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Hi GabFam, so is this where the party's at? 😉

Slav! Hi, how've you been?

This is awesome. I've got to get CurryPanda to join.

Lol, why don't you think people won't want to stay, Slav?

I've been great. Still researching PizzaGate with a small group of Anons. I'm taking a vacation soon, though. Also, I decided today that I'm officially going to the Inauguration. Can't wait. 😃

Oh, I'm going to try! I want to meet Melania and Ivanka as well.

But that's probably not going to happen, lol.

Are you asking where the Inauguration is taking place?

The Inauguration takes place at the U.S. Capitol.


But I'm also going to the "Deploraball", which is a big party for Trump supporters on the 19th, the day before the Inauguration.

Apparently, there were only 500 tickets, so they're already sold out.


A lot of big names will be there.

A couple big names are Mike Cernovich, Joe Biggs, Baked Alaska, Lauren Southern, Jack Posobiec, Roger Stone, Infowars, Sam Hyde, Gavin Mcinnes and a bunch more.

Yes, it should be fun. 😃


Slav, you going on vacation for Christmas? Going to stay with your family maybe?

Yes, nearly everyone will be home -- there's eight kids in my fam -- so it'll be a full house for sure. Plus, some of my siblings' boyfriends/girlfriends are coming, and I also have a French friend who's coming to stay with us. 😃

What's the best time to log onto this chat?

Is TheSlavPill on this chat as well?

If not, he has to join.

We've got to get Baldwin, MadPirate, Fountainhead and LiterallyAdolphHilter on here as well.

I'll bug all of them until they join. 😉

Agreed. Gab is so much better than Twitter.

There's so many amazing people on Gab.

We already are, what with us meming DJT into the White House and all. 😃

Great. I can log on Wednesday I think.

It's wonderful. The Trump movement is truly unifying--it's brought together so many people that otherwise never would've met. Happy to be a part of it as well.

Gab is also wonderful in that respect.

Ooooo, one of the topics for Wednesday is Culture Wars? I'm there. 😃

Awesome. Hey, can actually verbally speak to one another through this chat?

Thank you. How cool.

You going to bed, Pret?

No problem. Glad you're here. 😃

How do I join the voice chat again, lol?

Ah, figured it out.

Did you start this chat, Heimat?

Awesome. It's a great idea.

No. 😦

Heeeey, Baldwin.

Thanks for joining!


Becky, join the voice chat. 😃

Awesome. Can't wait. 😃

I know, Becky. The propaganda is insane.

I've been watching it all morning.


Welcome. 😃

Join the voice chat.

0, join the voice chat.

I'll be back on tomorrow for the group chat. 😃

Welcome Mad Pirate!! 💯

Be back in a bit. 😃

Becky, which one?

Bbr, going to check it out. Hehe.


I just checked Cernovich's timeline. What a cuck--glad she got fired.

Happy to see that some of these journalists are being held accountable for their words/actions. Next--Jake Tapper needs to GTFO.

Apparently, Jake Tapper got Jared suspended. Did you know, Becky?

I'll be watching with popcorn. 😉

Bye, Heimat.

Nice chatting. 😉

Gotta go. My artist needs feedback on our book cover. Nice to talk to you all. 😛

Bye Slav. 😉

Bye everyone. I'll be back for the next chat for sure!

Slav. 😃

Night guys. 😴


Write a book , 0.

I'd buy it.

I'm counting on you now. You'd better deliver, 0.

I want a signed copy specially delivered. 😉

Hi AR, glad to have you. 😃

Gotta go. Be back later. Thanks for the chat. Bye guys. 💯

Heeeey, Heimat. Not sleeping yet. I'll hop in the chat in a minute. 😃

Ooooo, I like havoc. 😃

Where's the pinned post?

Be right back. 😉


Night everyone. Talk to you next time. 💯

Nice to meet you Auru and Kegan. 😃

My tweet made a Sputnik article. 😭

Russian agent confirmed. ✔

Yep. But the internet is always watching....MSM can't hide.

I have a friend over at the moment. I'll join for a bit when she leaves. 😉

Looks like we're gonna watch another movie. I'll be on Discord tomorrow night for sure, though. Don't have too much fun without me. 😛

Thanks guys. Night. 😃

Thank you, K. Bye. 😃

Hey guys, I have a Skype call right now, so I don't know if I can make today's talk. I'll try to pop in at the end. If not, I'll be on Discord later tonight. 😃

Cool. Ttyl.

Hi Necro. 😃


Yep. 😃

Bye everyone. Nice chatting. 😃

Merry Christmas, Goat!! Missed you guys, too. 🤗

I'll hop in the chat in a bit. 😃

Hi Tree!!! Welcome. 😃

Ever, yes I am on Goodreads. Name is T.S. Pettibone. Or you can just search our book, Hatred Day.

Nice! Thanks.


One minute. BRB.

Hey Slav, Merry Christmas. 🎄

Merry Christmas, everyone. Much ❤ to you all.

Oooo, thanks for making me an admin, guys. Fancy. 😀

Talk to you all Monday. Hope you have wonderful Christmases. ❤

@TheSlavPill#5382 Welcome, Slav. So happy to have you here. 😃

Hail Caesar!

Hehe. Who else is a Caesar?

Just HFT.

Goat, I'm talking about the roles. I'm a Senator. HFT is a Caesar.

Not Salv?


Nice! Thanks for making me a Senator. Appreciate it. 😃

Love you guys, too! I'm gonna come on later tonight for a chat. Hope some of you will be around. 😃

Thanks, HFT. I'll read it. 😉

Awesome. Thank you, HFT. I actually have a reason to go on Goodreads now, lol.

I'd love to be added to the website. Need me to write up a short bio?

Thanks a lot. I'll get back to you asap. Awesome to be on board. 😛

@HeimatFreiheitTradition What time should I come on tonight to talk with your gf?

Hey Suzi!

Hi Czar. 😃

I'm here, guys! So sorry for being MIA. Let me know when the next Gab hangout is. I would love to drop by. 😃

Hi there. 😃 Things are going well, thanks. Hope you're having a nice Valentine's Day!

The Bay Area.

I'm probably going to move this year. Not sure where yet. But I want a change from California.

Have to go. Nice talking to you all. 😃 Please let me know when the next hangout is.

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