah weird Aussie callers were a pest today

Don’t compare Nick to that weirdo Zionist



@Deleted User she has mehndi on her hand. It’s a form of body art that originated from India. It must be popular in Arab culture too ig

Also if u are non Muslim or white good luck finding an Arab who’s interested in you

Will he choose Amy Barret?

Why not? She seems the most likely to overturn roe v Wade or is she the least credible choice

Well she’s a hardline conservative so I imagine her stance on immigration is to the right I.e follow the rule of law/enforce borders

Again she’s a practicing Christian I doubt she has a lax opinion on abortion


Funny that people from the EU listen to nick Fuentes

How bad are ur domestic political pundits

He’s refreshing in his own way

True American politics is reality show tv lol

Yeah u get the same variety of vanilla politicians every year


@WOMP WOMP boi I was thinking this

A big black Jew sounds like the final boss in a video game

225 Oof u better be 6ft

I’m 155lb

Conor McGregor is ideal physique for 5’9-5’10 guys

Blaire White should do porn


Saddad was a shit President. I mean most middle eastern dictatorships are shit. It’s only thought as being better than the alternative. What a great standard.

Saddam was just a thug who built palaces for himself and kept Iraq relatively stable

Retard? Have you even met an Iraqi? If not stfu ur 4chan take is autistic

90% Iraqis hated Saddam.

I know tons of Iraqis. Every single of them have nothing positive to say about Saddam

I hate that Ed faggot


The asian doctor is literally a screaming autistic fag

There’s always the generic liberal too who says dumb shit like “why are u still the president”

That’s a Common one too

@Deleted User why are fixated with Arabs

70s probably the last great decade for muscle cars

80s onwards was a mess

Yeah. 60s&70s

the Japanese market started taking off in the 80s. Kinda ruined US car brands

We love our Somalis

They’re so good

@Deleted User seems like u love all races besides ur own

Sexy Honda

Arab cultures are pretty rudimentary. U pray to Allah 5 tines a day and oppress women


Anti Termitic


- likes Arab women
- has pfp with Israeli flag

This nigga crazy



@Metaphysical Monarchist remove federal judge

Overrun abortion laws or more strong borders. 🤔

Should’ve picked Barret

The current administration has already been strong on borders. There’s no progress being mad on the abortion front tho

Fair enough

Kavanaugh sounding a like an SJW lol

Are u watching his speech rn?

Arabs and their oil money

I’d love to see Elf work around Riyadh with a MAGA hat and Israeli flag

Hahaha ok go to Oman with a MAGA hat and Israeli flag then

Nicks set up is boomer tier tbh

Yeah. I think nick needs a professional tech guy or someone’s who’s a bit more tech savvy than he is

@Deleted User arab women love Jew hating Nazis

Look how well arab and Nazis go together

Yes all of their wives are arab

Arabs and Nazism are a match made in heaven. Sorry burst ur bubble bro

Warski is a pitiful state

He’s desperately trying anything and everything to keep his channel relevant

I suppose JF was the real brains behind the show during the peak of its popularity

Low IQ Warski smh

The west should be more like this

Alright big guy that’s enough

@xxZmija ur a good person. Fat shaming is the only realistic way of getting these lard asses off of the couch and into the gym

Who Tf is this RADEC guy

Lol immigrant teacher

I agree

Too many books

*global nwo

Pls don’t hinder the flow of third world mass immigration into the west, mr trump. Ur tampering with the order

Holy shit! Putin just called out George Soros

I love Elon Musk now

Fucking discord

Race mixing 🤢

Why are mixed Jews so easily distinguishable as being Jews? Some of them have mixed with European blood for hundreds of years yet their Jew features are still evident

I mean guys like Harvey Weinstein or other famous Hollywood Jews. Many of them despite being mixed still look very Jewy

I see

Wow ur a father. Didn’t realise nick had older listeners

Political discussions are better suited for online anyway

In real life they can turn ugly or pretty heated

Lol yah keep ur job big guy. Not worth losing ur lively hood over some personal beliefs

Fair enough big guy, you do you

So I googled Vic Burger. Incredibly ugly and fat fella

Oh dear

I trust nick


Nixon was the most corrupt president ever lol

Niggas quoting Nixon

He resigned looool

And Israel sucks

I hope there’s not any Muslims in Iceland. They will do their own DIY circumcision

So nick is debating some fat boomer lib today

Is this true

How big is ur weiner




Closely studies hands

It’s a trap

What Pedo?

