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new swedish chick Angie is pretty dope, great art style too in the videos

There is Johen too

one of the Dream Team

er Death Team, nah they are a producer duo

They are like a tier below Dr luke

Usually singer/songwriters will have a song sketch but unless they are one man bands, they more people to make a commerical product


I'm into gangsta rap and metal, trip hop for the chill moments

Plenty of great German composers out there for sure

Bach was the greatest

Another German great is Hans Zimmer

alive and kicking

2019-10-08 21:36:41 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

By design impeachment is inherently political, so that's within their 'right'

2019-10-08 21:36:59 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

doesn't require a crime, just a collective opinion of the selected doing a bad job

2019-10-08 21:37:11 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Federalist 65

Radical Edgist for the win

2019-10-08 22:13:03 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #historical-facts]  

Chinese style wheelbarrow would have done well instead

2019-10-08 22:13:12 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #historical-facts]  

probably much safer

My main beef with MMT is the jobs guarantee

I feel they also overstate the tax-as-demand function, partly because they are correct on the EARLY history of money, but they don't say much about the last 500 years

Bringing Grabers stuff into the mix was good but that sort of pre-history misses so much since say Italian banking in the late middle ages and on

their identity of gov deficit equal savings is also broken, but it's hard to argue because they have redefined the meanings of things like 'asset' with regard to the balance sheets of central banks. Monetary policy and fiscal policy are very different beasts.

Minimum wages are silly, there is no need to directly interfere in labor market. A UBI is a better tool, give it without means testing and you get the same results without the need for technocrats in the middle, which I suspect is part of the issue

90s women kicked ass. Tori Amos, Alanis, Mary J Blige, SWV, Courtney Love

Be careful saying that in certain states lol

Remember Spanish American War? Christianize the Catholics

What aout Gnoticism

Was Christianity a plot by the Roman emperors?

No such person

Some of them did, not all of them

Cannot cosign

yes sir

yes they did, early on

Best way to beat the opposition is to lead it

Paul didn't exist either

his travels as we know them showed up 100 years later as stories

It does, been there several times

Australia too

was briefly stationed in Nigeria, and did a det in egypt

so those two places exist in my mind, dunn o about the rest of it


If we used anything resembling modern day critical thought and applied it to Paul or Jesus, it would be laughed at

You can keep your white jesus ๐Ÿ˜„

I went to Catholic school so I have no real hate on the people, just don't believe in it

baptized methodist though

Which is probably the chillest protestant sect

John WEssely was a cool dude

Catholic / Orthodox situation has a lot to do with Church/STate seperation issue IMO

Orthodox areas of EUrope had much more of that unified Throne and ALter scenario

Catholic Church kept kings in check

that's how western europe was able to have so much relative freedom

THe original christianity is still going in places like Syria, etc

that came way later

Which one

Hasn't france had like 20 constitutions

That's the...7th?

Year 7 Constitution

after france reset the calender

good point

2019-10-09 00:16:35 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #gender-issues]  

Free Trisha

2019-10-12 07:18:44 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Va hate is kind of strange. Each location is very different. Some are efficient, some are broken

Where did MRAs go wrong?

fathers looking for a more even family court situation wasn't too bad of a goal

Family Court is a big part of it, custody. IN some states you can pay child support for children that are not yours, etc

I'm not sure feminism was the cause of any of that, conservatives did much to entrench the family court situation

Schlafly and such were big on keeping women at home, out of the draft, etc

There is a famous exchange with her and feminists regarding the draft, which counters a huge myth many 'present day' mra types keep spreading about tradcons

Tradcon as a perjorative being my coloring, in this case

19th amendment was not nearly as big a deal as the 17th, which hurt entire concept of "oversight'

Without family court situation, the tradcon package has little weight, it's their last hurrah before those guys have to admit women don't WANT them, they just had no choice

Let's say they did repeal the 19th, what do you think would happen politically?

Geopolitically, we would become instant enemy of Europe, etc

no way the EUropean countries are going to stay as close to us as they are if we did that

we'd have to be all-in with the Sharia states for the most part, not the best place to be if things get serious

I agree, I think it's a position to think about, because it is the reality for some countries currently. I think the MRAs and Stormcel types ignore the geopolitics though

The White Sharia meme is a good one, but they leave out much

Entire country here wouldn't go along with it, California for example. So it would be impetus for secession as well, which might be a good thing overall

Secession might be good for peace overall, to prevent the kind of sectarian violence we see in other places

the root of much of that is the forced political union

Alabama probably won't learn their lesson any other way

Because we have a fiscal union, they can be as backwards as they want, californians fit the bill

Ironically, they blame the high tax blue states for everything, but taxes in those states are high partially to pay for alabama

alabama isn't even the biggest net-tax winner either

gross, by percentage i think Conn is the biggest loser

Some states are essentially huge housing projects, but they don't know it

The ignorance let's them pretend to be hard, self sufficent good American salt of the earth yada yada

I'm fairly right-wing, but I'm actually serious about it, so I like to call out that fiscal bullshit

Same peolpe use the gov as their ladder into the middle class with the military, etc

EU would probably relocate manufacturing of those cars to other states if they went with anti-suffrage movement in our secession scenario

naturally, women would emigrate, then you'd get Romanian style border controls. another thing the Stormcels don't think about

In their assumption, "Their women" will wake up and realize their true place, but I predict a good chunk of 'their women' would emigrate to Minnesota and whatever

The Dixie Line will become the Dixie Wall, to prevent at least white and asian women from fleeing

My view is that it won't START out that way, but will evolve that way to prevent migration

If all the women leave, what's the point of the White Sharia state or whatever. the whole point of their argument is based on sexual competition issues

Working women with political power don't want losers like Stormcels

the few that will put up with it to get a free ride or whatever won't be enough to keep the men motivated to stay liberal

Yea and you don't think people are going to flee that?

So we agree that this scenario will involve tough border controls to keep women IN?

nobody cares about the men in this scenario, let's be honest. it's about controlling the women

to give stormcels access to a white waifu, but they aren't going to just stick around, it's the same mistake the liberals make when they assume peolpe are just going to sit still and accept paying whatever tax rate etc

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