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my goal si this will be an aid for education.

we will figure out mods and how to deal with trolls etc as we go

be careful of trlls for now

as its an 'open' invitation who knows what will come in

i have an open invite on a new vide

sorry i didnt mean to join a voice channel

you are welcome to use it for voice chat if you want

i will make more 'rooms' as needed

for private discussions etc

Good question, I think it has more to do with how she died.

But there are often levels of uncertainty until future proves past

ginsberg was a major focus topic as well during that time

Please be respectful and patient. This is a welcome place for all those whose heart pursue truth. We are all on separate paths and different places in the journey and ultimately we want the same thing - a better world, freedom, and peace. No trolls or spam tolerated. Many normies will be joining us as the great awakening expands, let this be a welcoming place for them to begin their journey. Some red pills can only be learned at our own pace, which is what the Q movement is all about.

As time progresses anons from the research boards will be coming here as well to interact with the 'normies' who are just entering the Q community

I'm fine with people discussing credibility and arguments

but not just ranting or insulting/trolling etc.

I've addressed the titor disinfo

oh sorry, just wanted to make sure people knew

that's high praise jeff. Thanks. I disagree respectfully but I try

yes super, one of the ones tonight the one called the fruit of the Q tree

the good news is, good is winning. We are still in danger

Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions.

I'll be crashing soon, if any crazy trolls get in before I am back on tomorrow then please be patient and we'll deal with them, eventually we will have trusted mods

this is not a hacker recruitment channel Fahim

was finishing up PM"s and hoping a site-maker had found me yet

and dog had to go out to pe

i always ask people to spread my videos links etc. But also please take a chance to spread this channel for people

if you're in this, you're part of the truther community, I hope everyone will consider this responsibility and duty to be somewhat respectable and a good ambassador for the truth cause

I will be monitoring for abuse and spam

Nothin wrong with makin people laugh

its the most effective tool the truther has.

no worries, we will all learn at our pace and this channel is meant to be a tool for it

try to keep the main channel related to actual politics and Q and news

and use the offtopic channels etc for other stuff, if you think there is a need for another channel let me know i can add rooms

morning everyone. I will be around this chatroom to help keep things going in the right direction but please remember I am getting a LOT of contacts even before this channel so refrain from sending me private messages without great need place. I cannot respond to everyone as is. I also have a patron-only subscribers channel where I try to do the questions and answers and stuff, this is more of a go-to hangout community spot for everyone in the movement, not just a 'Dustin nemos' chat room

spread it around the Q community

@Nishikino_Maki please do not spam channels here, you will be banned

someone said that before he went on twitter and he said he was not banned, this is ANOTHER 'banned' news?

there is an audio channel if needed i could make more

We've had limited trollery until now but it will get MUCH worse as we begin to threaten the msm status quo narrative

let me know, abuse will not be tolerated

Nishikino keep it relevant and polite

@Deleted User you're being noisy, use push to talk

oh i warned him once already

I can sense the need for a section devoted to the aliens stuff

This shouldn't be part of the mainstream redpill discussions, even if you believe in it, I hope you understand that its too much for people who are not even redpilled yet

Can we keep that in an alternate channel? This is how they do it on the 8chs

remember this, and take it with you into the journey to redpill others.

Not everyone is capable of every truth.

Let them get the things they can.

If you believe in the pleidians, tell them we need more direct help. LOL

there is a mute button in top right corner of the screen @WitnessMich

there is the aspect that leads back to voter fraud

which will lead to the DNC

well, she's a known globalist shill communist marxist style puppet.

many say she is hitler's daughter.. some resemblance too. But can't prove it (at least, I can't)

Frankly I would believe it, it fits the theme of the elite families, just look at yuncker in brussels

on his nazi throne basically

i dreamed up a good start-page for the website i have been talking about building

and the main features are content-generation structures where other youtubers (the primary youtubers for Q are featured profiles) and the anons/those with something worth while to say can have a place to submit articles

moderated, to keep it relevant and trlls out

but ranked based on viewer likes/dislikes

one of my emails told me memes are 'memory viruses' lol. Peacey you made me think of that

I have some volunteer helpers looking into how difficult such a site would be to make

but this would allow us to somewhat bypass youtubes not telling people about our video updates, allow anons a voice/platform, and allow email updates to be automated hopefully

well i am dramatically short on time these days.

3,555 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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