Hmm I’m gonna have to look this up lol


Welp tbh I haven’t seen his tweet

But would he have openly tweeted them despite being a high profile figure If he was being sincere

Is Howard Stern still alive

I’m probably the only 21 year old who’s familiar with Howard Stern

Im looking forward to tonight’s episode

What’s his podcast

Oh yeah true

She looks 4’11

Smol frame good for ass gains

I don’t get the boomer monster thing

When is the Logan pail vs Black dude fight


I’m telling u these black women have great asses

Muslim girl with the hijab lol

What is Spencer’s objective exactly. Ethno state is clearly off of the table in terms of application. Is he just gonna live stream and tweet about white identity for the rest of his life without making any actual progress

The movement will never take off tho lol

Nah, it’s not really the same thing. Spencer should pipe down the grand visions of white nationalism and just focus on more realistic goals.

True. He’s way too deep in the rabbit hole lol

Me neither. He’s a useful boogeyman tho it’s funny seeing him trigger libs at college campuses

Imagine if Spencer didn’t go full white nat and joined the Republican Party early on. He would be a prominent politician rn which in terms of his politics goals would’ve been far more effective


Lol nicks twitter gets funnier with age

Lmao is this even real

Holy shit

I’m dying rn

This timeline

Is too much

Lmao at the replies

“We love our Somalis, we love our Muslims. Oh, they’re so good, oh they’re so sweet.”

Fuck Papa Johns

Sick of hearing about this dude and his failing pizza company


They got the message tho

Good job

Tf did u just say



Cucklinski is lame

“The people who make all your entertainment, for your children, for you, for your most beloved characters, for your most beloved shows: they’re rapists, they facilitate the rape of actors and actresses all the time. We saw that last year with the Harvey Weinstein MeToo movement so there’s that going on. Then we find out this year all the creators of our shows, movies, Guardians of The Galaxy, Rick and Morty, Iron Man, your favourite comedians...they’re tweeting all these super funny ‘jokes’ about raping children and covert words about child pornography, that’s really cute and adorable right?” - Nick Fuentes

How it starts

She will get him back by smashing the BBC and posting her new black bf all over social media

Dude messed up


Hypocritical trad thots yes

Trad thots in another mans dm = hypocrite trad thot

@Frego u might have a point sir

Well most trad thots were race mixers, Friday night clubers, and hoes before they saw $$$ in online trad larping

JFK just gave me sum fashion tips. Liking his aesthetics


Why Tf is radec

I only caught wind of him recently cos of sum Pedo rumours

I’m guessing it’s not rumour then

The problem is betas have gained too much political power

Which has thrown off the balance

See Sweden for example. The betas have cunningly taken over the political affairs of Sweden and seek to create a beta super state. They have practically neutered all the alpha swedes

Yes betas males of course let the feminists in power in Sweden once taking over


Nick is voluntarily celibate. If he wanted too he could easily fuck one of his trad thot fans

So not a loser

Nick could get Ben Shapiro’s wife to cheat on him. But Nicks a good Christian guy who wouldn’t do that

Who’s kassy

Oh that chick. She’s obsessed with nick right

Haha enamoured by the knife

I like Cortez.

Meh she has been somewhat successful

See how far she gets

Bruh she’s not even that cute. We’re just used to seeing 40+ year old boomers in the political races

I’d rather smash a young Kirsten Gillibrand. Even current Gillibrand is sexier than bug eyed Cortez


Cortez is from the Bronx. She’s real authentic working class

Yeah Ik I was sarcastically mocking the left. Most ardent socialists come from affluent families


Cortez might look mildly fuckable with short goth hair, some black lipstick and a choker

Goth Cortez 2020


Tbh that’s a cute fish

I change my mind about her

Even in a goofy shot she looks cute

She got cute nerd vibe

Tbh she looks cute there as well

Idk her goofiness is cute


Woah that’s a proper Mexican family

When the soy hits hard

Y’all still watching Nickelodeon cartoons

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