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is there audio in this room?

its been a while since i have been on discord

Irc is just bots from the NSA..

Been there done that.. /join #roomname etc.. lol

Stop making fun of me!

If your not using Linux you are Crazy..

Linux is just more secure but all computers are totally open right now.

how do you change your picture on discord?

lol you use winblows then?

suffer with your 4 to 8 hour updates every 3 weeks.

discord is like a nazi front end of verification Bots.. Insane..

I do updates on linux without any downtime..

I just used a windows 10 machine tonight and the dam thing went into update mode and killed it for 4 hours.

how do you turn off the sound when some one enters text in the room?

discords gui is worse than dos without a computer screen

it was the little ugly bell thing.. lol

nice to meet you patric

how can you mod with discord?

i am still new to discord no clue how everything works yet.

back when i was a libTard at least we used some logic.. They must have lost all that when i dumped out of the liberal way of thinking

i am a proud X Communist..

i know all the communist tactics they use and I can teach you how to use that against them and defeat Communism once and for all

#1 is to use Logic! Its blows there minds..

the clinto crime syndicate is so vast it seems

ah ok.. i thought it was a user in discord..

i use bong..or bing.. but it is not as safe as duck and go

unfortunatly everything i use is basically google

they are Evil scum i know

i broke mine back in 1994

i am one of the originals who got things going with alex jones in a quantum way

i went left he went right.. we meet in the middle and say WTF!!!

i was on the left and started my own news blog and all the lefwingers i was hanging out with wanted me to submit everything for a group aproval.. I was like No Fkng way..

it was at indymedia.. total libtarded

i went left to go after crony capatalism.. then i learned that the bank of russa was owned by the rothchilds and i was like wait a second...

the main group that is after everyone is the rothchilds

left Right.. center they dont care they hate humans

I will most likely bring over the LIbtards that are decent back to the right side of thinking soon

now there are some left things that are good.. like open source software

bill cooper was good

he did not like alex but what ever

i did not like alex at first

and still think he has some train wreck broadcasts..lol but his info is accurate

web.. but its actually accurate

they want to kill off the male species

now where i go off into the deep end is this..

i think we have some kind of alien species that is trying to take over the planet

the data points show that

and i have had several direct contacts with aliens

dont give a shit what anyone says.. gov knows about it

we are not alone in the middle of a dead universe

but this alien take over thing is very possible

charlesq you know you are right

there are billions of life forms out there in the universe

colloidaldrid you are correct

comparing notes on ET stuff would be helpfull

the idea is to look at the posibility of an alien take over using a logical break down of data points

no not a distraction from God at all.. God would also allow aliens

direct encounters with aliens is not exactly fun.. lol

I sware every good youtuber i know is banned..

Everyone needs to move to dtube or bitshoot

good you just saved me from typing all that stuff in manually

do you have a link to it

and what program are they using to create that document?

can discord do room audio?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEALrYLQfog This is actually a vid i made.. Very Quantum And EXTREEMLY TIMELY!!!!

quadrature amplitude modulation remember that

incredible timely document posting from q

there is no coincidences

he will post tommorow as well

I never guess I know

when you can walk into a top secret building and everyone seeys you there and when you walk out no one knows you were there then you are above cosmic

i have crashed a fiew bases before

the only civilian that can kick a cosmic ass across the universe

i only do emergancy oshtf work. and when i show up they do literally take a shit

i have no choice in the matter

did you see the vid

drizzt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEALrYLQfog please watch its very timely and accuate hologram as to my lifes work

make sure you watch to the very end.. ending rocks

a big fish will drop into a very small pond soon watch the watter spread and the time shift all around you

q is real I have tested his clearance

he passed tonight as well

it will be that thing he allways wanted to say

drizzt took me 90 hours to put that dam thing together

remember all the dwarfs are waiting to hang out with the big fish in the smal pond

drizzt did you catch the mega meaning behind it

that video you can watch over and over and it means something every time

drizzt the reverse part i had to do frame by frame and complie them in a script file

video editing on linux SUCKS!!!

they might turn to dust as well

what would you say if I told you that the earth has allready been wiped out once before

you would think i was crazy wouldn't you..

1993 november 3 to be exact

oh no it was wiped out wiped out..

it is all a fractall

some dumb ass from teh i stare at goats team tried to recrute me

he has q clearence

If you want to know how to fight the nwo you better know how to break space time down at the particle level

thats all I can say

if you speak the truth you will sound crazy

kinda like if you went back in time and told people about the iphone in the 1950's

drizzt when i first saw him i thought he was insane.. then i checked out his story and it was accurate

blackdouglas you like playing with the seven dwarfs?

i like to turn deep state people into powder at long distances

can anyone help here

black you can help cant you

blackdouglas he never said that

blackdouglas dam boy you rememd me of a time line

between all molecules there is a space to where the right frequency vibrations can turn matter into dust. Watch what you say black!

I hunt and remove rouge cia agens around the globe

its better than cocaine

when i see people in a room full of other people watching people in this room it make me wonder how much time you have left here

ego based horizontals have no place in creations door to the oblivion

i am above cosmic if you have a problem with that i will show you a way out

i do big shit that makes my small shit look huge

langly im on your ass

sorry talking shit to some fuck tards they know who they are

we are all one in a living universe

the olest spirit rules no matter what

people have pulled hidden images out of q posts?

Q is communicating with other intell people that are out side of the DC system

i am now 100% sure of that

why is it that some rooms you cant type in?

i have a general question about discord

how many people can you have in audio chat at once time?

i think that audio chat would weed out any bots you may have in here

I am way better at audio than in txt..

i wont do video because i have had so much harasment in the past

i get a death threat about once a week from some china fuktard

i find them quite funny but i dont want to give them any heads up as to what i look like every day

china has back dored all electronic devices just to make you aware of the current situation

he posted last night?

thebridge are you new here

2018-07-05 01:39:49 UTC [Hippocampus88 #welcome]  

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