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Does anyone know what happened to the True Lies live stream on here and YouTube?

I agree fro but They were trying tuo get it under control

More and more truthers are moving away from YT.

Too much censorship on YT

I am a baby boomer raised by truthers. I have been waiting a very long time for this.

I remember exactly where I was when I heard JFK was shot. My BOL was at hotel when Bobby was killed.

I think Q wants them watching.

Put some fear in them.

I never bought into the Russian BS. Soviet Union not good Russia good.

Always HATED Norton instinctively lol

Millennial are getting bad wrap for not bring happy with the shitpile that we left for them.

Dustin is getting ready for late baby nights lol

My grandkids are awake their parents are sort of but would rather ignore it all quite frustrating

The only time I was ever called to principles office was when I told fellow students the milk tasted funny because of the pestisides. That was in 1963.

Love me some patriots

I am on border of AZ and CA. Time zone confusion lol

But then time shifts have been strange also

I have everything I own, my adult autistic son and cat in a 40 year old RV. We are getting set to hit the road this summer.

You can't be free until you are along to lose everything including your life for what you believe.

Will do @Dustin Nemos

Ahhh sarcasm can be very useful at times.

People act like Q is telling people what to think when 'they' are really getting peeps to think and research.

What's going on Patrick? I am from North county neat Pendleton.

We all 'see' the future need to learn to 'read' it

Time is a manmade illusion

Constructed for control

Patrick what is going on in SD?

Just weather related?

SD is so military one never knows

Pendleton was SO busy Dec and Jan helicopters all night long ospreys

To avoid depression stay in the now as much as possible.

Lifelong cannabis user

I avoid doctors went to Mexico for birth control etc I trust them way more also go there for dental

My mom was an snti cancer organic gardener in the 50's

We moved to Cali in 1957 so they could avoid unions and grow stuff organically year around

never too old for jeans never I tell you never

@AboveCosmic you need to go to notifications

Whew learned how to get back lol

Now time to go try and sleep. Nite all.

There is voice in here if y'all have ears on.

Ukraine is the European hub for trafficking

I think creepy creep got booted?

His name went poor off the list

Calling him autistic is offensive to those with autism

He was a plain boring creep

@Weboftruth much of that is because of things like the Shuman Resonance spiking.

@✨peacey 🌟 Yes we need to trust the process. Keep uping our frequencies.

This little light of mine I'm gonna let it SHI NE!!!

@ChrisR if they were true journalist they would research all sides. In their gut they KNOW.

You know how a woman is most in danger when leaving an abusive relationship? That is where we are right now as a nation.

@Dustin Nemos are you going to put your videos on Bitshoot?

I am thinking these old school false flags aren't working like they used to and maybe we will be seeing a Project Blue Beam invasion of some sort. If that does happen that would be a great time for some real LEt's to show up and kick some NWO ass.

@Dustin Nemos still processing it.....you going to go to Bitshoot eventually. Peer to peer no censorship.

@Sky144 Their overlords were 'evicted' from Earth awhile ago so they are now on their own.

@Bonnie pretty much no one is 100% human

@Dustin Nemos you are correct that needs to come way later. Pizzagate is a hard enough red pill let alone reptiles etc.

@George CIA and he is a Vanderbilt

I watched and liked before they took it down.

@jason voorhees your name is very familiar that is why I asked.

@gooberflotchy once he started to promote Montagraph he lost me.

@Drizzt I listen then Iisten to my gut......We are Free TV is good too

@Deleted User Montagraph has some questionable ties etc., is a troll and look for symbology in his vids

@specialk or even a vid from the selfie generation or security footage.

@Deleted User me too and I keep all that other stuff in mind too

@Jewell Unirock asked about his service record and I don't think he ever answered. Unirock is a good one to watch.

Content providers Bitshoot is peer to peer. No censorship.

Pope and Pence would be good.

@bluestar you 'll catch on it is pretty user friendly

We need to tell our kids to watch for warning signs black SUV's on csmpus, drils and to get the hell out of there. Brandon's best friends Marine dad told him the same.

@Anon_Ms sorry I have no idea where Dustin is.

Live stream is down.

About 15-20 minutes

I have no idea. They were calling Pam to fix it.

@Bijourain I have no idea. Pam has been alerted. We just have to ride it out.

@Patriotic Beats Pam has been called.

@Bijourain I feel your pain. It is very quiet here without them.

@boaznerd yes Pam has been called.

@boaznerd30 to 45 mins

@imjanet Yes they are working on it .

Good morning to you too

@Edensvision They are working on it.

How do we find out how many points we have to move up in rank? The bot tells me this...
You have gained a rank @hippie_gypsy, you just advanced to 2 . Thanks for all you do Patriot!

And I am still a newbie after being here for months.

2019-05-07 16:49:44 UTC [PatriotLand #help-desk-text]  

@CharlesQ Name change completed.

2019-05-10 21:55:56 UTC [PatriotLand #help-desk-text]  

@CharlesQ are you here?

2019-05-10 22:00:36 UTC [PatriotLand #help-desk-text]  

I sent you a dm @CharlesQ

2020-03-26 15:59:27 UTC [PatriotLand #help-desk-text]  

@CharlerQ is YT chat down?

2020-03-26 16:01:42 UTC [PatriotLand #help-desk-text]  

Nevermind it is back. HAGD.

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