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2018-12-16 12:13:23 UTC

first, cant believe i forgot this 1

2018-12-16 12:56:23 UTC


2018-12-16 12:59:25 UTC

Islam is incompatible with western society, prove me wrong

2018-12-16 13:00:00 UTC


2018-12-16 13:00:03 UTC

we have muslims here

2018-12-16 13:00:06 UTC

1st world country

2018-12-16 13:00:08 UTC


2018-12-16 13:00:10 UTC

sum are crazy

2018-12-16 13:00:13 UTC

but most are good

2018-12-16 13:36:00 UTC

i think he meant the political religion

2018-12-16 13:36:11 UTC

followers of the faith can be dangerous if they become fundamental

2018-12-16 17:52:07 UTC

Currently Islam is going through an event that is very similar to the thirty years war in Christianity. From what I am seeing, they are definitely making a change towards the better.

2018-12-16 20:46:56 UTC

Yeah Drekken there are millions of Muslims living in the Western world not committing terrorist attacks, that's kind of a flawed premise.

2018-12-17 02:09:50 UTC

does the bible say anything about a man getting penetrated by a strap-on (by a female)?

2018-12-17 02:09:52 UTC


2018-12-17 02:10:04 UTC

I know it says its sa sin for 2 males to fuck each other

2018-12-17 02:10:19 UTC

but for a female to penetrate a male...

2018-12-17 09:51:49 UTC

ask a rabbi

In my opinion western society has become a little too individualistic. Too much focus on the self can make people selfish.

2018-12-28 02:52:32 UTC


2018-12-28 02:52:36 UTC

All Muslims

2018-12-28 02:52:43 UTC

are Slavers, or Slaves

2018-12-28 02:52:56 UTC

As Women are property in Islamic law

How does this relate to what I am saying about western culture?

Your talking about eastern culture and that is different than western culture.

2018-12-28 17:51:23 UTC


2018-12-28 17:52:26 UTC

and I wasn't talking to you. What you said was unbelievably retarded, and was so stupid it didn't even warrant a response. It is self evidently wrong.

2018-12-28 23:46:29 UTC

Any one pubg lite

2018-12-29 02:21:24 UTC

"I think people should do what is best for the common good." - Whose common good?

2018-12-29 02:22:44 UTC

"In my opinion western society has become a little too individualistic. Too much focus on the self can make people selfish."
Fucking idiot. Individualism is the antidote to the collective nonsense you are espousing. When you protect the rights and value of the individual, you naturally defeat the problems that arrive from tribal collectivism.

2018-12-29 02:23:09 UTC

Western society is best society

2018-12-29 02:23:09 UTC

GG @Deleted User, you just advanced to level 4!

2018-12-29 02:23:13 UTC

What you are actually whining about, is your inability to climb the dominance hierarchy because of your incompetence.

2018-12-29 02:23:20 UTC

See even the bot agrees

2018-12-29 02:52:33 UTC


People who put too much emphasis on their own personal needs without taking into consideration the needs of others are selfish.

Also there is no need to be disrespectful @The Dank Lord calling people idiots doesnt help your argument and its uncivil.

If everyone was cocerned about their own needs that creates sectionallism which leads to division.

The civil war is the greatest example of that. It wasn't just a war caused by slavery but their were other factors to consider. The south cared about its economy (dependent on slaves) and the north cared about its ideals without taking into consideration the effects it would have on the rest of the country.

Also the common good means something that benefits most members of a community ([email protected] public). @Deleted User ironic how you say western society but disagree with my argument on the importance of the common good over individualism. The u.s. a western society and many European societies were founded and influenced by the enlightenment that brought you these ideas such as the common good.

I never said I want a communistic or highly collectivist society I just believe the west is becoming a little too selfish and sometimes arrogant. And your refusal to be open to your opinions and your rude behavior @The Dank Lord hurts your moral high ground. I do not hate the west in fact I live in the west. I just like to think for myself and I have my own opinions on the world that are based on reason and some analysis of history.

2018-12-29 05:04:07 UTC

I just said western society is best society and left

2018-12-29 05:04:58 UTC

I wasn’t disagreeing with your argument or anything hell I don’t even know what your argument is i literally said that and left

2018-12-29 05:05:51 UTC

And yeah Jew Santa is rude and close minded beyond belief

with text we dont have tone, facial expressions and body language to better interpret what people mean

2018-12-29 05:12:46 UTC

It’s understandable

basically I think too much focus on one's self leads to selfishness and problems

2018-12-29 05:13:39 UTC

The us civil war was about slavery

where both sides focused on their own goals instead of national unity and considering thein interests of their neighbors

2018-12-29 05:13:53 UTC

Nothing else like leftists will try to make you believe

Yes the civil war was about slavery but other factors played a role

2018-12-29 05:14:12 UTC

No just the need for slavery

2018-12-29 05:14:28 UTC

I’m not saying the left is always wrong

2018-12-29 05:14:36 UTC

I’m saying they are wrong then

2018-12-29 05:15:03 UTC


the north was cocenred about their morality and the south their money and some thought slavery was moralll

neither seemed to be making good efforts to compromise because of their sectionalist desires

2018-12-29 05:16:02 UTC

Before we continue I would like to apologize for you dealing with Jew Santa heis offaly rude in debates

I admire his willingness to be strong in his beliefs but their must be a balance here

2018-12-29 05:17:10 UTC

Everything you said is somewhat or entirely true

I think we might have too much and I think peoplle shoulldl consider others

if everyone in the world focused on themselves we may have more wars

because peoplel put themselves over maybe considering the situation of others and working out a way for their to be peace

2018-12-29 05:18:39 UTC

Of course we should look beyond ourselves to help humanity

2018-12-29 05:19:19 UTC

I’m glad this debate is civil

2018-12-29 05:21:28 UTC

Last debate I was in Santa either

Said he didn’t care about my opinion and the things I was saying (weird because the purpose of debate is to find a solution of some kind)
Corrected my spelling like a grammar nazi,

Or called me a quote retard
Or said I was a quote

2018-12-29 05:21:37 UTC

Civility is overrated

2018-12-29 05:21:51 UTC

Especially when someone says something so fucking stupid it is painful

2018-12-29 05:22:02 UTC

then spends a very long time doubling down on their stupidity.

2018-12-29 05:22:26 UTC

What you consider stupid can be something another man finds true

2018-12-29 05:23:16 UTC

If people are ultimately selfish, and work to improve themselves and their capabilities, it will naturally be good for those around them.

2018-12-29 05:23:27 UTC

It is Petersons message of personal responsibility

2018-12-29 05:23:46 UTC

Only a psychopath or sociopath doesn't consider how their actions affect others.

2018-12-29 05:24:08 UTC

You whining about people being "selfish" is unbearably childish.

2018-12-29 05:24:29 UTC

And reeks of socialisms "gibs me dat, rich man"

2018-12-29 05:24:41 UTC

And you calling people who disagree with you retards is unbearablychildish

2018-12-29 05:24:55 UTC

Socialism is selfish not capitalism

2018-12-29 05:24:59 UTC

Not when they are retarded it isn't.

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