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2018-02-16 05:47:54 UTC

2018-02-16 05:48:10 UTC

First ? wow.

2018-02-16 05:48:30 UTC

2018-02-16 05:48:43 UTC

2018-02-16 05:48:59 UTC

2018-02-16 05:49:07 UTC

I guess so

2018-02-16 05:49:09 UTC


2018-02-16 05:49:41 UTC

2018-02-16 05:49:49 UTC

2018-02-16 05:49:50 UTC

I am new. It's a slow go in my learning curve of all this.

2018-02-16 05:49:59 UTC

2018-02-16 05:50:19 UTC

2018-02-16 05:50:22 UTC

I will keep listening. Each day I understand just a little bit more

2018-02-16 05:50:49 UTC

my goal si this will be an aid for education.

2018-02-16 05:51:18 UTC

we will figure out mods and how to deal with trolls etc as we go

2018-02-16 05:51:25 UTC

Thanks for the invite, Dustin. Thoroughly enjoy your YT's.

2018-02-16 05:51:30 UTC

be careful of trlls for now

2018-02-16 05:51:39 UTC

as its an 'open' invitation who knows what will come in

2018-02-16 05:51:45 UTC


2018-02-16 05:51:59 UTC

2018-02-16 05:52:38 UTC

The trolls are not too bad since the CBTS discord has been locked for a little bit.

2018-02-16 05:52:50 UTC

i have an open invite on a new vide

2018-02-16 05:52:51 UTC

2018-02-16 05:52:52 UTC


2018-02-16 05:52:53 UTC

Ha...DUIMaverick where I live we live braced...mostly for four legged critters

2018-02-16 05:53:45 UTC

2018-02-16 05:53:59 UTC

2018-02-16 05:54:06 UTC

2018-02-16 05:54:47 UTC

2018-02-16 05:55:05 UTC

Thank you for the invite Dustin Nemos. I listen to your channel every day.

2018-02-16 05:55:15 UTC

2018-02-16 05:55:41 UTC

2018-02-16 05:56:13 UTC

2018-02-16 05:56:40 UTC

ah, ok. it's going to get messy if it's an open invite. you're going to need help in here.

2018-02-16 05:57:09 UTC

sorry i didnt mean to join a voice channel

2018-02-16 05:57:35 UTC

2018-02-16 05:58:57 UTC

Thanks for the new place, it will be good!

2018-02-16 05:59:03 UTC

Oops; should we leave the "General" voice channel?

2018-02-16 05:59:12 UTC

you are welcome to use it for voice chat if you want

2018-02-16 05:59:19 UTC

i will make more 'rooms' as needed

2018-02-16 05:59:23 UTC

looks nice a nice place already, 10 min birth.

2018-02-16 05:59:24 UTC

for private discussions etc

2018-02-16 06:00:09 UTC

Lets hope it stays nice, but there are trolls and then there are trolls!!

2018-02-16 06:00:44 UTC

hi super kiki, how are you?

2018-02-16 06:00:54 UTC

I had a dream about Q yesterday. join the voice chat if you anyone wants to hear it.

2018-02-16 06:01:23 UTC

how do i do that

2018-02-16 06:01:23 UTC

hey dustin when q said drop thruth to power from snowden post...More
โ€˜Speaking truth to powerโ€™ a phrase, we often use. #AsmaJahangir lived,practiced till her last breath. Questioned mullahs, military, judges, politicians, all the powerful;defended downtrodden. Faced threats &
attacks. Was never afraid.What a hero. We have to contend with a void.
u think he was saying that snowden was speaking

2018-02-16 06:01:26 UTC

2018-02-16 06:01:42 UTC

let's get some 5 people in the voice chat, how's that ? ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

2018-02-16 06:01:59 UTC


2018-02-16 06:02:08 UTC

Good question, I think it has more to do with how she died.

