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So Corker gets booed IRL for being anti Trump

And he still pulls this shit

It was hilarious

Love to think this swamp creature Squirmed

Whilst Trump was being praised in his home turf

If Racemix

Youโ€™ll get a kick boyo

The twisted mind of Andy Warski

Youโ€™re gonna say Portuguese ainโ€™t white

He says he Portuguese and Spanish

Maybe if you bleach her like the Joker

Heโ€™s probably got Moor blood in him

Dna year would probably only come back

A few % Arab/African though

The answer is 1625

How do you all feel about the Freedom Caucus

Some of them are good on immigrantion and spending

But they countersignal Trump on trade

Some on the travel ban

Some donโ€™t even support the wall

Lolberts like him think theyโ€™re big brained

@Deleted User Yeah the point is though

Theyโ€™d nuke tariffs and allow more offshoring of American jobs

Even though there semi on board with Trump on immigration-no 1 issue

Theyโ€™re kinda autistic lolberts

But get called Far right by MSM

Amash is trolling Trump unsuccessfully

He went on Reason and got interviewed by basically a left wing lolbert

Sucks to be you bud

How old is he

What my dad did is from a young age

He said we should stick to our own race

That he wanted grandkids

That were white

How old are you

Do your parents care about it

At that age my sisters

Started hanging around with black girls

My dad said

I was being serious

Iโ€™m not a acknowledging a mixed race grandchild

Bit harsh

Might work though

Youโ€™d have to do it lol

Try finding a white girlfriend yourself might show him the error of his ways

As a last resort but him Dysgenics by Richard Lynn

Make him read it

If heโ€™s still doing after that

Thereโ€™s something wrong with him

PDF of the book btw

Set him up with a nice white girl

Better to be VOLCEL then race mx

What I do

Simon yeah

Stop youโ€™re brother at all costs

Whether that bribery forcing him to read

Or telling the girl something embarrassing to scare her off

Donโ€™t let Peterson convince he that Isreal is good and Nationalism is evil though

Show him Oeterson but also some entry level RR/JQ content

Because he says white identity is scary

Eat well excercise youโ€™re happier

I mean racial is differences diseases etc

Someone needs to have good morals

Before they became even remotely dissident right

To redpill just one person in stages

Jews owning the media politivs academia

Those are the stages itโ€™s a long road

18,682 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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