2018-02-16 06:02:18 UTC

2018-02-16 06:02:19 UTC

But there are often levels of uncertainty until future proves past

2018-02-16 06:02:31 UTC

@starshine not bad, currently watching (getting caught up on) Mr Nemos' vids, that he posted today

2018-02-16 06:02:37 UTC

ginsberg was a major focus topic as well during that time

2018-02-16 06:03:24 UTC

that's great Kiki, i'm not very computer savy, so i may have to ask

2018-02-16 06:03:44 UTC

from canada here ๐Ÿ˜ƒ one of the lonely soul that likes trump and what he stands for

2018-02-16 06:03:46 UTC

How do I get into voice chat?

2018-02-16 06:04:00 UTC

people here are libtards

2018-02-16 06:04:07 UTC

hi maxthaBear

2018-02-16 06:04:10 UTC


2018-02-16 06:04:20 UTC

MaxThaBear...you're just north of me!

2018-02-16 06:04:24 UTC

to get on the voice chat click on "General" under "Voice channels"

2018-02-16 06:04:30 UTC

Hi everyone

2018-02-16 06:04:32 UTC

close to montreal

2018-02-16 06:04:32 UTC

2018-02-16 06:04:43 UTC

mk ultra was here -_-

2018-02-16 06:04:46 UTC

no we are not libtards

2018-02-16 06:05:06 UTC

no you guys ppl in canada

2018-02-16 06:05:13 UTC

Think very tall mountains and many

2018-02-16 06:06:02 UTC

2018-02-16 06:06:11 UTC

2018-02-16 06:06:25 UTC

hello test test

2018-02-16 06:06:28 UTC

fo the non- computer savy, to get in to voice chat, look in the top left and click the big bold "General" word, under the Voice Channels small word heading thing

2018-02-16 06:06:28 UTC

can you read me

2018-02-16 06:06:29 UTC

2018-02-16 06:06:31 UTC

2018-02-16 06:06:41 UTC


2018-02-16 06:06:42 UTC

Yes, Nikola tesla

2018-02-16 06:06:47 UTC

whatsup everyone

2018-02-16 06:06:55 UTC

Hi Sylvie

2018-02-16 06:06:58 UTC

i have some interesting tech info you might be interested in

2018-02-16 06:07:04 UTC

2018-02-16 06:07:08 UTC

who here has heard of stem cells

2018-02-16 06:07:32 UTC

thanks for all the videos you put out dustin

2018-02-16 06:07:32 UTC


2018-02-16 06:07:35 UTC

Hi everyone

2018-02-16 06:07:51 UTC

2018-02-16 06:07:53 UTC

what if i told you guys i know a very simple easy source of stem cells

2018-02-16 06:08:08 UTC


2018-02-16 06:08:12 UTC

a source of stem cells that wont be rejected by the recipient. mesenchymal stem cells

2018-02-16 06:08:15 UTC

2018-02-16 06:08:20 UTC

what is that nikola

2018-02-16 06:08:24 UTC

2018-02-16 06:08:27 UTC

follow with me. this might sound strange but its 100 percent legit.

2018-02-16 06:08:36 UTC

ill post a link if it lets me to a scientific article

2018-02-16 06:08:44 UTC

no trolls here please

2018-02-16 06:08:48 UTC

2018-02-16 06:09:19 UTC

no trolling

2018-02-16 06:09:26 UTC

menstrual blood stem cells

2018-02-16 06:09:31 UTC

2018-02-16 06:09:46 UTC

which is able to be used by any recipient. no risk of rejection

2018-02-16 06:09:55 UTC

write this info down

2018-02-16 06:10:36 UTC

i don't trust NBCnews

2018-02-16 06:10:36 UTC

a woman gets a medical grade silicon diva cup, has her period and collects the blood in it. then she puts the blood into a centrifuge to separate the stem cells from the blood and then the stem cells can be taken via IV

2018-02-16 06:10:45 UTC

trust the science

2018-02-16 06:10:52 UTC

google menstrual stem cells. its legit

2018-02-16 06:11:18 UTC

2018-02-16 06:11:21 UTC

2018-02-16 06:11:22 UTC

2018-02-16 06:11:28 UTC

My lefty roomate watches msnbc, i don't trust them either starshine

2018-02-16 06:11:31 UTC

Hello from Miami

2018-02-16 06:11:32 UTC

the reason the elite do sick shit with fetuses is for the stem cells

2018-02-16 06:11:34 UTC

2018-02-16 06:11:42 UTC

dustin you following here?

2018-02-16 06:11:50 UTC

menstrual blood stem cells buddy.

2018-02-16 06:11:50 UTC

no pizza, sounds like pizzagate

2018-02-16 06:12:03 UTC

next up, free energy

2018-02-16 06:12:15 UTC

who here is curious as to how to send energy wirelessly?

2018-02-16 06:12:31 UTC

anyone here ever hear of a crystal radio or a foxhole radio?

2018-02-16 06:12:33 UTC

what does everyone think about the shootings

2018-02-16 06:12:38 UTC

2018-02-16 06:12:41 UTC

2018-02-16 06:12:58 UTC

2018-02-16 06:13:02 UTC

sad, very sad huh

2018-02-16 06:13:09 UTC

2018-02-16 06:13:18 UTC


2018-02-16 06:13:18 UTC

Very sad indeed starshine

2018-02-16 06:13:49 UTC

Terror not an easy thing to overcome

2018-02-16 06:14:00 UTC

Please be respectful and patient. This is a welcome place for all those whose heart pursue truth. We are all on separate paths and different places in the journey and ultimately we want the same thing - a better world, freedom, and peace. No trolls or spam tolerated. Many normies will be joining us as the great awakening expands, let this be a welcoming place for them to begin their journey. Some red pills can only be learned at our own pace, which is what the Q movement is all about.

2018-02-16 06:14:04 UTC

2018-02-16 06:14:09 UTC

2018-02-16 06:14:12 UTC

Very sad. Still trying to wrap my head around it. Who thinks it was a ff?

2018-02-16 06:15:00 UTC

i don't believe a ff, but i do believe more than 1

2018-02-16 06:15:04 UTC

Listening to the replay of TAJS now with the high-schooler that called in....? everything folks...smells just like the LV FF...

2018-02-16 06:15:07 UTC

I hate saying school shootings are ffs, but some things donโ€™t add up

2018-02-16 06:15:23 UTC


2018-02-16 06:15:24 UTC

you are right

2018-02-16 06:15:27 UTC

The common pattern of most of the shootings is a mental illness that is brought on by forces other than the shooter. In saying this, it by no means indicates I am less affected. Quite the opposite. We must remain vigilant in educating ourselves to the truth...and then share it with as many people, as possible.

2018-02-16 06:15:38 UTC

It definately gives msm something to report for awhile, wonder what goes under the radar

2018-02-16 06:15:50 UTC

As time progresses anons from the research boards will be coming here as well to interact with the 'normies' who are just entering the Q community

2018-02-16 06:16:12 UTC

i saw her

2018-02-16 06:16:20 UTC

Also very strange how it immediately took attention away from the NSA escape and shooting

2018-02-16 06:16:27 UTC

I saw a video on Twitter of a student, a young girl, who said there were at least three shooters.

2018-02-16 06:16:38 UTC

Excellent pin, Dustin Nemos

2018-02-16 06:16:39 UTC

2018-02-16 06:16:43 UTC

Anyone in here follow BPEarthwatch?

2018-02-16 06:16:51 UTC

2018-02-16 06:17:04 UTC

2018-02-16 06:17:31 UTC

Dan Bongino stated he was told many tried to encourage this kid to do this, yes i follow EarthWatch

2018-02-16 06:17:44 UTC

Dustin thank you for this by the way

2018-02-16 06:17:58 UTC

What does Bombard say?

2018-02-16 06:18:03 UTC

I follow BP Earthwatch. Tonight he said latest Q posts werenโ€™t real Q. Made me angry. I think thatโ€™s disinformation

2018-02-16 06:18:56 UTC

2018-02-16 06:18:57 UTC

sorry but i don't believe he said Q was not real, but some of us including myself have questioned

2018-02-16 06:19:28 UTC

i believe he's being cautious

2018-02-16 06:19:35 UTC

we should always consider that it may not be real - you can't just trust everything and anything online

2018-02-16 06:19:41 UTC

Shootings have to do with mkultra?

2018-02-16 06:19:42 UTC

He said that the latest Q posts were not written by the real Q. Thatโ€™s what I wrote above.

2018-02-16 06:20:02 UTC

2018-02-16 06:20:03 UTC

think BP and Potter are now both off base

2018-02-16 06:20:13 UTC

I don't

2018-02-16 06:20:33 UTC

It's the people that are impatient that have no choice but to denounce Q because, ultimately, they aren't getting what they want.

2018-02-16 06:21:02 UTC

What about car trying to hit motorcade?

2018-02-16 06:21:10 UTC

things need to be fast, fast fast, arrest, arrest, arrest. If that doesn't happen, its "fake".

2018-02-16 06:21:14 UTC

we are all entitled to our opinion, if this will be an attack place I want no part of it

2018-02-16 06:21:53 UTC

2018-02-16 06:21:56 UTC

Things are happening...and agreed people need to be patient for things to be done right. This is decades of conspiracy...

2018-02-16 06:22:04 UTC

I'm fine with people discussing credibility and arguments

2018-02-16 06:22:14 UTC

but not just ranting or insulting/trolling etc.

2018-02-16 06:22:18 UTC

no attacks

2018-02-16 06:22:26 UTC

2018-02-16 06:22:38 UTC


2018-02-16 06:22:39 UTC

hi esther

2018-02-16 06:23:49 UTC

2018-02-16 06:24:09 UTC

I think itโ€™s good to discuss differences of opinion. People should be cautious. There will also be many attempts at disinformation. We have to watch and examine everything.

2018-02-16 06:24:16 UTC

Dustin, is this the platform you plan on using for the site you envision?

2018-02-16 06:24:17 UTC

it is insulting to think if we think it's fake somehow we are not entitled to our apinion

2018-02-16 06:24:25 UTC

2018-02-16 06:24:31 UTC

Nwbie here, just want o say this, After reading all Q drops and many articles elsewhere. .....My thoughts......big pharma participates in mk ultra type programs along with corrupt cia and fbi. They have many brainwashed victims who they can turn on and off like a light switch to perform false flag events like florida. Smart Phones are used to control brainwashed victims and turn them on and off. Donโ€™t know about blackberry. So, pharma, corrupt cia and fbi and big pharma are working together to control all of us.

2018-02-16 06:24:33 UTC

I have noticed Q posts beginning to balance between military intelligence style post..and posts of encouragement. This is wise, as many red pilled Americans are used to having faster results than what we are facing. This will require all of us to relearn how to be strong in moments of doubt, patient in times of information drought, self aware, acquire new skills, reach out to our neighbors to learn where their heads are at. It is necessary for all of us to keep our eye on freedom will take many forms and many layers of mental waking up.

2018-02-16 06:25:10 UTC

2018-02-16 06:26:26 UTC

2018-02-16 06:26:30 UTC

Did anyone read the newsweek article Q posted?

2018-02-16 06:27:02 UTC

says video does not exist

2018-02-16 06:27:06 UTC

Link to the newsweek article?

2018-02-16 06:27:16 UTC

2018-02-16 06:27:32 UTC

Sorry. Let me try again. Itโ€™s on my Twitter Page.

2018-02-16 06:27:35 UTC

says the same

2018-02-16 06:28:31 UTC

MSM will do whatever it takes to discredit the truth.

2018-02-16 06:28:56 UTC

They rely on the masses to believe the MSM

2018-02-16 06:29:02 UTC

This is just more proof that corrup cia and fbi control media.

2018-02-16 06:29:10 UTC


2018-02-16 06:29:44 UTC

Theyโ€™re saying Q is giving fake information. I canโ€™t wait until people check it out and see that he actually gives us no information

2018-02-16 06:29:48 UTC

Hope that works

2018-02-16 06:30:46 UTC
2018-02-16 06:30:47 UTC

Going horizontal....see ya all tomorrow.

2018-02-16 06:32:02 UTC

she doesn't seem very shook up after such a traumatic experience

2018-02-16 06:32:24 UTC

2018-02-16 06:32:57 UTC

nobody can know for sure if Q is legit either way. I wouldn't trust those that are 100% certain on anything.

2018-02-16 06:33:15 UTC

2018-02-16 06:33:32 UTC

I think it's probably best to leave an out just in case. A small probability that things might be be as they seem.

2018-02-16 06:34:05 UTC

Once could entertain the idea that things might not be as they seem, all while holding a strong opinion.

2018-02-16 06:34:07 UTC

2018-02-16 06:35:00 UTC

Yeah.. on YT Q 24/7 they are getting very tribal. Someone question the validity of Q and people started saying ban him!

2018-02-16 06:35:09 UTC

The student who says she talked to Cruz during the getaway...FAKE FAKE FAKE

2018-02-16 06:35:22 UTC


2018-02-16 06:36:20 UTC

I really don't care about who Q is at this point, what matters is the information, the information is good.

2018-02-16 06:36:32 UTC

i really didn't notice any of that on Q24/7 everyone seems pretty laid back

2018-02-16 06:36:40 UTC

Second that Jet

2018-02-16 06:36:42 UTC

I totally believe that Q is telling the truth.

2018-02-16 06:37:10 UTC

maybe Q is a time traveler... j/k

2018-02-16 06:37:52 UTC

You may be on to something

2018-02-16 06:38:14 UTC

You must have hear of Titor.

2018-02-16 06:38:30 UTC

I've addressed the titor disinfo

2018-02-16 06:39:01 UTC

2018-02-16 06:39:02 UTC

Please donโ€™t make me go down the time travel rabbit hole

2018-02-16 06:39:06 UTC

Yeah, it's just funny. I was being sarcastic @Dustin Nemos If you read up you'd see.

2018-02-16 06:39:08 UTC

Dustin Nemos...you are the best of the Q analysts.

2018-02-16 06:39:09 UTC

2018-02-16 06:39:22 UTC

Man. The last few days have been nuts. Time to catch up

2018-02-16 06:39:30 UTC

oh sorry, just wanted to make sure people knew

2018-02-16 06:39:46 UTC

Did you address the titor thing in a video?

2018-02-16 06:39:51 UTC

that's high praise jeff. Thanks. I disagree respectfully but I try

2018-02-16 06:40:04 UTC

yes super, one of the ones tonight the one called the fruit of the Q tree

2018-02-16 06:40:29 UTC

Thanks, going to watch that now

2018-02-16 06:40:38 UTC

your analysis is simple and straight forward Dustin, for the layman.

2018-02-16 06:40:57 UTC

I enjoy your informative videos!

2018-02-16 06:41:01 UTC

Roy Potter is king of disinformation

2018-02-16 06:41:07 UTC

Hi Dustin! Iโ€™m new her but looking forward to following this format!

2018-02-16 06:41:32 UTC

Dustin your voice makes me feel like the world isnโ€™t falling apart

2018-02-16 06:42:03 UTC

when Potter started hooking up with Monty I became wary

2018-02-16 06:42:08 UTC

weird, we posted the same thing at the same time it seems.

2018-02-16 06:42:17 UTC

the good news is, good is winning. We are still in danger

2018-02-16 06:42:43 UTC

I have never listened to Monty...but what I have heard about him...makes me want to stay away

2018-02-16 06:42:53 UTC

Fruit of the tree Q video was really well done. I enjoyed it very much.

2018-02-16 06:42:57 UTC

"The majority of people have been taught a certain thing and their ego is tied into that" -DN.

2018-02-16 06:43:42 UTC

It's up to us to choose what is truth, or not. Self aware, wake up, look around, read up on real history...

2018-02-16 06:43:48 UTC

people should research him actually...i think staying clear is a wise move

2018-02-16 06:44:14 UTC

had a rep with old school youtube truthers

2018-02-16 06:44:23 UTC

Yesterday or the day before...Potter started going off on one of his rants...and I knew right then that he is FAKE.

2018-02-16 06:44:27 UTC


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